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  1. My laptop that Im running right now is pretty much dead on with the same specs, size and all. I've been pretty happy with it, but as has already been mentioned, a greater resolution for a 17" laptop would be nice. But for the grab of $900, it would be a solid purchase.
  2. There's nothing breaking about it. It can go into the speculation thread with all the others. I am utterly disturbed though, thank you for the consideration. Apology accepted.
  3. The point is that this shouldn't be pinned as official, and you shouldn't call it official.
  4. What is this, level headed apologies on CDC? Get out of here you two.
  5. Congratulations NotaSmartMan, you are this week's winner of SOTW #146! What theme would you like to pick for next week's SOTW #147?

    1. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      I'll go ahead with Freestyle.

    2. NotaSmartMan


      Sorry, yeah freestyle for sure.

    3. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      Recently, not many entries are getting submitted in. So I think Freestyle would be the best option.

  6. I should invest stocks in paper bags. At least we actually managed some goals.
  7. Agreed Honestly I think Santo was the biggest component of the team in the first half of the season. He solidified the second line while no one else could, played like every game was his last, and was rewarded for it. Plus it is huge motivation for the rest of the team to play harder when one guy starts breaking out as he did. We would not have crashed as hard as we have if he was not injured.
  8. Disappointed in the management, disappointed in the ownership, disappointed for the last 3 years. and no change.
  9. Uhhh.... no it won't. This is Lacks first season. He's not becoming a starter for a couple seasons yet. You slowly work goalies up to that position. However, fans like you making imaginary goalie controversies just fuel that fire.
  10. Interestingly, if we look at all players that have played 20+ games this season, Kassian sits in 5th (21.3%) for shooting percentage in the league at the moment, right behind Brenden Morrow in 4th (21.9%).
  11. then garrison would have someone to match his epic beard. Which is all that truly matters.
  12. Just feel like LA will come out big tonight. 4-2 LA, kassian santo