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  1. Remembering when Matthias Ohlund's debut with the Canucks was in Japan and he let his slapper go.... God his shot was so raw and hard at the time. Will be nice to see some games out in Asia again.
  2. Oh right. It's a J. Ha!!!
  3. Our forward prospect depth has been not so great lately (College excluded). I like how this team is picking up prospects who are almost ready to make the jump. Next year's camp should be pretty damn well fun!
  4. And this is why the big deal about finding a trading partner for Yannik Hansen.
  5. Ottawa Ownership wanting playoff gates because they're a small market team. Pretty much it.
  6. Hmmm, earlier this year that's not what was said when we played them. Okay then.
  7. Pfft. Mikael Granlund has become a little more expendable to Minnesota than you may think. Of course Hansen doesn't get it done to get him. If Minnie wanted Hansen though, I am sure something could be worked out around those 2 players. Though it would probably be more of a summer trade, if I am thinking about it honestly.
  8. I would love for a trade with Minniesota. Maybe just maybe a package could be worked out to get the other Granlund.
  9. Everything but the Subban-Cassells thing. Would love to see Subban up here, just so he can play and see what he needs to work on. Cassells is WAAAY OFF!
  10. Umm, you don't make any sense, dude and you completely missed the point. This season is not a "make the playoffs" season. We need to see how Markstrom can do between now and the end of the season. If not, back the money truck up to Ben Bishop's door and sign him for next season. I laugh because I don't think you even read what all of what I typed. Just disagreed with one part I said and that's it. I'm actually agreeing with you in that I am not convinced that Marky can handle it. However, there is absolutely no harm done if he has the reigns for the remainder of the season. The team needs to see if he's got it. His contract is cheap enough to be the back up next year if it requires.
  11. Miller needs to be moved by the end of the season for the success of the franchise over the next few years. I don't care what we get for him. We need to see Markstrom run with the opportunity from now til the end of the season to make sure he's good enough to be #1. Right now I'm not convinced. If he's not ready to be the man, this team needs to get in on Ben Bishop in a big way this off season.
  12. I think going down this road could be really dangerous. We don't have to trade Hansen and he's one of the few guys on the team who has any speed at all. That being said, we need to find out what we can get for him. If we can get a 1st or a cluster of picks including a second, it's worth looking at, at least. But I still like him better than Baertschi.
  13. To me, it has never been just one time or another. It's every single time I have seen one incarnation of this team or another unravel before our very eyes and just lose it. Just that uncanny ability to lose like that. It's different when one team just flat out out-plays yours, but when our team should be better, and has been and then there's something which causes a momentum shift and they just can't get it back no matter how hard they try. Kind of makes me feel cheated as a fan, TBH.