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  1. This guy oozes potential. I can't wait until he finally fulfills it.
  2. So happy this guy doesn't play for the Canucks.
  3. Sweet vid, terrible song.
  4. It is going to be sad to read all the negatives.
  5. This is why I don't post on CDC.
  6. How are we in a rebuild ban? Don't mean to start a argument I just want a take on how you think we are rebuilding.
  7. Just wondering who is the coach showing the guys drills.
  8. Original poster I believe.
  9. Let this guy develop, could be another big beast that we need to compete with the big teams of the west.
  10. The twins accepted the ice time with open arms. The injuries would of happened regardless. But ya they are 33 not 27 Torts did over do it. Hey I'm not a Torts lover, I just think firing another coach the year after canning another one is stupid. Also, I think what he did with Kass was great for his development.
  11. What a Beauty post.
  12. HAHA that's hilarious, I never noticed that. Probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
  13. Just a solid post right here. An Edler for O'reilly deal would be perfect. With Corrado coming up and a great waiver pick in Stanton by MG it just makes sense to get this deal done.