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  1. You are aware they are two different people, right?
  2. Caufield is absolutely deserving of being a top-10 pick, even at 5'6, but he's just not the guy the Nucks need right now. We simply cannot go through another era where we're considered a 'soft skill' team (unless, say, that team is blisteringly fast), and we're already building around a Skinny Pete and a Mighty Mite Quinn. Podkolzin to me almost makes sense not just as a BPA, but as a fit on the Wing for EP+Boes. He loves to handle the puck and is pretty relentless on the forecheck. EP40 is deadly from anywhere inside the hashmarks, but he sometimes gets plugged up on his zone entries and runs out of space. Podz is great at gaining the zone. Boeser can bury just about any chance you give him, so even if Podz is not known for his point tallies... he plays a style that could free things up for the big boys. Not to mention he can skate and has great hands. I've been watching all of the draft eligible prospects very closely, and this is probably the most difficult draft position the Canucks have held in Benning's tenure. So many great options, with such a small margin for error. We cannot afford to blow this pick. Everybody has their preferences, and hindsight will be 20/20 regardless... but I've got my list down to 1. Boldy 2. Podkolzin 3. Broberg. with much love for Newhook, Seider, Soderstrom. I totally see the bust potential in Broberg that others see, but I also see the unbelievable upside with his skating and puck possession. I like the way he plays a lot, tbh. (PS. Jimbo please get MORE PICKS! Dorofeyev is a freaking WIZARD with the puck, almost Petey-esque, and Hoglander is dripping in finesse. Nicholas Robertson looks like the next Alex Burrows. PICKS!)
  3. If I'm GM, I'm putting together a "Best of Vancouver" lifestyle video, including beautiful scenery (mountains, beaches, architecture, Canadian women, etc.) and a highlight package of Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, Markstrom, etc. and maybe some good old Pavel Bure, Mogilny, Sedin twins, Naslund... . . . . . aaaaaannnnndddddd sending that straight to Artemi Panarin. He is a great fit for this team and would really love it here, and he probably doesn't even know it yet. Let him know!!! (Also text Jake Gardiner to let him know we will not be signing him)
  4. Doubt that comes anywhere close to moving the needle for Chicago. I would even add in Virtanen and a 2nd-3rd, (even DiPietro maybe!) to get that done, but I still doubt that does it. Byram is such a stud. I hope Jim does at least explore the possibilities... but Chicago knows exactly what kind of commodity this pick is.
  5. Caufield is a mini Boeser... we have the fullsize version.
  6. How could anybody possibly tell, at this stage, who is going to the best of Broberg, Heinola, Soderstrom, York, Seider, Harley??? If we're going defense, I would have no problem with Broberg. Speed > Everything else. I think I do still prefer Heinola and Seider, though. Still think we're going with a forward though. Too many solid options.
  7. Somehow that’s a problem for a few GMs... At the end of the day, I would be happy with Caufield, but happier with others.
  8. I don’t wear jerseys with namebars of dudes who are pretty good, tbh. But you’re right, being an exceptional athlete is not necessarily the same as having ‘exceptional status’.
  9. Me too, but I doubt we're the only team in the top 10 with that idea...
  10. EP could eventually take over the captaincy in 10 years, but I don't foresee any way it's not Horvat's C for now. Also, FWIW, I personally think Hughes is closer to a captain than Petey... but we're not waiting for him to mature. We need a leader today and Bo is that guy.
  11. There are a lot of supremely talented young Dmen getting their toes wet in the league right now, but Quinn has the potential to be as good as any of them. In fact, during those 5 games, the thought truly did cross my mind that he may end up being the best player on this team (EP40 included). Obviously Elias is the Alien Jesus, but Quinn fills a role that simply does more to elevate the dynamic of the entire team. Having this buzzing bee on the backend changes everything for this group.
  12. It would appear you've forgotten just how dominant Demko has been at the College and AHL level. He had an impressive collegiate career that included a truly dominant final season (10 shutouts), and was the best player on the ice for Utica over 2 seasons there. He is as much a 'bluechip' as anyone else in our system. DiPietro is a nice story, but he's not Demko.
  13. I'm going with... Boldy as target number 1. Throw the kid out with Brock and Petey, West Coast Express pt.2. It's just such a picture perfect fit. He has size, can make plays, and fits the positional need. Let's hope he's there for us to pick. If not.. Broberg as target number 2. With Hughes, Juolevi, Broberg, Stecher, Woo (maybe Rathbone)... suddenly our defense is a lot more mobile. Many foresee quickness from the backend continuing to be a major trend into the 2020s, let's be ahead of the curve. I don't see Broberg as the most 'complete' defender, but his speed and ability to rush up the ice will complement our new age approach to defense. He has immense potential but still appears quite raw, almost plays like a less abrasive Ed Jovanovski. He's got some tightening up to do, but physically he is built to play sooner rather than later. I really like Heinola, Soderstrom, Seider, Harley, York, but none have that explosiveness or gamebreaking upside of Broberg. I'd take the risk on the tall guy that can buzz around the ice making things happen. I would also be okay with Newhook, I like the upside. I'm also going to throw this out there: I see Bobby Brink being a Brock Boeser type... not necessarily the same style of player or anything, but in a few years people will look back and be like "of course this guy's a great NHLer, why didn't he get picked until 20ish overall?". He looks and sounds like a household name already...
  14. He’ll be gifted a spot if he’s at all decent in camp.