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  1. What do you mean by his situation? Like the Boychuk hit on him in the SCF or how he was signed and now waived?
  2. Looks rather depressing. I'm sure they'll renovate it years down the road when the team starts finding traction and gains popularity.
  3. While not the most reliable anymore, I still find easy to read and navigate through the best.
  4. I mean he was certainly right on Pouliot taking stupid penalties within one period on multiple nights. Would've been the same if he was on any other team. Those penalties pretty much ruined any type of momentum the Oilers wanted to generate and losing in such a poor fashion
  5. Well yea I can see that.. But during times when he doesn't have to do promotions and community work and all that, and on stretches where after the game/practice, the players go home. What's Nail going to do in St. Louis? He hasn't been there for 2 weeks and not saying his English is bad but for a young guy to be in a new country, different culture, it might get a little awkward to go out for a walk and explore the city. Most of the time, they'd probably just head on home and keep to themselves. Either watch TV, on their phone, whatever. But at that point, it'll get pretty lonely real fast and you'd get pretty bored. I know I'd be bored and lonely. I'm happy for Yak that at least he can hopefully find some sort of comfort in St. Louis and that the players there are really taking him in as part of their family and make him feel at home. Probably the first time he's felt that in a long time where losing and his production on the ice isn't hounding him on a daily basis (fish bowl in Edmonton compared to St. Louis)
  6. Give it 1 to 2 business days. Just means that they have to get it through customs and to make sure all the paperwork is done properly and to ensure no additional fees will be charged to you due to customs. Then again, customs is a government thing so it depends on how long the Canadian government processes items going through customs.
  7. I wouldn't suggest shipping with DHL/DHL eCommerce. Takes a really long time to ship something internationally.
  8. Agreed. I never really understood the hype on Rodgers. I can see where he has elite QB awareness but at the same time, how much of it is the product of his receivers?
  9. Not sure what's going on with Gostkowski this year. He's missed 3 field goals this year on which he's usually spot on and today he missed an extra point
  10. Classic Sedinery at its finest. Fans who have watched them all these years could just smell a goal coming but wasn't hoping for too much to be let down, only when Daniel scored did all that emotion and anxiety burst out
  11. Obviously. Was just a suggestion and I mentioned in another thread related to this topic (specifically Lindholm and Rakell) that it's either one of Fowler or Stoner leaving and I'm betting it's Fowler that'll be traded via cap dump
  12. Was wondering why I was able to watch NHL games on channel 350. Thought it was part of the bundle I recently got since I just got cable last week.
  13. Possibly Or maybe like Grenier or Zalewski or Chaput...
  14. Most likely. I expect Anaheim would want a decent prospect that isn't signed on an ELC or has a cheap contract to fill the void. Could be another "Ehrhoff for Patrick White" kind of trade maybe
  15. Draft pick + prospect considering it'll be a pure cap dump from Anaheim.