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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    I hope Spain demolishes Iran tomorrow so they can shut their yaps about how great Iran is.
  2. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Well my Group H bracket sure is busted lol...
  3. Issue with Best Buy

    Congrats! May I ask which Best Buy location this was so I could avoid it as well even though I haven't stepped foot in a Best Buy location in years? (not from previous experience but just I don't buy electronics anymore)
  4. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    To be fair, Spain and Argentina played pretty good games. In Spain's case, it was against arguably the greatest soccer/football player of all time. Argentina just couldn't finish and didn't seem like they wanted to push the play offensively. This is just a wake up call for Germany. They'll still qualify and beat Sweden and Korea. Just a matter of whether Mexico can get another win or if they end up losing/tieing the rest of the way.
  5. NHL 1st-round draft pick's career ruined by video game addiction

    What did the guy tweet @-Vintage Canuck-? Seems like he/she deleted it
  6. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Croatia playing sloppy. Nigeria needs to be better with their possessions offensively. They've been lucky that Croatia missed on a couple of clear shots
  7. That's 4.9m off the books for Montreal. Domi is an RFA so they can negotiate a cheap short term deal for him whereas Galchenyuk was on the hook for 4.9m for two more years.
  8. Great trade for Arizona. I think Galchenyuk will really focus and shine now.. I wonder if its just a straight up one for one or if there are small details/picks/prospects that haven't trickled in yet
  9. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    What a horrible showing from Saudi Arabia. Missed passes. No communication. Plays that looked so broken. The touch was too strong. And to boot, no shots on target forcing the keeper to make a save. I wasn't expecting much from Saudi but at least have a better performance than that.
  10. [Report] P.A. Parenteau announces retirement

    Thought he played in the league last year. Didn't know he couldn't secure a job, an AHL one even, and had to bolt to the KHL
  11. NFL thread

    Just goes to show how tough it is to be a professional athlete if you don't bring it everyday. I guess Hackenberg didn't or couldn't perform when he needed to. Either that or the passion/desire to become a professional athlete simply sizzled out and he didn't dedicate as much time as he should have to become a starter.
  12. Not too sure why LA would do this. Maybe they don't have confidence in Campbell and figured they wanted to open up a forward roster spot up in the NHL. Works out for Tampa. They get a forward for their bottom six and just saves a bit of cap room in the meantime and ensures that they have an NHL forward ready to play next season as opposed to bringing in a rookie to fill the spot.
  13. Caps repeat?

    Too many guys needing to be re-signed, biggest being Carlson. They won't repeat as they have limited space as well. 11 million between Smith-Pelly, Chiasson, Beagle, Wilson, Boyd, Carlson, Kempny, Bowey, Jerabek, and Grubauer is not a lot of money considering two of these guys can get north of 4 million at the very least. I'd think they would want to keep Smith-Pelly, Beagle, Wilson, and Bowey and then qualify Grubauer to trade his rights to a team so they don't risk losing him for nothing. Otherwise, its goodbye to everyone else that's a pending free agent.
  14. [Rumour] Oilers actively shopping Milan Lucic

    I think he was off McDavid's line in some parts of the season but yea, no excuse to not even score one goal in a span of almost 3 months
  15. [Rumour] Oilers actively shopping Milan Lucic

    Was on a 29 game goalless drought. He scored on Dec 23 against Montreal and didn't score again until Mar 5 against Arizona.