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  1. cooled off? or actually trying to play through an injury?
  2. imagine this hard game with a bit more talent in the line up Hunter Tanev Booth 2nd for Kane
  3. actually would not mind that to be honest. There are some very intriguing potential UFAs out there, and with another good draft, things could look bright again Ott Steen Gaborik Fiddler stastny Markov - great on the PP and would come cheaper than edler Callahan Trevor Lewis
  4. this is how I feel Tanev Edler 2014 1st Hansen Jensen some combination of the above assets must be able to get us a legit top 6 forward. But if we move elder, I would also like a #5 dman back here we go: Booth Tanev Jensen 2014 1st Andersson to FLA for Fleishmann Mathias 2014 2nd or Edler schroeder Jensen Hansen 2014 1st to NYR for MDZ Stepan 2014 2nd or Edler Jensen Hansen to PHI Schenn Brothers 2014 2nd
  5. "It's a process" MG
  6. cole was born in columbus when his dad was playing for CBJ i believe - could be wrong...
  7. kid is big and can skate, we should forgive him if he does not pile up the points, but not if he doesnt use the body, get involved, play well defensively and use his speed - if he loos disinterested then that is something to get the panties in a knot over
  8. bolland >>>>santorelli
  9. do we actually think Santo is a championship 2nd line C?
  10. I think I may understand how that works maybeeeee.... referring to Gillis turning down calgary's offer of the 6th over all pick - want a source? go look at the province and team 1040 podcasts from the last week of June...or are those not good enough sources for you.
  11. Mo-na-han
  12. gillis said it himself on tv and radio after the trade, you tube it
  13. go through the old team 1040 podcasts from last weekof June 2013 you will find it there
  14. go back and listen to team 1040 podcasts they discuss calgary being in the mix for schneider and they discuss that they heard Edmonton and Calgary were shocked that gillis traded schneids for the 9th pick when they felt their pckages were "better"
  15. how good is Monahan Looking right now! Gillis "Horvat was our number 3 ranked center in the draft behind Mackinon and Barkov" pffffffff how good would Horvat look in our lineup, plus Calgary was offering more than just their first... and don't give me that crap about an interdivision trade- take away monohan and calgary does not have much to rebuild around- Baertschi is not a franchise player...