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  1. This is one of those years I think we keep 2 extra forwards and only 1 extra defensemen. There's a good amount of defensemen who are kind of on the bubble on whether they could play on the team or not who are able to go to Utica and/or would clear waivers.
  2. Well, yeah. But it's more than that. They have generally been not so great for awhile, except for that year. That organization is poisoned and they have to try and extract that poison. No one really knows what it is. It's like a team in the NFL trying to get a player from the Cleveland Browns. Baaaad idea.
  3. There is something very wrong with that organization. Someone there is poisoning either their locker room, or it has been an executive who has screwed up the culture. I would not touch any of their players until they start doing a bit better.
  4. The Olympics was totally a factor here, I bet.
  5. Tanev for JVR and Jodie Sweetin...DONE!!!!
  6. Yuck.
  7. So Sutter is chopped liver then?
  8. We have 4 young scoring wingers who could be competing for 2 middle 6 spots. Now we are cutting that down to 1. Yes, Maybe gives us more scoring, but you're kidding yourself if you think Sam Gagner is the scoring bullet who is going to get us back in the playoffs. I bet Boeser gets as many points this year and Gager plays on the 3rd line
  9. Noooooooooo! Boyd Gordon. 4th line center and right handed shot. Him and Gaunce can anchor the 4th line and take their strong side faceoffs, so they end up with the puck more and get the better forechecking. NOT SAM GAGNER!!! This is a bad idea. No no no NO NO NO NO NO!!!
  10. I bet the Sens go hard after Alzner. They need a replacement for Methot. Perfect fit, plus the cap hit should be close-ish to that of Methot's anyways. As for us...Yak could be interesting. I think he needs a different look from his coach. Someone a little different than he is used to. Travis Green might be that guy.
  11. That is a rule I was unaware of. Usually it's the other way. But he has been often injured, so....
  12. Now he is. They changed it on there. They are so great with their updates. I checked the site mid expansion draft and it was all updated properly as the draft went on.
  13. He was an RFA, actually. Not old enough and hasn't played long enough yet. 27 is the mark. 27 or 7 years of professional hockey. He is almost 27. Not quite yet. Not sure if his Euro years count towards years to free agency.
  14. Rodin didn't get qualified. His knee must be too gone...:(
  15. These guys don't seem worth the bother of arbitration, IMO. Maybe Boucher.