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  1. I’m weirdly hoping for St. Louis. It’s a great challenge for the young guys, even when considering they played strong games against the Blues during the season. Feels great to see the boys win a play-in series, but this is barely the beginning. Four rounds to the cup start now.
  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again... Huggy is the best player on this team. Like, he's still developing and isn't a perfect player, but the upside he has is just unreal. He can put up a game like today's as a rookie, just imagine what he'll be doing in 2-3 years.
  3. Absolutely yes. I'm so tired of watching Horvat drive the net completely by himself without a hope in the world of his linemates following up on a rebound, or even being less than 2-3 strides behind him upon entry into the zone. Petey - Horvat - Boeser Ferland - Miller - Toffoli Pearson was dreadful in game 1, and Petey is still too thin to be a playoff centre. He will get there as he matures, but he was getting pushed around like crazy last game.
  4. I would sell high on Pearson this off season. His regular season point totals just don’t match the eye-test. He was the worst player on the ice last night. I’d put Ferland with Bo and Toffoli, Boeser back with JT and Petey. I don’t think Brock will be “holding back” the top line anymore, and he’s a better player than Toff when he’s 100%. Insert Jake and Mac. Not sure who comes out in that scenario, but we need the youthful energy, size, and speed they possess.
  5. So, there’s a debate going on whether 6’3 200 lbs is considered “big”? Why don’t you pick a fight with the next 6’3 200 lb dude at the bar and let us know... Olli is above average sized, and if he gains even 10 lbs would be formidable. It’s his playing style that people are conflating with his body size. He doesn’t play big, but he undeniably is big.
  6. Interesting, cuz I only caught the 3rd and thought Quinn was the best player on the ice... He also looked 5% thicker too, in a good way. No concerns from me.
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  8. I've been rooting for Big Mac since I watched his highlight package with Gatineau the day we signed him. The fact that he's a late bloomer and to had to work for everything he's got only adds to the fact that he's just a good-sized player with very decent hands and feet. If he's going to bring it every night and plays physical while continuing to make plays offensively, I don't see how you can keep him out of the lineup. I like Jake Virtanen, but what does he really bring that Zack doesn't?
  9. I do genuinely believe he would have made our defense better next year. Having two towers in Myers and Tryamkin (both of which can actually skate and complete a pass) would really help insulate our more offensive D men. I really thought Nikita would have allowed us to ice a more modern defense with guys like Rafferty, Rathbone, and potentially Juolevi coming to add to what Quinn Hughes has started here. But it's not a 'never' thing, he only signed for one year.
  10. Excellent news. Not that there was any doubt... I wonder if the Canucks are bold enough to lead the charge with a new-age defense. Hughes has been a revelation, and Rathbone is cut from a similar cloth. Nobody skates quite like Quinn, but the overall approach to the game is similar enough. I don't have much of problem with Hughes, Rathbone, and Rafferty in the lineup as OFDs. They all skate well enough and defend adequately enough to survive. Could we realistically fit Juolevi in there too? Considering he is not the shut down guy people initially pegged him as... but he is a very good first-pass and a deceptive shooter. It could be ugly with all those Dmen thinking offense first, or it could make us the most explosive young team in the league. I just really love that we're a young, fast, skilled team. I think it would be pretty bold to run with a young, fast, skilled D corps.
  11. I'd trade Boeser in this highly specific scenario: We lose play-in and land Lafreniere. Boeser Demko Virtanen Rathbone for Thomas Chabot (maybe Hoberg as a backup with upside) That might be overpayment on our end, but Chabot is an absolute stud and will be in the Norris conversation for years to come. He would take our d-corps to another freakin' level.
  12. I love this kid, straight up. Can easily see him having a Jonathan Bernier, Al Montoya type career. Perhaps even higher if he keeps developing at the rate he has. Some guys just refuse to fail.