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  1. on the Marky...yikes. Yeah, nope. He's just hitting his stride. Demko is not ready yet. Still need to stop the puck. We already gave them a great netminder and they screwed him up. Let's not do that again.
  2. That sounds like a final signing before running to the cup, TBH. Any team who thinks they're close will buck up. I can't see NJ doing anything at all this season, so he's as good as gone. If I had to guess a trade with us, it would be Tanner Pearson +
  3. Taking Horvat off the top unit was a mistake. I definitely want Newell Brown to go back to his "Load up the top unit" ways. Add JT Miller to the top unit and have Petey, Boeser, Horvat, Miller, and Hughes on it. Let Gaudette run the second unit. Give him Edler and Tyler Myers to play with on the back end and cycle out his wingers until they find something that works for the 30 seconds or so when they're on the ice. I'd almost put Sutter on that unit too if they're starting out the powerplay and we're needing to hold possession for the 1st unit to come out.
  4. He already had some of that. The way I see it, you can run it 3 scoring and one checking or you can run it 2 scoring and 2 checking. This could be one of those situations where Bo's unit (being a bit heavier) draws some more of the heavier checking duties, while still drawing top 6 duties. Bo, Pearson, and Miller is gonna be a pretty tough line for opponents to deal with this year. So then instead, we'd be looking at a line of Ferland-Gaudette-Virtanen, which could draw some favourable 4th line match ups and put up some points this year. Kind of like when Cody Hodgson did decently in 2012 with his value being pumped up with favourable matchups.
  5. I dunno. I kind of think Sutter gets bumped to the wing again. Still feels like Sutter gets traded out sometime soon here. He doesn't seem to fit and that may be why Baertschi got waived in the first place too. With how injury prone he is, teams could want to see him into some games before they make a move for him. Gaudette earned 3rd line center duties, IMO.
  6. If anyone else here is crying about Baertschi being waived and not Eriksson, keep in mind he's probably the next to go. We're still starting with Roussel on IR. I'm sure Eriksson is on a short leash. If he doesn't pick it up (or maybe even if he does), he's being waived, so no matter what he will have to play his ass off if he wants a spot on an NHL roster. Not to mention, Gaudette still needs to keep playing well if he wants to keep his spot, so the roster isn't even set in stone yet. Not even close. Plus ya gotta think Baertschi and Goldy don't want to be sent down either, but they're going to Utica, so the internal competition with this depth happens to be a good thing after all.
  7. Pretty sure he's laughing all the way to the bank.... I thought Baertschi gained some chemistry with Gaudette. Might just be a situation where Baertschi is more valuable in a trade if he clears. We could see him in a trade tomorrow maybe?
  8. I was going with something a little less having to do with hockey and a little more having to do with Marvel getting Spider-Man back for at least a movie.
  9. And for some reason, only the second best news for today.... Cool
  10. This probably has something to do with him not really wanting to head out west and having his family uprooted. STL is kind of in the middle if that. I can imagine Vancouver was also on the no trade list along with Winnipeg (lack of doing anything good this summer for their team), LA maybe? Security seemed like a total must for this player and even the cup champs needed to sign him to a 7 year extension just to get him.
  11. There could be more factors in this situation than we know. Just for an example, what if Brock is looking for a certain $ amount on his contract with a front loaded bonus to help deal with his dad's health issues? Also the way contracts have inflated over the years, signing the long one (unless it's closer to 9 or 10 mil a season) is foolish. He could get to the middle of his contract and wish he didn't sign for 6 or 7 when he could've gotten a shorter term and signed for 10+ after 4 years. Just not sure the higher dollar value on the short term is something Benning will go for. Tough call all around. This one is gonna be tough to hash out.
  12. There's no way Boeser gets any less than 6. You just can't justify it unless Eriksson outright gets cut. They play the same position and one of them isn't doing his job like he's supposed to. You can't tell Boeser he deserves less than 6 million per year when all he has to do is look down the bench and see someone coasting thru his fat contract which NO TEAM wants to touch. The number will have to be 7. Line him up long term at that number. He's a core piece to this club. Just do it. He's only gonna get better.
  13. Let's call this for what it is. Ferland has more of a defined role as to what he actually is, which at the moment makes him more valuable than Jake. JV is still trying to find his place or he keeps trying to punch above his weight class into top 6 forward territory. Maybe he gets there or maybe Ferland's tenacity rubs off on Virtanen and they get put on a line together with Beagle and become hell for anyone who's on the ice. Or maybe Gaudette goes in between them and that line becomes chippy and scores a few. TBH, I want to see those two on a line, playing together more than being in the blender, somewhere else or in a role they shouldn't be in.
  14. Well the contract is definitely tradeable. Some team looking for a young top 6 forward in the bargain bin should come knocking before the season starts. I always like Ottawa for these sorts of things.