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  1. Real Gud
  2. Everyone hating on the Vancouver watermark yet nobody bats an eye on Tampa's away jerseys?
  3. JG Pageau looking to get PAID for his playoff performance. Here's hoping Ferland asks for the max that he can get
  4. Never said they were wrong. Just don't like reading their articles anymore. I used to read TSN all the time but I'm tired of seeing 10 stories about the Leafs compared to 1 story for the Canucks/Flames/Oilers etc. TSN used to cover every Canadian team but recently it's been all Leafs. They used to be good when they covered every team equally and had people who knew about the team. Sure they had a bit more Leafs articles prior but in recent years, if it isn't anything related to the Leafs, it barely gets any limelight. All I see is Leaf article after Leaf article when TSN is suppose to be covering all Canadian teams.
  5. Nothing but good things to say about Miller. What more could you ask for from a veteran goaltender to come in to a team and truly show what a professional NHL player really means. I'd have to try really hard to find something bad to say about Miller during his time here but there honestly is nothing that I can think of.
  6. Honestly, if Benning had a sniff that Johansson was on the block, I'm certain he would've at least called and asked. Otherwise, seems like a trade that was out of the blue
  7. Can always find someone who has access to Shaw Free Range TV and you can just basically watch from anywhere... Phone, laptop, tablet... There are blackouts though based on your WiFi IP so do be careful. For example, connecting to SFU WiFI in downtown Vancouver will get you blacked out so you cannot watch Canucks games. Learned that the hard way
  8. Don't think I ever said this team was so great. I'm just trying to look at things in a positive way for this team and I like the direction it's going. I do go to games at least once or twice a year and watch almost every game on TV. At this point in life, I don't have extra money to buy season tickets so its not worth it for me right now. If I had the money, then heck yes I'm going to buy.
  9. I've stopped listening/reading TSN articles about the Canucks many years ago. Pretty evident that they know nothing about us. Only time I would read is if it's a Ray Ferraro or Bob McKenzie post. Sometimes Pierre Lebrun but thats about it. Everyone else is a Maple Leaf hack
  10. Maybe they flip Emelin for Duchene/Landeskog or Draisatl. I honestly don't see/think Nashville would ever dare to move out Ekholm, Elllis, or Josi
  11. Hoping for no more than 3 or 4 years at and maximum 4 mil per year
  12. I think the easy fix would be if the goal is under review for offside, as long as the foot/skate is behind the blue line or hovering on it, then it's onside. Cameras that they have aren't 1080p to the point where they can see the blade actually on the ice even when zoomed in. Until they can get better camera lenses, change it so that as long as the foot is behind/on the blue line, then it's onside
  13. Bachman is a kid? He's 29.
  14. Nashville or Edmonton/Winnipeg. Fan base is 100% supportive of the team and that would be a factor for me if I could choose where to be drafted.
  15. double post