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  1. I wonder what is the percentage of the total CDC population who have posted on this thread...
  2. Somehow I feel like this is the best news for the Canucks in this offseason.
  3. don't worry, somehow they will find that someone like brown has drug problem and will have his contract terminated. LA always find ways
  4. As much as I don't like this, I don't think JB is bluffing. I don't think that he will trade Vrbata nor Hamhuis. I also don't believe this team will tank purposely to land a top 5 pick no matter if they sell or keep those two players.
  5. you forget the part that they also lead the league with a PP% of 0.638 and PK% of 0.974
  6. Except Edler is out with a broken leg and ownership wants a playoff push.
  7. I would only trade the twins if they want to win a cup elsewhere, as long as they come back later and retire as canucks
  8. Nobody is going to trade you an all-star MVP for someone who can't even stick on the 4th line.
  9. We also had Pyatt before that... who didn't pan out and fulfill his potential. Some more noteworthy #9 since 93-94 that I remembered were: Mike Keane, Druken, May Day, and Russ Courtnall I wouldn't mind if Shinkaruk can achieve Russ Courtnall's level of success with us in 95-96 (26G 39A).
  10. I think that anyone is tradable as long as the trade can improve the team. The only ones I wouldn't trade at this moment are the twins as they are the face of the franchise. I think they have earned the right to retire as a Canuck
  11. I wish we have Bure, Mogilny, and Lumme as our 3-on-3 line up.
  12. Bozak was playing on the Leafs' first line who has reached his ceiling, while Vey is just a third liner on our team who is still learning the NHL game. He has improved significantly from last year in terms of motivation and competitiveness. Using his current point production rate, he can easily contribute 30-40 points for us over a full season, which is really good for someone playing on the third line. He definitely needs to polish his game but I can live with those hiccups as this is only his sophomore year and he is showing signs of progress over the past few months. On the other hand, I also understand why you are upset with him. I too agree that WD shouldn't play Vey too much and hopefully that will change with the return of Henrik & Sutter. I think I can live with Vey playing 12 solid offensive minutes a game and produce ~0.42 points per game.
  13. And then the hockey god will make sure zero injury happens to this group ever again?
  14. The amount of hate towards Vey is unreal. What the heck is wrong with you guys? He has earned 1G, 5A, +2, with a .487 FO% in 11 games since 2016. Those are solid number coming from someone who has been playing on the third line in a depleted line up! He is asked to play more minutes versus tougher competition than he should due to the heavy casualty. The irony is that while most of you are yelleing for a youth movement and how he coach should have more patience with then the Kassian and Horvat and now the McCann and Virtanen, you guys reacted as if an atomic bomb has exploded in your backyard when Vey has made a mistake. Leave the kid alone and let him grow guys. To the haters, what do you want your third line center to provide over a course of 11 games? 11 points and +11 with .600 FO%? Geez... Drop your torches and pitchforks and support our own players please!
  15. I totally agree with you that Vrbata should be traded at this TDL as it makes business sense in asset management. At the same time, to say that he isn't a good fit with that line and/or didn't contribute to the recent success of Horvat & Baertschi is unfair to Vrbata. Whatever he was doing, either an assist or just drawing defenders away with his positioning, had helped Bo & Sven get their 13 and 10 points, respectively, since Dec 18.