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  1. Bourque's career went to crap the day he was traded to Montreal. No idea how it happened. Maybe the Frenchies did something to him
  2. I believe John Scott will get an AHL contract.. I still think Ehrhoff and Mike Richards still have the legs to play in the NHL and they'll get a 1 year contract most likely.. if not, then PTO
  3. I'd take him on the Pats if he'll live up to his word of donating his full salary hehe
  4. Missing a drug test is a 4 game suspension Not being part of deflating footballs is a 4 game suspension. Good job Goodell.
  5. I'd worry more on Arizona and Florida first before thinking about the Islanders situation.
  6. Not saying this is the reason but the Islanders have so much history that it'd be a shame to move the franchise from New York and make it a relocated team.
  7. Demanding a one way NHL salary when he hasn't proved much in the NHL isn't going to get him the contract and money he wants. Too proud to accept an AHL salary when demoted.
  8. Likewise.. I followed her career since she first started on YouTube as well and when she was living with Selena Gomez being mentored and stuff like that. Hearing the news of her death was like someone beating my chest. I'm still shocked a little to this day.
  9. Losing the Euro Cup Final to Portugal didn't help either. Especially when their team put in such a poor performance in the Final.
  10. 10% discount Savage.
  11. Top 5 or Top 3?
  12. Agreed. I haven't gone to a big rave, heck, even seen a DJ in a club, since Dzeko & Torres in April at Celebrities and to date it even further back, I think the last big rave I went to might have been Dooms 2014 and then before that would be EDC Vegas 2014.. Gosh it's been awhile. Don't think I'd want to go back with the crowd being so poor in Vancouver.
  13. I'd probably remove the Boychuk trade off the list. Bruins were in cap hell and needed to re-sign some key players so moving Boychuk and his 3.4m salary cap was a definite need. They needed the space to re-sign/extend Krejci, Krug, Smith, McQuaid, and Hamilton.
  14. Well I don't know exactly their full lineup but I'm just going based off of talent and where they'd most likely slot in. As I said, Lehner isn't a stellar starter but he can get the job done on some nights. They're a couple of pieces away and I have a really good feeling this year they'll be making a push for a playoff spot. If they don't make it, they'll be at least a few points away.
  15. Fisher, Eberle (Nuge if they don't trade him), Pietrangelo, Buff, Staal