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  1. what a terrible theme
  2. Are you f'in serious?
  3. Just stop it. Sign someone who can play.
  4. I don't know for sure but the impression I get from skimming the boards is that the majority of fans like Zack Kassian. How did he pull that off? There were expectations and he met none of them.
  5. Great teams are built from the 4th line out.

    1. BanTSN


      Said nobody ever.

  6. Big Boston vs Ottawa game tomorrow. Sens win and they're 2 points back with a game in hand.

  7. Seems Benning is gathering a nice little fan club.
  8. No room for him on this team moving forward. I understand that creating a log jam is a proven method (look no further than detroit), but this move had a serious lack of foresight. Oh well, I'm not completely opposed to the "trade for all the prospects," accelerated rebuild strategy. I just hope there is more pickiness involved in the selection of prospects to target than there seems to be with the deals that have gone through.
  9. &^@# man you really turned that around on me. Props.
  10. I don't. It is pretty normal to be an idiot these days.
  11. this looks so $&!#
  12. the &^@# are you talking about?
  13. He doesn't look NHL ready.
  14. wooo bottom feeding

  15. Not at 4.5 million we don't.