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  1. Looking for a team on the ps4 anyone?
  2. Anothor minus 2 for vey.... Plzs benning get rid of this plug Just don't understand why he gets so many minutes
  3. Why did virtannen get benched? And how come they didn't play McCann until the last 5 mins I don't get it...
  4. Glad miller is getting a rest but think we will lose 5-1 sadly can't keep Turning the puck over in our own zone and believe it's going to cost us tonight hopefully im wrong!
  5. Hope im wrong but see us losing 4-2, just hope Dorset isn't in the lineup then I don't have to see him try and make a hit and he falls down from it lol, come on canucks win this game and make my prediction wrong!!
  6. This right here is the problem! He thinks the vets are better in the situation because they have been there before yet they keep giving up the goals and we end up losing! How are the young guys going to learn if you don't put them in the situation not to mention we shouldn't be trying to protect the lead in the first place because time and time again it doesn't work they stop playing and we end up losing like tonight! And if I see Dorset and prust out there with 2 mins to go im done with this season it's becoming a joke
  7. So sick of seeing prust and Dorset so much they do nothing for this team, and sick of the young guys being benched when they are the ones that are skating and creating chances, just makes no sense, we need to face it we have a top line and a third line and a fourth and have spares in case someone gets hurt... Like I just don't understand why we're playing the trap game up one goal against a team that can score we have seen this time and time again it doesn't work! I really hope wd gets fired if not this is going to be a long season
  8. Instead he keeps playing Dorset prust and cracknell... And I am sick of seeing Hansen on the top line when will Willie figure it out!
  9. Maybe now we will see a change on the power play? Anothor game we can't score and it cost us again such a joke
  10. So did they bench the kid line already? Lol
  11. Holy canucks are looking slow tonight.... Come on nucks let's win this!
  12. Maybe Willie d will finally bench dorrset the most useless player on the team
  13. Power play gets going we win this game... If sutter shoots on that 4-1 it goes in or if it wasn't dorrset he passed to it goes in, oh well let's get the oilers sunday!
  14. Pretty sad how quiet are fans are..
  15. Power play has been brutal