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  1. Watch the patterns of losing teams and their players. When they become okay with losing, things have to change and you gotta bring the right players into the dressing room to help get them there. You don't just give a team leader that kind of contract without knowing how to turn the team around. Isn't the GM who gave him that contract fired now? Also there are exceptions to the rule, obviously. Those are your Crosby, McDavid, Ovie, etc guys. They are skilled enough, but still need that support group, obviously. This is hockey after all.
  2. His last playoff hockey was 5 seasons ago. That was when Patrick Roy was coaching. Someone who actually knows a ton about winning. Roy saw what was happening in Colorado at the time and he got out of the tire fire before it became worse. Like we all saw!!! R O'R could end up still being worth his contract, but he definitely needs to be part of a winning culture to get that worth back, IMO. Teams like Chicago, LA, Pittsburgh, Boston, Tampa, maybe Vegas (too early to tell) would all do great with him and probably turn his career around. When your main guys have great stat lines and great underlying numbers and your team is still losing, it becomes more about whether your leaders don't know or actually even forget how to win. I mean, it would definitely make me question giving a guy like him a contract like that. I could site more examples. Taylor Hall, Nuge, and Eberle. Before they came to Edmonton. Hall was part of the Windsor Spitfires and his team went to the memorial cup back to back years. His compete level was the reason why he was drafted #1 over Seguin. We all know about Jordan Eberle's big goals in the World Jrs. Nuge was even part of the many successful teams of Brent Sutter. They had hope because of being part of a winning culture. Then Edmonton let them have the reins and gave them zero support in the way of NHL experience with winning and getting into the playoffs. Hall soaks his coach with his water bottle. Eberle continued to have a great stat line and no showed in the one playoff appearance 2 seasons ago. Just like Nuge. Don't be naieve. Winning cultures in the dressing room and on the ice mean alot to a player's worth and if you're a smart GM, you don't issue a big contract to a player who doesn't know how to be part of the solution yet or forgot how.
  3. You wanna talk about contract worth? Okay! Not worth the long and nasty contract because he has consistently been in a losing culture and did nothing to actually make the team who signed him better. They actually got WORSE!!! But I suppose his contract is all good because his underlying numbers are very good, right...?
  4. Ya know...sometimes OldNews, "underlying numbers" just don't cut it with some players. They don't mean $#!+ if you continuously are playing in a losing culture and don't know what it means to start winning. O'Reilly has been on losing NHL teams...consistently. Even superstars are prone to this fate. John Tavares is a great player, but he still couldn't lift the Islanders past the first round and most of the time has been out of the playoffs for his entire career. I'm glad he's on the Leafs now because you can tell what they are trying to build and are on their way. And don't even get me started on Rick Nash when he was with Columbus. He had to get traded to NYR and Boston to even have more than a taste of playoff hockey. Kovalchuk is another one. Pretty much nothing until NJD. Building a winning culture doesn't just happen over night. You need guys with that compete level on that team to drive it forward because the winning culture becomes infectious, otherwise they start to get entrenched in that losing culture. Ryan O'Reilly is coming to a team who just traded away a couple of vets who are pretty damn used to playing playoff hockey and they just signed Tyler Bozak who is not used to playing much in the playoffs...and oh yeah. Brayden Schenn. Also not used to consistent playing in the playoffs. You have 3 pretty solid centers who don't REALLY know what it's like to play on an NHL team with a winning culture. Your guys down the middle have often been the leadership group on most teams. Now I ask does this leadership group get back in the playoffs? Are your "underlying numbers" going to get them there or is building a winning culture going to get them there? I'm calling it now. STL are missing the playoffs.
  5. He needs a little bit of tint on his glasses for that.
  6. THAT DIRTY STACHE!!!! If I hadn't heard him speak before, I would swear he's French.
  7. I agree with all of this...EXCEPT for the fact that he's siding with the crappy French coach. I kind of think this was the game plan for the Habs and they lived and are currently dying by that game plan. They wanna be tougher. Not just defensively, but period. Both of the last coach hires were conducive to this train of thought. Both didn't like Galchenyuk. They traded PK, which has not worked out well for them at all with all of Weber's injuries. The fact he wasn't fired for this is still boggling my mind as he is continuing to make moves. They made the move for Drouin, which on the surface looks like a change in philosophy, but TB kept him down for so long that he became reliable enough on the defensive side of the puck. All in all, it just seems like a GM philosophy and anyone who is going to play soft is out. Might be why Patch is on his way out. Their captain is not embodying what they want for the culture they are looking for. Nevermind understanding that what they are looking for could actually be the wrong thing.
  8. The Montreal Tire Fires? Part of me thinks that should be a name for Ottawa because of their Canadian Tire sponsorship. Also the Flames are technically a fire team. Which one works better?! Lol. Can anybody make a logo?
  9. It's possible they approached him previously and then he said no. Then the Habs came out with "We have no intention to sign Pacioretty long term" just to make it look like they were the ones in control of the situation. Seen people be super dickish like this before.
  10. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    We are not done yet this off season. I still can't help but believe we will make a trade to upgrade our defense before the start of the season. By the time the season starts though, remaining relatively healthy, and Petterson being able to transfer his talent over the the NHL, we're challenging for the playoffs. 60 % of an outstanding powerplay Likely end up being so-so with some injuries. Good bottom 6 but also not a great defense to support the PK - should be so so on the penalty kill as it stands now. Goals will be a bit easier to come by, with Petterson on the team and all he can do. In the end, I think we can push for the playoffs. I would say we're drafting 10-15 this year.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure. I mean, maybe they sign him. They need defense and they have a plethora of top forwards now. Should they want to use him to get the defenseman they need, they could do that. With Tavares, Marner, Nylander, and Matthews, one could theoretically go. I mean, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility. Just saying they have a need and if they wanted to, they could now outbid us.
  12. I'd honestly ask and see how they would feel about an Eriksson-Ryan swap. Personally, I believe he can bounce back.
  13. Honestly...yeah, both are good with me too. Would kind of sting, not being able to see how good Gaudette could be on this team, but EK on an 8 year contract, with Hughes on the way, yeah I'd do it. That being said...would the Leafs offer Matthews? If so, we no longer could offer the best return. Also a little caveat with this, we would probably be taking Anderson back with Marky going the other way. I'm good with that.
  14. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    You see that, I see a pile of young assets with many years of controllability they can use to trade for some of the premier dmen in the league who are already under contract. OEL's NTC kicks in when he turns 27. Then there's also Karlsson, that Tanev kid is pretty good too. Oh gee, who else could use a promising young center or winger and has a premier defenseman they could trade?
  15. Okay, that's enough posting on CDC today...*facepalm*