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  1. Fight wouldn't have happened if that "charginf" flying missed hit didn't happen
  2. I can understand the instigator penalty but the no call on charging is ridiculous.. That was clearly a charging penalty by the book yet it wasn't even called considering the fight wouldn't have happened if there was no charging from Borowiecki
  3. Cool so an obvious charge and flying into the hit isn't a penalty...
  4. Where's the charging on Borowiecki and slashing on Wiseman after the fight?? Two intentional penalties
  5. @Tre Mac that pic clearly explains everything and makes it crystal clear why the officials at HQ overturned the call. There's also a clear pic of the ball out of ASJ's hands.. Although I wasn't happy about the call taken back for my fantasy football team because that overturned call made me lose my matchup.... But 4-2 and top of the AFC East so I don't really mind :D
  6. Yea but at the cost of keeping arguably their best forward in Shipachyov in the minors and a young stud in Theodore down there as well
  7. Exactly. He had him already so if you want him back, expect to pay more than what you originally received
  8. Damn sweet.. I wonder if DAZN featuers will be on Shaw and have no delay... OR if there will be DAZN-like delay?
  9. Worst is Jack Edwards and the Bruins commentary team
  10. They have cap space for Shipachyov but its roster size that's the problem.
  11. Doug McLean is a special kind of stupid to say that he's never seen someone with McDavid's speed. While true, he seems to forget about Pavel Bure
  12. Flames came out slow tonight. Oilers were the hungrier team tonight and it showed. Connor McDavid is a special kind of talent. Proving why he was the MVP last year
  13. Why do I get the feeling that PK Subban could be the one to do that? Not that he is out for McDavid but given his skating ability he just can do it
  14. Not sure if CBC/Rogers still does it but for HNIC they used to play shortened versions of the game at like 11pm
  15. Nobody had the speed and acceleration like Bure until McDavid came. His burst and speed reminds me so much of Bure.