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  1. Erik Karlsson (Discussion)

    They aren't due for it, IMO...but they'll likely get it.
  2. Erik Karlsson (Discussion)

    I think they have already decided that Karlsson will be traded, internally. The Sens M.O is to trade off people who are up for the huge contract for years of control at manageable cap hits to remain competitive. Seen it before. They'll do it again and again. There is no way anyone on the Sens will get a 10 mil plus cap hit. Not with the budget they have.
  3. Erik Karlsson (Discussion)

    I was just thinking about this. Karlsson is only 27. Also if anyone doubts if we have the pieces to pull this off, I must give them a pretty big laugh. There couldn't be a better fit. It would sting, but it could happen and we COULD take on his raise. Juolevi, Tanev, 1st (lottery protected), and a roster forward not named Sedin or has a B to start his first or last name.
  4. This is a buy low scenario. Subban was a bit redundant in this system anyways and since Green has seen enough of him, he probably knows what kind of shot he has to make the NHL in the future. I remember seeing Pulujarvi burn him at the Young Stars tourney and Pulujarvi is still having troubles cracking the NHL, himself. Glad to see that it wasn't size that kept him out though. Stetch is the same size and he is playing for Van now. Considering we got a depth guy for him, who is good on the dot and our center depth in the minors sucks right now, this is a solid and calculated smart move.
  5. I have to ask this then...does this mean there's absolutely no market out there for Nuge?
  6. Impossible. There's no way. I don't ever have any rails in my home.
  7. I think this guy signed in on all his accounts and minused you
  8. Healthy goaltending rotation or soon to be Nilsson's spot?!!

    Drumming up trade interests because of our somewhat solid, if not spectacular goaltending.
  9. I gotta be honest here. People rip on JB for "wasting" picks on D-men like this who are struggling to get into or stay in the lineup of usually really good teams. Is anybody gonna care about that anymore if/when he manages to strike gold on one of them. You gotta think the odds will turn around sometime! If even one of these D-men turn into that awesome top 1-4 puck moving dmen or better, all these "wasted" picks JB has traded would become a distant memory. Kind of like throwing a handful of darts at a bullseye at one time, hoping one sticks. Strategy ain't perfect, but call it wishful thinking! Keep gambling, Jim. Just not with our 1st rounders unless It's a bonafied stud coming back.
  10. The point is your conditioning has to be better. Yes I agree with College hockey players being a bit more prepared to make the NHL. However, it is not out of the question that his conditioning wasn't/isn't where it needs to be yet. If I am right and this is the problem, then Yeah, he is gonna miss some games until he is ready to handle the rigors of an 82 game season. It ain't like Green was picking on him. This is his first shot at a full NHL season. Don't kid yourself. It ain't easy. Just playing in the NHL isn't easy. Let alone being prepared to handle the whole damn season.
  11. Canucks starting goalie- Nilsson VS Markstrom?!

    Ride the hot hand til they falter. Right now, Nilsson's GAA is 0 and his save pct is 1.000, so I say he gets next game.
  12. The media seemed to get nothing on how in shape Brock was to start the preseason. Could that be by design? Could Travis Green have been like, "Okay Brock. I see your talent, but your conditioning needs to get better if you are gonna make it thru the season. This isn't college hockey. You need to make it thru 82 games. So spend a few days, getting your conditioning up, none of this info will be leaked to the media, and then I will get you into games." It's not completely out of the question that this type of conversation may have happened. I have been in excellent shape, but neglected my cardio and &^@#, if Brock tried the same and actually plays professional hockey, he would be hurting, trying to keep skilled as he is.
  13. That doesn't matter.... After this season, there is no player on the roster making over 6 million. I'm sure if Boeser earns the salary, he will get it and we will find a way to afford him.
  14. If we are talking about giving up picks for prospects, here, it could be that JB doesn't/didn't trust our scouts to make the right decision on choosing players at those times with those picks and figured "I have seen this guy or that guy play. I know what he should be capable of. Maybe let's waste a pick getting this guy instead of relying on the unreliable scouting system we have had for many years." Kind of a situation of "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't." Is what I'm saying. Fact of the matter is, not everything works out. No matter what you do as any GM in the league. Dean Lombardi got fired. Dale Tallon got removed from his position with the Hawks. Ray Shero is now trying to rebuild the Devils and is not winning Cups with Pittsburgh. You assess the risk and you take the better odds. Always. Oh and let's not forget Peter Chiarelli who is now in Edmonton and had Connor McDavid fall into his lap. He so got fired from Boston. That about cover all the winners of the so-called builders of teams thru the draft from the past 10 years or so?!
  15. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    I'm sorry. That reasoning just does not cut it with me. It's different when the team is on a known downswing, but Colorado...shouldn't be doing bad. That team is poisoned and the only way to fix it is to extract said poison.