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  1. I would love to see Nintendo pull a Sega-esque move and quit making consoles and stick to games. I would gladly buy Zelda, Donkey King, Mario, Super Smash bros etc for my PS4, but I won't buy a Nintendo console at this point
  2. Well if that doesn't bring on the nostalgia I don't know what will
  3. 1040 also said Hansen is scratched. Trader Jim working his magic this year
  4. Would you guys prefer Artem Anisimov or Corey Perry? Points in my league are simple; goals are 3, assists are 2, power play points add 1 and short handed adds 2. No other stats considered for forwards. Perry is averaging 1.9 fantasy points and Anisimov 2.0 per game. Thoughts?
  5. Buddy up with one of your karp and go for a quick 239 km walk. Simple
  6. I live in a land devoid of mountains, where the "lakes" are glorified puddles. The Magikarp are scarce here
  7. Now the big dilemma: walk a Pidgey for quick and easy evolves to gain xp, or grind it out with Magikarp to eventually evolve a Gyarados
  8. I caught a Seaking a couple days ago, and I haven't even seen a Goldeen nearby. At 962 cp it's the burliest Pokemon that I've caught (not counting the ones I evolved)
  9. The world already survived with George Dubya at the helm of the US; it can survive the reign of a brain damaged Clinton.
  10. I've recently gotten into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Book 5 begins tonight. I'm honestly a little ashamed that I haven't delved into this series before now, it is something of a standard in the fantasy genre. So far I've really enjoyed it; possibly a little over-hyped, but still a really solid read. Out of curiosity, has anyone read anything by Brent Weeks other than the Night Angel trilogy? That was the last series of books I read that I couldn't put down, I'm wondering if he has anything else out that compares.
  11. I can't even connect to the server right now. This is going to make it much harder to catch 'em all.
  12. I'm not sure what you're "biting off," but it definitely isn't a canker sore. Cankers are little pits of raw pain. You'd have to bite off a good chunk of gum or tongue to get rid of it which would just leave you with a bigger pit of pain.
  13. I get them occasionally... Maybe one or two per year. Getting that many each month seems excessive. i tried the saltwater thing before and can't handle the taste so I ditched the water and go with straight salt. Put a bit on a teaspoon and cover that nasty critter. No idea if this actual has any benefits but I like to think that if I torture the offending sore enough it will hesitate to come back.
  14. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/12/upshot/surprising-new-evidence-shows-bias-in-police-use-of-force-but-not-in-shootings.html The link is to a pretty interesting article about a study done by a Harvard professor who did some 3000 hours of research on police incidents to see if black/white bias exists. His findings in a nutshell was that more often black suspects were treated roughly (handcuffed, pushed against wall etc.) but when it came to more serious force (taser or gun) police were actually more likely to use this elevated level of force against a white suspect.
  15. How dare they enforce laws, especially the ones that prevent accidents and injuries