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  1. Zack Kassian not what we think he is?

    This guy oozes potential. I can't wait until he finally fulfills it.
  2. Lucic Being Lucic

    So happy this guy doesn't play for the Canucks.
  3. Sweet vid, terrible song.
  4. Neither can sportsnet.
  5. who will be the scapegoats this year?

    It is going to be sad to read all the negatives.
  6. Kassian

    This is why I don't post on CDC.
  7. Jared McCann Talk

    How are we in a rebuild ban? Don't mean to start a argument I just want a take on how you think we are rebuilding.
  8. 'I Like This One The Best' - Shawn Matthias...

    These are the guys you win cups with.
  9. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Just wondering who is the coach showing the guys drills.
  10. Big guy looks to be skating well.
  11. One of the best videos I've seen as a Canucks fan. The future looks bright with Willie D.
  12. Ehroff is available... hmmm...

    Best chance of winning the cup in Buffalo? Pffffffffft get out of here Ehrhoff.
  13. Give Benning a nice nickname

  14. Likes the core ?

  15. Oates would like to coach Canucks

    Ok good to hear. And I completely agree with what you just said.