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  1. [Signing] Canucks sign Ryan Miller

    St. Louis were a Stanley Cup contenders who traded for Miller in March to get that one last missing piece to the puzzle....and ended up losing in the first round with Millers 2.70 GAA, .897 SV% goaltending. In 53 playoff games Miller has only 3 shoutouts, how is he going to do when he plays for a team that only scored 8 goals in a 7 game series...think he will get them to that seventh game like Lou did. I would have preferred a $2 million vet to backup up Lack and be there if Lack has problem basically told Lack he is a backup for 3 more year. Not sure I like that
  2. Ok Markstrom. Does he back up Van or Utica next year ?

    Markstrom played in 12 games in Florida this year and his stats were 1-6-1, .874 and 3.52, he played half their games (was their #1) in the prior shortened season and his stats were 8-14-1, .901 and 3.22. By comparison, Lou in Florida this year was 6-7-1, .924 and 2.46 He needs more time in AHL and given Lack's performance from the Classic game (although with a bad team in front), we need a good alternative plan to go with Lack. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of money. Based on the article in the Province this morning we only have $6million in cap space and that is assuming that we buy out Booth, if no buyouts we will have virtually no additional cap space.
  3. Markstrom/Lack

    The real question is whether the Canucks bring in a veteran goalie who whould be comfortable as a backup but still good enough to be a #1 if need be. According to Team1040, since the trading of Lou, Lack has the worst save % in all of the NHL. We really need to have atleast one solid veteran goalie before next season starts.
  4. Renewal packages.

    They are also going to have to raise ticket prices to cover the $16 million it is going to cost to buyout Torts and Gillis
  5. Daniel Sedin Injured - Potentially Serious? W/Video

    Jensen would fit right in, 6 goals, 4 assists in 37 games....just what we need to get to the playoffs
  6. Hardly any experience and average stats, 14 games in Sweden Division 1 with GAA of 2.67, 14 NHL games he has a GAA of 2.02, 112 games in AHL with GAA average of 2.32. Add to that he has only played 27 games since April 2012.....why is this thread even on here.
  7. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    From NHL site: "Former New York Rangers coach John Tortorella has been offered the coaching vacancy with the Vancouver Canucks, according to a report by Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press"