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  1. Jake Virtanen still doesn't realize how strong he is

    He got 2 empty net wasn't that good.
  2. Jake Virtanen still doesn't realize how strong he is

    Leave it for the playoffs (when we get there again) when the refs swallow their whistles. Right now, Jake's physicality seems to take other teams by surprise. Case in point. He is flying under the radar and we don't want a target on his back for suspensions. I say let teams just try and continue to do that and get nothing out of it. Continue to develop his hockey IQ. I turned on the game late and saw Jake make another poor decision with the puck, trying to pass on the rush instead of waiting for help. He didn't even pass the puck in the direction of the guy he wanted to hit. He passed it to one of Tampa's guys and there was an odd man rush the other way. He needs to keep it simple. Skate the puck in, because he's fast enough, wait for help, start the cycle.
  3. New look power play (sans Sedins)

    I was compelled to make this its own thread. So we don't have the Sedins on the powerplay anymore. I loved them. Such consummate professionals...but...Henrik on the half wall got really predictable. Henrik wouldn't shoot the puck!!! Teams would cheat and cover guys not named Henrik Sedin on the ice. How many times have I sweared at the TV for Henrik to shoot the puck from the half wall? Too many to count! Now Petterson is manning the half wall and wow...what a relief. It's going to open up so much with that deadly shot. No more cheating checks. Hats off to Henrik for still finding a way to make it work all these years, but it didn't help the team win in the twilight. I'm so excited to see everything that comes of this powerplay this year and NEXT especially!!!
  4. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Calgary Flames 7:00 PM PT

    Can I just say that it's nice to finally have a shooting threat from the half wall on the Powerplay. #shootthef'inpuckhank!!!!
  5. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 03, 2018

    Would be nice, but you don't need linemates to anticipate if you direct them. That's what the Sedins did! Like I will happen with more time.
  6. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 03, 2018

    Besides the other Sedin, there was no one at their level on their line at times. I wouldn't call Burrows at their level. Taylor Pyatt, Samuelsson, Anson Carter. Again. One game. He will learn this. It's not hard to follow direction if you wanna score. It will be nice to see when those opportunities DO start going in. His linemates are gonna love him!!!
  7. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 03, 2018

    This is also showing his youth and inexperience as well. Remember when Danny and Hank would discuss how it was going to go with the rest of the players on the ice and then the puck was in the net? He's gonna have to communicate those things, so Goldy knows where to be and then the puck can end up in the back of the net instead of whizzed by his stick. That will come with more experience and more respect earned, I'm thinking.
  8. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 03, 2018

    To anyone complaining about Baertschi/Bo/Boeser.... First off, Bo isn't penalty killing anymore by the looks of things, unless they are desperate to protect a lead or Sutter/Beagle are in the box. It stands to reason that with the penalty killers gassed, guess what line got marched out to take the defensive draws 5 on 5 in the 3rd?! Of course they were -2!!! Look, they're gonna get their chances. 81 more games left. The last thing I am concerned about with this team is Boeser/Bo/Baertschi getting on the score sheet. Especially Boeser. He has arguably the best shot in the NHL.
  9. [Waivers] Oct. 2nd gongshow

    Ya know...I wonder if this makes Ian Clark a very good acquisition for this season? Why did Nilsson do great on the big ice and not so great on NHL ice? Could his angles be off? I sure hope he's coachable because it really makes me wonder if there are some tweaks which could make him very good.
  10. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    If I had to guess, our top 6 will start out: Baertschi-Bo-Boeser Eriksson-Petterson-Goldobin Not great, but that's what we got.
  11. Evan McEneny | D

    Actually that doesn't exactly matter. Sami Salo got injured in the summer of 2010, playing ball hockey and snapped his hamstring. Canucks placed him on the active roster to start the season and then immediately put him on LTIR afterwards, otherwise they couldn't use that money to punch above the cap. Same idea. They use McEneny to start the season, put him on LTIR. He could have made the team. Nobody knows for sure *wink*. Then send him down right after he is healed up. It's better to take every single inch the CBA is going to give you instead of leaving it. If they don't need it, oh well.
  12. Evan McEneny | D

    Oh boy. This is the ol' LTIR for more cap room trick again.
  13. Is it bad I only knew this country from the reference in Eurotrip?
  14. Virtanen, Horvat, and Boeser - new line

    I like the idea of using him to skate the puck in if the play doesn't die on his stick. Fact is, if he can work on his play making abilities, it would help the team gain the zone. Right now, he should be under direct orders not to shoot the puck and skate it in and wait for help and make the easy pass. If he were on the top line, he could create some room and bang around. All the while, if I were him, I would work on his shot because eventually teams would catch on and just not cover him and cover the pass, leaving him alone to score some goals. Baby steps first. Skate it in, don't let the play die on your stick due to indecisiveness or bad decision making, pass it off to someone who has better hands.
  15. Actually to push this further, this was an insurance move in case we didn't get Hamhuis. As it turned out, we did and Ballard got pushed right down the depth chart and lost his confidence. Not a good thing to have happen after hip surgery. I would call this trade a wash. We might have seen a better Ballard if we never signed Hammer or we might have at least seen him hack another goalie in the face, but neither happened.