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  1. Virtanen was getting the original penalty anyways. Since Subban jumped in and Virtanen was pretty much going at it at anyone after him, both roughing minors off set and both got 10 min misconducts. Nashville didn't really do anything extra that would've pushed the refs to call another off setting penalty to negate the upcoming PP for the Preds
  2. Agreed. Although I feel for Elliotte Friedman. He doesn't deserve that punishment.
  3. Someone tell me who thought it was a good idea to leave the poor Sportsnet crew to do the intermission out in the brisk cold in Ottawa at almost 11pm at night?? Headscratcher
  4. NFL thread

    Rodgers ready to play on Sunday. Hopefully this wasn't a rush attempt to make the playoffs
  5. NFL thread

    An unpatriotic start. Need to focus on tonight's win instead of next week
  6. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    Baertschi out 4-6 weeks would most likely give Burmistrov a shot? I know Goldobin is slated to slot in but Goldobin can be sent back to the AHL without waivers so Burmi should be fine to slot in
  7. The people who have a problem with this deal only cared because his name is Subban. Any other D and it wouldn't have the same reaction. Best of luck to Subban though. Fresh start to make an impression.
  8. NFL thread

    I watch it every year. They need an updated film in my opinion haha
  9. NFL thread

    I have Brady and Wentz on my team. Every week is a toss up for me because I don't know which QB will produce more...
  10. NFL thread

    He looked like a seasoned vet in New England too. Hoping for the best for Jimmy G. The guy can ball.
  11. NFL thread

    Freeney to Detroit. I'm really hoping the Lions make some noise in the playoffs if they make it
  12. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    Forsling also plays on a high tempo Hawks team where offence can come pretty easily when you've got Toews and Kane on the ice
  13. NFL thread

    Thank goodness I did... Basically won me the week in an absolutely atrocious season for me fantasy wise
  14. NFL thread

    I was watching the game on Sunday Ticket and it was still showing th3 Broncos game so don't tell me to pay for it when I already am