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  1. NHL 17 Thread

    Looking for a team on the ps4 anyone?
  2. [PGT] Sharks 3 Canucks 2

    Anothor minus 2 for vey.... Plzs benning get rid of this plug Just don't understand why he gets so many minutes
  3. NHL 16 Thread

    So since the update the game feels like 15 again the wrist shot goals are back, the computer Ai make the stupid mistakes again and now the game play is faster... Why I don't get it! The beta was actually good till the update
  4. NHL 16 Thread

    Does anyone know if it comes out right at midnight on Thursday?
  5. NHL 15 Thread

    Was on a 12 game winning streak and was beating someone 7-5 with 6 mins to go in the third and I got disconnected from the ea servers... Really hope they fix this problem I don't get disconnected from the Internet just the servers and it gets annoying And it seems to only happen in hut
  6. Faith in Benning

    The problem is we also have a coach that doesn't want to play the younger guys so the whole getting younger doesn't make sense wille d didn't even want horvat on the team, and for everyone saying it is a rebuild then why would we trade a guy who is 24 for a guy who is 31 and is a 4th liner at that it doesn't make any sense we now have 5 mil invested in our 4th line players, I haven't really liked any of benning moves since he got here other then varbata other then that he's been pretty brutal

    If the jets are available ill take them psn name dreid1990