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  1. well at least one good thing happened
  2. its not under heard of for D to play om their off side.Aalso your telling me you couldn't find a lhd better than brodie?
  3. Brodie instead of Pietrangelo and Letang? Are you a Flamers fan or just gunning for bronze?.
  4. As my English mate said if anyone can McCann can! 3 - 2 nucks McCann (2) Horvat Matta Kessel Bonino a -3 on the night
  5. inb4 lock
  6. do you live to make stupid posts?
  7. Is anyone else worried that this kid is gonna "Kevin Hayes" us and not sign a deal until he is a free agent?
  8. That powerplay gave me cancer...
  9. Is AV coaching the nucks again???
  10. Holy $&!# so many empty seats. When will they lower ticket prices?