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  1. Of course.. The only back to back rookie of the year. The legend himself
  2. [Discussion] 2019 draft the time is now

    Considering we're hosting the draft next year, could just be the perfect pairing.
  3. ICBC Situation.

    Correct. I too have been suspended twice and first thing the letter said was the prohibition does not begin until your license has been mailed in to their office or in person. States pretty clearly on the letter and on ICBC's website and is not in any fine print that anyone could have missed. You wait your months and then go back to an ICBC branch to reinstate your license and pay the fee. I sympathize with you OP but as many others have already said, if the ICBC rep had told you that you didn't have to surrender it, that's negligence on their part but also negligence on your end to not fully read the letter that was sent to you in the mail. If you needed to drive somewhere while suspended and it was only a few blocks away, could you not have stayed within the neighbourhoods and worked your way to your destination without staying out on the main roads for long? Probably the easiest way to drive while suspended without getting caught as police cruisers are almost always on the main road and never in a neighbourhood unless they're doing a crime watch or were called to the area.
  4. Quick answer no. It's like asking NBA fans who you would want taking the last shot? Jordan or Bryant?
  5. What is the value of Buying bad Cap (discussion)

    Right now, the only "bad" contract that is somewhat worth taking on is Spezza. All the other ones like Ryan, Parise, Suter, Seabrook, Brown, and Lucic to name a few have too much term left on their contract to make it worthwhile for the Canucks. We're going to need that cap space in 2 years time and by then, majority of the guys mentioned will still have years left on their contract.
  6. NFL thread

    Ever considered maybe the women in those cases didn't care if they had unprotected or not and maybe wanted to bear children knowing that these rich athletes will be the ones paying the child support? Either that or the ladies didn't allow them to pull out?
  7. NY islanders 1-3-1 trap to playoffs

    The only person scoring fancy goals is Barzal. Everyone else can just hack at the puck until it goes into the net.
  8. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    Aside from the concerts listed, it's possible that Rogers Arena has private events that aren't disclosed or they have set maintenance days. Also need to consider other team's home rink as well based on the events there to see which is more viable
  9. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    Del Zotto looked like he was afraid of the puck. Why not attack the puck when you know McDavid all alone and the Oilers are on a line change? Not like anyone else could catch up to the play in time for a chance. Otherwise, the only reason I can think of Gagner not putting much effort is that he was at the end of a shift with not much gas left in the tank.
  10. Jett Woo | D

    Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this.... but we should make it a thing where every time Woo lights someone up with a solid hit or just hits someone in general, the fans in the stands should should "Woo!!". Could be something cool for us Canucks fans to have like we did with Luu'ing Luongo
  11. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    So he got beat by Connor McDavid. Arguably the NHL's current best player in the game. You could also point out what the hell Del Zotto was doing not attacking the puck until it was too late.
  12. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    He did get us an OT win over the Sharks... So I guess that's a goal that "made a difference"
  13. Going to Vancouver for the Sedin's Jersey Retirement

    I'm going to make a good guess that tickets for that game will be a minimum $150 CAD for upper bowl if purchasing through Ticketmaster and other third party ticket resellers. If the last two home games of last year were any indication of how crazy the market is for the Sedins and how expensive the tickets were, I'd say be prepared to get tickets early and quick and try not to be picky about seats because they'll be sold out within minutes.
  14. Top prospect pools 2016 - where are they now?

    Keep in mind the Bruins only notable prospects are the three that you mentioned. The rest of their recent draft picks have yet to play in the NHL and that's including their befuddlement of Zboril, DeBrusk, and Senyshyn. Although DeBrusk is now an NHLer, can't say the same for Zboril and Senyshyn. Also forgetting Jesper Bratt for the Devils who had a marvellous rookie season this past year especially since he was a 6th round pick
  15. [Signing] Capitals sign Jayson Megna

    How did this joke of a player/athlete still manage to garner interest from ANY NHL team, yet alone the Stanley Cup champs? He should be playing in the ECHL and that's an insult to all ECHL players.