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  1. Whether he is in Utica or with the big club in October, this year's training camp is going to be fun to watch!!!
  2. I know it isn't, however if some European players are part of the plan going forward, having Kruger as an asset would be a good thing. THAT was my point. Why really look at him otherwise...?
  3. The birth place doesn't matter. How he communicates with his players is what does. I may be wrong about where he was from exactly. Maybe his ancestery from the German side of Switzerland? Not that it matters. What matters is if he has had success with European players! That happens to be where we have had alot of success drafting from.
  4. No, because of what the rumor implies and the connections which can be made because of it. Ralph Kruger did do great with Team Europe. I think if there is any truth to the rumor, then it may mean we are leaning towards drafting Euro with our pick. Plus Hischier is Swiss along with Kruger. Whether we draft him or not, we will have a good European influence on our team in the future.
  5. This kind of makes me think we could be leaning towards Nico Hischier and not Nolan Patrick...if we win the draft lottery.
  6. Kassian wasn't the only prospect who was given the wrong direction by the Canucks organization and had suffered for it.... Glad to see him show some more of what he could be in the game last night. Dare I say it was "Lindros-esque."
  7. He was getting beat by rookies not named Jesse Pulujarvi, Kyle Connor, or Matthew Tkachuk at the camp. I love his hockey IQ. His speed, when I saw, wasn't NHL caliber YET is what I'm saying. I want to see it get a bit better before he makes the jump. At least better than I saw. I know there will always be faster guys, but seeing him get caught chasing in the times I saw him, he definitely looked poised in his decision making, but not NHL ready yet and a big thing was that speed. I am really hoping it improved this season.
  8. I see what you're trying to do with this. People...the OP doesn't exactly know how junior hockey works. The Knights are not a farm club. They are a major junior team. The Utica Comets and the London Knights are not even in the same league. Now that's out of the way, yes the London Knights are very good at developing players the right way to play in the NHL. They are pretty much can't miss. Should we play it safe and pretty much only draft London Knights if it's unclear who the best player available is? Yes. If we draft someone who we think has alot of raw talent but isn't ready for the NHL or AHL (farm club league) and who isn't in a major junior league as of yet, should we try and hook them up with the London Knights if that's the direction the player wants their career to go? Yes (as long as Dale Hunter takes him.) This is the same sort for direction the Flames took with Mikael Backlund. There are other places which are great for development as well. North Dakota comes to mind. *ahem* Boeser, Stetcher, Jost, Caggiula all out of the last 3-4 years or so.
  9. Hey, about Juolevi: I saw him at the rookie camp last year and his foot speed was not NHL quality. You said he was lacking size. I haven't seen him play at all this season. Has his foot speed improved much?
  10. Was the "Go ahead and call me crazy" thing, too much? Lol
  11. If I were a betting man, I would bet Sutter goes to Vegas. 2 reasons: a) the team is going to be like an island of misfits for the first few years and needs a coach who can get the most out of "grinders". B.) Vegas owner, Bill Foley wants to make a Stanley Cup contending team within 5 years(his words.) What better way to make a statement than to back a truckload of money up to Sutter's doorstep?!?! To me it makes sense. Go ahead and call me crazy, people!!! Lol
  12. I would look interview everyone they are seriously considering and also wait til the playoffs are over. Interview the guys in the fallout of that, then make the decision.
  13. Oh I honestly think it's time to pick a forward for sure. Just seeing things line up like that though and how our scouting dept is, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this is our pick this year. It's like expecting Tkachuk's name to be called and then Benning saying "Olli Juolevi."
  14. If we drop outside of picking Hischier and Patrick, my money is on this guy being who we draft. $10 says our scouts were scouting him when Dahlen caught their attention and we traded for him, so....
  15. I get what the OP is actually trying to say, here.... Problem is, OP, is that the Sedins are defensively responsible, for forwards, but actually playing the Defense position is a whole different situation. They aren't ALL that great defensively. I have seen them cough up the puck enough that if they were to make those mistakes as defensemen, we would be beaten like a rented mule all season. Just like Colorado.