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  1. Yeah no kidding.... I hate the Nether
  2. Annnnnnnddddd heeeeeerrrrreeee come the Luongo critics saying that we lost because of Luongo.

    1. n00bxQb


      Well, he wasn't great tonight, but we got the point. Given his season up to this point, I think we should be able to give him a pass on one so-so performance.

    2. AppleJack


      I blame the fact that we couldn't score on the 5 on 3 more then I blame Luongo -even if he just played so so.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles
  3. server's up
  4. Pretty sure server will be up when the game is over... I'd say it should be up by 9pm. What's your name on there?
  5. Yeah I got it but I didn't remove anything from there though.. It just appeared randomly when I was running somewhere..
  6. But the thing is, I didn't remove dirt. At all. I was running and I saw it happen.
  7. Anyone else think this is weird? I saw this on the server earlier today..
  8. Just check the first post to see if it's online or not. Normally, at that time, yes it will be up. And to answer your question, yes, it was up. Never saw you on bud
  9. Damn Tomorrowland was such a bust.. I know a few friends, including myself, who wanted ticks... But then again, my parents wouldn't allow me to fly to Belgium just for a concert But I really want to go
  10. That's too bad... Because I was ready to fill up that jail full of zombies
  11. well.... I trapped a zombie into my castle cuz I was planning on making a jail.. I go to the vault to grab some materials.. I come back, it's already day time, and the zombie dies.... And no natural sunlight can reach him too
  12. If I can find your house
  13. Yup never seen it before.. And server up tonight after Canucks game?
  14. It's always at night time.. So just check after 6pm... If your'e trying to get on around 11-12pm, it might still be up but it's best to be on Minecraft earlier... Yeah I think we need more glowstones.. I mean, I can go myself but it's a bit dangerous