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  1. Bure vs Boeser

    This is nice, but it's the wrong comparison, TBH. Let's see how Elias Petterson does. That's the closest thing we have had to a Bure type than we have had in awhile. Not taking anything away from Boeser though. His shot is pinpoint accurate. I don't even know how he does it, but he does. If Boeser's skating gets better, it's gonna be very hard for opposing defenders to stop him. The puck only needs to be on his stick for a moment. Imagine if he actually HAS time with it? If we had a Boeser-type in '94 or '11, I guarantee we'd have a cup. Never had a sniper like him on the team until now. Bure had a great shot and his speed backed off defenders. He did make most opposing goalies fear him...except Mike Richter. If Boeser had that penalty shot Bure took in the final, Richter doesn't stop it. No chance.
  2. With his contract and the fact that it's unclear if his ability to bounce back...kinda, which is why I would take him back if some salary was retained.
  3. As far as Schneids is concerned, I think if he were to come back, the best goalie gets the majority of time in net.
  4. You seem to have completely missed the point and look biased towards Demko already making the team. The point is Markstrom still hasn't figured it out and goalies really DO take awhile to find their footing, unless they're absolute aces. Do we want Demko to be decent in net for us or do we want him to be stellar? Time will tell. Maybe he will have a good playoff run with the Comets. Maybe he won't. All I know is I want what's best for him and I believe that's more seasoning in the AHL. This is only his 2nd year in Utica.
  5. It changes year after year, man. People fall out of favour and people have bad years. I think it all depends on where NJ sits, whether the brass here would even want him back, or whether they think Kinkaid could be a starter. In all honesty, we don't know the answer to any of that, BUT it is an interesting point to bring up AND our goaltending needs to be better. How else could that happen? There aren't many other options out there.
  6. Either one of our goalies, plus them eating some of Schneid's salary would probably work. Doesn't HAVE to be Markstrom. Markstrom hasn't fallen out of favour either? Who said that? I just said neither were all that good to keep us in games all the time. Would be like a change of scenery swap.
  7. If he were top 10, he would be playing in the playoffs.
  8. No. He wasn't great all year. With a 6 million cap hit for years, it doesn't look good. He didn't even play game 1
  9. Of course THEY would be. It's a stealthy move though. Plus maybe they try and get Kovalchuk back, considering the history there? Point being is, is there an appetite for this kind of move here? That is the question.
  10. So Cory Schneider has fallen out of favour in Jersey. We know what he IS capable of but I'm sure no one would take a chance on his salary. If Jersey would eat 2-3 mil per season of it, would he be welcomed back here? I think one of the goalies has to go, here. They were never good enough to keep the team in games often enough. Personally, I don't wanna see Demko make the team yet. Goalies take alot of time to develop and become stellar. How long did it take Schneids to make the jump. 7 years AFTER being drafted. Maybe Demko is better, but even Markstrom was stellar in the AHL and he still can't completely seem to find his footing. Maybe Jersey would be interested in a goalie swap, here?
  11. Draft Lottery

    If we end up with the 6th or lower pick, I hope we trade for Erik Karlsson (and he agrees to the trade along with a contract extension.)
  12. Draft Lottery

    That's my birthday. Hoping a little bit of karma goes a long way.
  13. Poll : Tavares , Karlsson or Save the dough ?

    I said Karlsson, but...only if our pick is not #1. You can not find a better spend your money or assets than to get a Norris caliber d-man for several years (assuming we can get an extension.)
  14. Name a better candidate for Captain?