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  1. He looks taller/bigger to me
  2. Incredible. Rinne is genuinely one of the best goaltenders of the last 10-15 years and this is a nice little cherry on top for his career. You love to see it.
  3. In that draft I wanted one of Dorofeyev, Hoglander, or Puistola with our non-1st. I was happy. But yeah, he looks sick. Yet, so does Hogs...
  4. Yup. That’s what great players do. Less than 20 seconds after the tying goal.
  5. I like the sentiment of this post, but man... Modano’s career was significantly better than Linden’s... and he won the cup.
  6. I get a sense Nils is going to make a real name for himself during this tournament. I haven't encountered a single person (in our fanbase, fans of other teams, media, scouts, etc.) that doesn't love the kid want to see him succeed. He plays the right way, he's a bit eccentric, and he's incredibly slick. I'm excited to see how he plays with other sickly skilled Swedes in his age group.
  7. *insert hastily thrown together series of expletives* Seriously though... wtf
  8. Last night I saw the Laffs boys (Matthews, Marner, Andersen, Rielly) at the gelato shop attached to the Fairmont... twice! Not even joking. They were leaving when I went by on my coffee break, and were going back in for more when I was done my work shift. I guess without Babcock harping on them, the pregame diet now includes ice cream.
  9. Yeah, I didn't think this could be possible, but it's true. Quinn has a ton of developing left ahead of him, but his dynamism at his position is unparalleled in the history of this organization. I literally jumped for joy when I realized we'd be picking Q. Hughes that draft year. He is proving game after game what myself, and many other Canucks fans were gleefully visualizing at that moment his name was called. I just don't think anybody would have guessed it would happen this early. At his size and age, playing such a prominent role. Simply incredible.
  10. He would look incredible on that 2nd line with Bo... But I don't think Domi's for sale.... Especially not in exchange for Jake alone.
  11. I distinctly remember being at hockey practice in the early 2000s, and one kid on the team had one of those TPS "rubbers"... Everybody was taking turns flexing it, the thing nearly bent to the floor and always bounced back up again. I was the goalie, so I wanted in on the action and tried it out. The stick snapped in half immediately upon impact. My Dad had to buy the kid a new stick, and I was grounded for a week. Crap indeed!
  12. Last kick at the can for Goldy. I have no faith in this player whatsoever, but he deserves one last chance.
  13. Also why Dahlin is number 1. Pettersson is clearly the better player today, but Dahlin is the number one prospect under 21 without question. His upside is "best in the world". Also, not sure why I was surprised to be reminded that Laine is only 21... Makar and his 20 career games lands higher than a proven 40+ goal scorer.
  14. He’ll probably shrink an inch in his old age too. Heard it here first.
  15. weew, imagine if we had a $ 6 million top line player instead of a Loui in the press box.