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  1. And then they keep the good D for themselves because every team needs good D ;). So the ones they have left to sell, will be more 4-5 guys. Again. Balances out with getting a tweeners forward, thus defeating the purpose.
  2. Great thought, but there is a flaw in your "completely load up on D" logic. Vegas will be under the gun to make those trades. The receiving team who needs a D don't have to make those trades and can look elsewhere. Vegas will be forced to over pay to get anything of quality. Nice thought though.
  3. Gino, Brashear, Ryp are all a given. I would actually bring Burr. He'll do anything to refrain from getting his a$$ beat. Maybe bite some fingers or pull some hair!!! Brad May and Bieksa are both good choices too. I remember May talking on Sportsnet about having nightmares that he was gonna have to fight Derek Boogard, the next time his team played the Wild. The fact that no matter What, he didn't turtle. Even though he was afraid, he still went out there and paid the piper. That's pretty admirable. Bieksa would probably have to be my #1 choice though. Well, him or Ryp. I think those guys have your back no matter what. I don't know if Burrows would back you up on his own or not, TBH and even though Gino and Brashear scream "Do NOT **** With me" with their silence, I get the feeling if I by chance made an a$$ out of myself all drunk one night, they would let me lay in the bed I made as punishment for being stupid.
  4. If it's Edmonton, Ottawa will not be gunning for Eberle. It will be Nuge. They need a top 6 center. Pageau, Turris, and Brassard for their top 9? They are basically 3 2nd line centermen with not enough creativity to put them over the top. Whether Nuge fits that bill or not, it's still worth a try if they got Phaneuf going the other way.
  5. Ummm yeah it will.... The value is pretty close, actually.
  6. Galchenyuk is a 1st line center in the making. Am I missing something here?! He needs to be developed better. End of story.
  7. Even further than that, Ovie is not worth that. I don't think anyone can win with him, personally. Especially as Captain. 13 seasons with the Caps, all those presidents trophies and not even a final four appearance. Plus half a season with Dale Hunter and and he bolts right back to London after having the supposed core to win a cup there. I don't buy it. Keep him away from my team or any with cup aspirations. Send him somewhere butts need to be put in seats. Phoenix, Vegas, Florida, and the like.
  8. This week on "How to commit career suicide", we follow Jim Benning. GM of the Vancouver Canucks who is going to metaphorically shoot himself in the foot because he would rather not walk properly again more than he would be the GM of the Vancouver Canucks.
  9. All I need to say is Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. Maybe we have to add a 5th to get the second included, but that should get it done.
  10. Exactly!!!
  11. My bad. I actually got you mixed up with scruffy05. Had a weekend in Vegas. My head is a little woozy, lol.
  12. Well then what would you define success as? When someone talks about whether a prospect pans out or not (I.E.) successful hit rate of drafting NHL talent and then saying it's 80% when only one of the 5 top draft choices mentioned in a previous comment has even looked like he could pan out at the NHL level because we as fans have seen him start to actuallyhave some success at the NHL level. I mean, it makes me scratch my head. The math isn't even right. Sure they're prospects. Not all will pan out. That being said, when one talks about successfully drafted high picks and then says 80%, that is 100% a false statement at this point in time. You should probably look back at everything I have said in the past week or so to understand the context of the conversation.
  13. Point being is you are talking about players who haven't even had a cup of coffee in the NHL yet as if they are successes and I am saying NOT JUST YET!!! I hope so. I'm rooting for them. I mentioned Boeser because you said Demko is our best NHL ready prospect and I'm saying it's Boeser because he IS the most NHL ready prospect.
  14. Yeah Boeser is our most NHL ready prospect, if that's the point you are trying to make? Still considered one IMO. Glad Demko has made some strides in your point of view, but goalies take time before they're ready for the big show, so the point still remains that the jury is still out on him. Definitely glad we have him though because this team is going to need some solid goaltending in the next couple of years. I hope he turns out.
  15. Nah. I didn't say anything about Jake. Yeah it's interesting how it has worked out, but you can not count just the first 5 new regime picks as an 80% hit rate. Jake is having a hard time developing, McCann is still not so great, Juolevi was pretty obvious as a Vancouver pick as of the world jrs before the draft(and he hasn't even played an NHL game yet, so I refuse to include him in the discussion at this point), Brock is looking to actually have some honest to goodness promise, and Demko did not had a good year as a professional hockey player(jury is also still out on him). So all in all, right now that hit rate is 20%. You also seemed to miss my point. Our scouts having an extremely hard time discerning who is elite talent and who is not and the ones they do find are looking like absolute flukes. The fact they can find serviceable players is encouraging, but that fact has made our team wildly mediocre year after year. If other teams can find elite talent all over the 1st round and we can't, there's something wrong.