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  1. NFL thread

    I'd say currently. Probably within the the last 2 decades. @Tre Mac Mile High and Arrowhead are pretty loud too. Maybe not Guinness World Record setting but it's pretty close
  2. Weed

    Same. That's what I meant. Cigarettes. I try to rush pass them and try to give a dirty look when I pass.
  3. NFL thread

    In your opinion, what's the toughest stadium for a visiting team to play in and walk out of with a win? There are a few that come to mind like Gillette, Century Link, Arrowhead, and Mile High.
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins | Oct. 16, 2018

    My fantasy team thanks Edler for his services. He was solid for me in the latter part of the season and decided to draft him in the later rounds as a steal and he has sure paid his dividends as an early candidate for steal of the draft.
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins | Oct. 16, 2018

    Maybe in slo-mo we can see it but in real time, it looked like it beat DeSmith clean. Boeser's delayed reaction was probably because he couldn't see where the puck was and didn't see the ripple of the net and only celebrated when he heard and saw his teammates skating to him to celebrate.
  6. Weed

    I doubt this will ever happen but as long as people don't smoke weed while walking, I'm ok with it. My biggest pet peeve with smokers is when they smoke and walk at the same time. The second hand smoke when walking behind them is infuriating but there's nothing I can do about it.
  7. 4-1 Jets Baertschi Jets gonna come out firing considering their embarrassing loss last night.
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins | Oct. 16, 2018

    I think DeSmith meant that he knew where the shot was going to be so he was leaning towards that side. He thought he had it covered but found a hole under or near his arm or whatever. Probably a bit hurt that he let a good shot beat him and too proud to admit it.
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins | Oct. 16, 2018

    Winnipeg just lost 5-4 in OT against the Oilers at home when they were up 4-1 after two periods. I can see our game tomorrow be a loss considering Winnipeg wants to bounce back and come out hard.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins | Oct. 16, 2018

    Also HNIC broadcasters. Whenever Hrudey or Gary Galley have a Flames-Canucks broadcast, they can't even try to hide their love for the Flames and never once mention the Canucks. That's including when we were a great team
  11. January 13th 2014 - Sweet Redemption?

    So which Nolan you talking about???
  12. NFL thread

    Sure seemed like the 49ers weren't prepared for that last minute. They had Rodgers shut down the past two drives and then they let him throw darts across the field for big gains.
  13. I hope Bill Gates has an interest in sports and buys the Seahawks from the Allen family in his memory.
  14. [Report] Mike Matheson suspended 2 games

    Should've been the maximum 5 games.
  15. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    Considering his position and the privilege he has that he has a platform to express his opinions where people can respond to his opinions, this should be grounds for termination if not, as you said suspended without pay. Despite how cancerous our media in Vancouver can be, I've never seen or heard Botchford, Gallagher, or any of the TSN 1040 hacks make a classless remark about a rival team's player's injury.