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  1. A century ago when segregation was a thing, this sort of statement would have been bold. Today it's just politically correct racial profiling. Welcome to our progressive society!
  2. 11 posts in and we've hit politics and religion. Well done boys.
  3. Fun little trilogy. The next two books are solid and they're pretty light reading, I'd suggest getting through them before delving into George RR Martin's unfinished behemoth.
  4. Had anyone read the Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemisin? It intrigues me, the first two books won awards and the third book was released this month. I'm a sucker for good Sci-fi
  5. I proofread, correct, re-word and re-proofread every email I send at work. I know I put way too much time into it , but it still bugs me every time I get a typo-ridden run-on sentence back as a reply. Confession #2: I proofread, corrected, and re-worded this post and I will proofread it again before I post it.
  6. Dark Matter - a sci-fi series about a group of people who wake up on a spaceship with no memories of who they are or what they're doing. If you liked Firefly give this one a shot. If you like sci-fi and haven't watched Firefly, watch Firefly. Gotham - the early days of Commissioner Gordon from the Batman universe. It feels like a cop show set in a comic book. Pretty entertaining. Indie Game, The Movie - documentary about a few indie game developers. I really enjoyed this one. It shows the struggles, triumphs and failures of people as they invest their lives into their passion.
  7. I was never one to hold a grudge. My father held grudges. I'll always hate him for that.
  8. How could I forget TaleSpin?
  9. The bugs bunny and tweety show, pinky and the brain, reboot, occasionally some batman and TMNT
  10. If they can't be charged for a crime then their names can be published, right? Print their names in the story and let them have fun landing a job in the future.
  11. The ironing is delicious
  12. Short term: -Finish off the seemingly endless hurdles towards my professional designation (it's looking like the biggest hurdle could come my way in December, with the final hurdle in/around February 2018) -Spend more time with my son and better embrace the role of "dad" (this is more an ongoing goal than a short term goal) Long term: -Pay off my mortgage 5+ years early... 10 yrs early could be doable with a bit more focus -Balance work & family, and focus my priorities better... and in saying that I bid you adieu and head for some much needed sleep.
  13. So you're assuming Mother Earth refers to the BC coast and Saudi Arabia is in a different planet?
  14. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-black-father-of-confederation-luke-ignace-confederation-centre-arts-charlottetown-1.4193238 "The Confederation Players may represent Canada's founding fathers back in 1864, but this summer the Confederation Centre's roving troupe of actors also made the leap into the 21st century by hiring their first black Father of Confederation. Luke Junior Ignace plays John Hamilton Gray, the pro-Confederation premier of P.E.I. in 1864 — who was white. Ignace is from Bahamas and is studying business at Holland College." What are your thoughts on this? Is reverse white-washing progressive or offensive? Should actors appearance match the person/character they portray? In my opinion, when the movie/play is about a fictitious character, nationality or general appearance doesn't matter as much (a la Sean Connery as Bond, Scarlett J in Ghost in the Shell, Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, etc). When the character is a historical figure it's a bit odd to cast someone who does not physically match the part. If it were radio it would be different, but movies & plays are a visual experience. Above all, it would be nice to see the general public approach these issues in a consistent manner, so if white-washing is offensive then the opposite would be offensive as well; or if the above story isn't offensive then neither is Scar-Jo as Major. Thoughts? Please keep it civil, I'm curious what the general consensus is on this.