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  1. Ask And you shall receive!! Haha, less boring !!!
  2. This can't be he most interesting thing going on today on CDC. Come on....
  3. We'll probably see another market for Sbisa own up as training camp comes to a close. Some injuries will happen and someone is bound to need a defenseman. If Sbisa can't be traded thru the summer, he is likely gone by the time the season starts. Whether it be waivers or someone needs him.
  4. Willie: I wanna play Vey, tonight. Jim: Well you can't. Willie: WHY NOT?! Jim: Because he plays for the Flames now. Willie:
  5. This is the best name to be signed by Vancouver since Artem Chubarov, Harold Druken, and Ronalds Kenins!
  6. Dude, he's obviously Borna Rendulic! Haven't you ever heard of Borna Rendulic?! Kids these days...sheesh!!!
  7. You really think Vey would have been qualified otherwise? I doubt it....
  8. Taylor Hall is better than Gabe a good amount.
  9. Vey has absolutely nothing to do with that trade. What the hell?!
  10. No more than 3x3. Maybe 3x4 years. He definitely shows promise, but hasn't earned anything more than a mid range contract. Sorry, Marky.
  11. Kind of thinking the Blues would actually have to add at this point because there's only 1 year left for Shattenkirk. If the Oilers still suck next year, it would be a waste of an asset. No way he would wanna stay in a s#!t city if he's not playing for a contender. Either way though, if they decide to get out of dealing with Colorado, it's better for us all.
  12. When you are thinking about guys who are expendable, it all depends on who you're trading for. If you are going for a guy like a Gabe Landeskog, someone like Virtanen can be added to the discussion. Or Tyson Barrie, you can definitely talk about Tanev. Etc etc. Especially if you think it makes your team better. Is Virtanen gonna be better than Landeskog...time will tell, but they are a similar kind of player. Again...all this only comes up because of Colorado's internal cap. I'm sure they don't WANT to trade their captain or their best defenseman.
  13. It's not a "would you rather?" question because the answer to that is RNH. More..."what does it take to get the deal done?" They may not want to trade Draisaitl but in the end if the other team won't move off that and it will make your team better, you gotta do it.
  14. I think the idea this poster was trying to get across was not necessarily a PPQB because you're right. It's the Sedins. Here's the thing though. Ehrhoff in his prime was able to skate the puck up ice and make the other team's D back off. He made the Sedins a threat off the rush. After that they weren't so one dimensional. Having a guy like Barrie who can do that is of extreme value to the Sedins and the rest of the team for zone entries. Plus that kind of skating gets infectious!!! It was hilarious seeing Kevin freaking Bieksa start to do the same thing once Ehrhoff was doing it. It made the team better by a mile. So many more goals.
  15. Nuge or Draisaitl will be going. There is no reason to keep them both. They will likely bark up the St Louis tree for Shattenkirk.