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  1. I smell high percentage starts for MDZ and Guddy so they can pump and dump them at the deadline.
  2. Ewwww. I grew up there too. Just more confirmation to never go to Buffalo.
  3. Since the Rangers happen to like Russians, they might ACTUALLY be willing to take Goldy off our hands for him. Only thing is I don't think he's worth Goldy. Goldy is a higher depth possibility. It's a trade down, unless we believe in Lias enough to take the chance.
  4. There isn't an option for: Angry Karen trying to return an item on Boxing Day. I would much rather listen to that than either of those.
  5. Combination of things, I think. Alot of home games close to Christmas. The mind tends to be elsewhere and not on the game. Inability to lock down the leads we have, which could be a personnel issue or a coaching issue. The other thing is the book is out on us by now. The team is struggling to score 5 on 5. Practice and lock down the PK and you have a good chance at beating the Canucks. TBH, I kinda want Mike Babcock in here. We need some better defensive systems and our young players are hungry, teachable, and they want to win. Not sure Travis Green has that at this level.
  6. Damn...JT has been a revelation. He's found a home. He's playing like he belongs here. Great trade, at the moment. We make the playoffs, I would fully say that 1st rounder is worth it. Honestly, gotta say though...the team seems to be missing Sutter. They just started falling off when he got injured. Gaudette is scoring pretty well, but holding leads has been a problem. Makes me wonder how the future of our bottom 6 is truly gonna look.
  7. Not when your coach is this experienced with a $6.5 million a year contract. Plus there's no one better to replace Babcock right now!
  8. I get the feeling this is what Doug Gilmour was ACTUALLY hired for.
  9. They should have reopened the CBA to have out clauses on contracts. The NFL does it. It's beneficial for both sides. These contracts are getting out of hand for sure.
  10. Yeah, you've definitely convinced me too. I still believe there's something here in the works involving either Gaudette or Sutter (and maybe Stetcher to upgrade his position), but the likelihood of it being Nashville is extremely slim. The way you outlined it, I can't see them making any move of ANY sort!
  11. I said upgrade. Whether it's him or someone else entirely is a different story. That's why I say, if there's rumblings about trading Stetcher, it's about upgrading him. Whether or not my idea was too far out of left field or what is irrelevant. The point was made. I'm sticking to that.
  12. Whatever the case, it has gotta be frustrating for the kid. He needs to play. MAYBE it's a salary thing, with Roussel coming back, which might also be the reason Stetcher is coming up in "rumblings". They package him with Baertschi and there's some flexibility, which is why I was thinking about Nashville. You add in Gaudette and you MIGHT be able to get Ryan Ellis. But again, this is purely conjecture. The contract he has is big enough to devalue him enough that it could be of interest.
  13. If we're moving Stetcher, I gotta think it's an upgrade. Not trading down. I'd like to think he's a 4-5 tweener kind of defenseman. I was thinking about this last night. If I HAD to guess, he'd be packaged with Gaudette and maybe some salary if the defenseman they're looking at is being paid more. To me there's no other reason to trade Stetcher at this point.
  14. If that's the case, then why isn't he in Utica, playing top line minutes? I can't honestly believe he's here to keep a seat warm right now and Gaudette earned the spot in the everyday lineup IMO, so why is he bench warming? He was never going to be here to play 4th line minutes because that's not good for his development. It's 3rd line center or back to Utica and that's the position Sutter owns right now. Nashville has always had a good relationship with our team and there is definitely a trade history dating back 10 years or so. Whether they'd have any interest in Sutter is another story, but to just figure nothing is going on at all is definitely false. I'm actually pretty sure Benning said something about it at the end of last season as well, wanting to move a center and keeping Gaudette in the fold because his development was coming along.