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  1. I don't think this should be a thing until we see how good Troy Stetcher and Nikita Tryamkin are. And we will this year. Plus that list might open up a bit more.
  2. I think this dubious distinction goes to Sbisa. All I have to ask myself is who plays their roles properly. Everyone in the forward group from what we have seen. The defense core is now solid and when Sbisa isn't injured, he'said a liability. So there it is.
  3. I am sure he did, but that is also a long time ago now. He will have had 12 weeks of healing time or so between then and the tourney. My bets are he'said there and I hope so!
  4. Seeing Nucks vs Jets and vs Oilers. Beyond psyched to see all the Fins from the world Jrs. Laine is going to be so much fun to see. He is in another class over the rest of these guys.
  5. The Subban/Horvat thing was without a doubt talked about before we acquired Gudbranson. There's no way Horvat would have been offered up if we didn't have McCann in our back pocket. It just doesn't make sense. But yeah, that's way too much. Horvat and our high pick. Montreal can just plain and simply stop with that garbage. I could have seen it happening if maybe there was interest in swapping picks in the trade. Either way, I am glad with how it turned out. We are gonna need Horvat. A guy like Subban doesn't become available every day, so it doesn't surprise me Horvat was offered up because that's what it takes.
  6. Ask And you shall receive!! Haha, less boring !!!
  7. This can't be he most interesting thing going on today on CDC. Come on....
  8. We'll probably see another market for Sbisa own up as training camp comes to a close. Some injuries will happen and someone is bound to need a defenseman. If Sbisa can't be traded thru the summer, he is likely gone by the time the season starts. Whether it be waivers or someone needs him.
  9. Willie: I wanna play Vey, tonight. Jim: Well you can't. Willie: WHY NOT?! Jim: Because he plays for the Flames now. Willie:
  10. This is the best name to be signed by Vancouver since Artem Chubarov, Harold Druken, and Ronalds Kenins!
  11. Dude, he's obviously Borna Rendulic! Haven't you ever heard of Borna Rendulic?! Kids these days...sheesh!!!
  12. You really think Vey would have been qualified otherwise? I doubt it....
  13. Taylor Hall is better than Gabe a good amount.
  14. Vey has absolutely nothing to do with that trade. What the hell?!
  15. No more than 3x3. Maybe 3x4 years. He definitely shows promise, but hasn't earned anything more than a mid range contract. Sorry, Marky.