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  1. It's the playoffs. Nobody's expecting the Leafs to just lay over and let the Caps walk over them.
  2. Hitch has come out saying he's retiring at the end of the season. The firing just made it early for him from St. Louis. I highly doubt Hitch will be willing to come
  3. I'm just questioning if this is a move by Benning and co. or if Aquaman is behind this.. Knowing Aquaman wants a winning product ASAP, could he have forced them to make a decision they weren't ready to make?
  4. I know a lot of you are thankful the season is over but I actually enjoyed watching the Canucks this year more than last season

    1. LordCanuck


      i agree, last year was much more painful.

    2. Jaku


      i enjoyed watching Bo this year and Brock (much later on).

  5. lol.... So I take it you decided to go the UBC route OP? If it's an easier transition to transfer into Sauder from Arts, then go for it. At the very least, UBC is very accessible and the prestige comes with it as well obviously.
  6. Both business schools offer similar opportunities. If you're trying to get into a highly esteemed firm, then sure school rep would matter depending on which firm. If Sauder is something that you feel would help you get to where you want to be in the next 5-10 years, then go for it.
  7. It's not about finishing in 4 years, it's about getting into a school that is already offering you a business degree vs trying to transfer in from a different faculty
  8. But why waste a year trying to earn high grades for a POSSIBILITY of being able to transfer into Sauder, when you can start a Beedie where it's ALREADY a business degree?
  9. Good to have Sobotka back but it won't make a difference. I still see them losing to Minnesota in 6
  10. To be fair, when Lebron left Cleveland, the Cavs were a joke. Nobody watched their games anymore because they were just absolute trash. When he left Miami, the Heat were still fine. They still had Wade and Bosh and majority of their championship team. They didn't struggle like the Cavs did after Lebron left the first time.
  11. Chaput I can see sticking around. He's a positive player when he's on the ice. What I mean by that is that when he's on the ice, the play doesn't tend to be in the defensive zone and if it does, not for very long (save for those odd long shifts every now and then). A Skille-Chaput-Gaunce 4th line was a gem at some point this season, especially that game against Tampa when we won 5-1
  12. Philip Larsen
  13. Doesn't burn a year off ELC I believe right? Avs have less than 9 games left in the season so its pretty much a tryout for Jost and getting him taste of the NHL so he goes into the summer knowing what he needs to work/improve on. Much like what we're doing with Brock except we burned a year on Brock
  14. No lie, I didn't even realize Klatt was 26.. I went to Google pics of him after I posted it and turns out I was right haha
  15. I'm not denying his greatness. Probably the only player I can think of when it comes to carrying a franchise no matter where he goes. He's a player that only comes once in a generation. It's the antics and what he's done throughout his career that can't be measured statistically that draws a lot of people the wrong way. If it were up to me, Lebron would have had 6 MVPs by now but the NBA would never allow that.