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  1. well at least one good thing happened
  2. its not under heard of for D to play om their off side.Aalso your telling me you couldn't find a lhd better than brodie?
  3. Brodie instead of Pietrangelo and Letang? Are you a Flamers fan or just gunning for bronze?.
  4. [Discussion] RyJo Watch

    do you live to make stupid posts?
  5. Brock Boeser | #6 | Right Wing

    Is anyone else worried that this kid is gonna "Kevin Hayes" us and not sign a deal until he is a free agent?
  6. Canucks To Introduce Individual Goal Songs

    Is there a list somewhere of every player and their song?
  7. Fix Logjam/Cap space(Proposal)

    this gave me cancer...
  8. Canucks miss the playoffs, Oilers amd Flames both make it (Oilers as WC) and Anaheim wins the cup
  9. Save Eddie Lack!

    Brian Burke, is that you?
  10. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    My favorite player is Trevor Linden too...I think they should draft me @ 6
  11. [GDT] Saturday vs. Calgary

    Way to go Higgins!!!