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  1. Mafia: RWBY (Game Over; TP Win!)

    what a terrible theme
  2. Great teams are built from the 4th line out.

    1. BanTSN


      Said nobody ever.

  3. Big Boston vs Ottawa game tomorrow. Sens win and they're 2 points back with a game in hand.

  4. The ISIS Thread

    &^@# man you really turned that around on me. Props.
  5. The ISIS Thread

    I don't. It is pretty normal to be an idiot these days.
  6. CDC Invitational - MetroHo Season 2

    this looks so $&!#
  7. Adam Clendening Talk

    the &^@# are you talking about?
  8. Adam Clendening Talk

    He doesn't look NHL ready.
  9. wooo bottom feeding

  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Not at 4.5 million we don't.
  11. still pissed at Miller

  12. Need prank ideas.

    Also if you really want to prankception then have the goof in on it. He pulls a fake gun after the "drug dealer" pulls a fake gun.
  13. Need prank ideas.

    pretty easy since he such an idiot. Make him think he has committed a major crime or caused someone to have a heart attack or something like that. Wait in the guys house with the guy you really want to prank. All having scary masks on or whatever. Have the guy come home with a friend the guy you want to prank has never met. Have them walk in talking about a drug deal. Then jump out on them and have the guy who the prank victim has never met pull a fake gun on him. If he is ask risk, like obese or a mcdonalds addict, then you should go with something a little less crazy. He'll probably cry so make sure you've gotta camera set up.
  14. Sports Betting Thread

    how the hell are you hitting on all these ultra low odd bets! All my big wins come from huge bets on game lines I thought the odds were off on. Oilers vs Nashville was my biggest win ever. Put $300 down and made a $250 profit. Shea Weber covered the puck in the crease in OT which gave the Oilers a penalty shot. Preds won in the shootout. That win sealed the deal. I'm a gambling addict now. Feels really good to win.
  15. Sports Betting Thread

    I have accounts on bet365 and Sports Interaction. I hardly ever use my account on SI. I recently lost $400 on Raptors vs Lakers. That was my biggest loss ever and I haven't made a big bet ever since. Although it was victory money it still f'ing sucks. I made half mid game with the Raptors down 7 and the other half when they pulled ahead. Payout was $1000. Lakers came back and won it in OT. Pretty sure I have PTSD. @AriGold Wow at that parlay win. That's nuts. If you like low odds betting OT/Shootout bets are a good one. Oilers are a good one too.