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  1. Jared McCann Talk

    Just noticed this today: skip ahead to 4:35, listen to McCann's answer as to when he thinks he'll be ready for the NHL. Almost prophetic
  2. Nucks nicknames.

    I'm surprised no one has yet to mention Jeff "The Bra-barian" Cowan
  3. (Proposal)Van rebuild Phi/MTL/DET

    I can see Edler for Mantha straight across, but I doubt Detroit would throw in a first rounder with that. For Montreal, Bieksa and Hansen I can see; Bieksa can be solid defensively with some offensive upside, and Hansen is a grinder that can score, but without the Sedins, it's unlikely Burrows will keep producing for what he's paid, and Montreal doesn't need another bottom 6, as mentioned before. In this as well, it would be either Macaron or Tinordi and a first, not both and a first.
  4. I think he only mentioned God of those times being when he was directly asked about how his faith has helped him
  5. Go watch any Ray Lewis interview Anyways, Booth played a pretty solid game today. Nice to see him put two games back to back with goals that weren't on an empty net! Hopefully he can keep it up...
  6. I would take Niemi, he's playing pretty solid for the Sharks so far, but Halak may be better down the stretch. I have my own problem here... I'm trying to trade for Henrik Sedin, and the guy who has him now proposed Henrik for Stamkos. I laughed in his face and proposed Zetterberg for Hank, which he rejected. Now, he's suggesting I send Logan Couture and Gabriel Landeskog for Henrik. On the one hand, I know Hank will put out a solid 80-90 points staying healthy, plus face-offs, but I'm losing a 30 goal-scorer in Couture, and a possible 80-point season from Landeskog if he stays healthy. Opinions on the best course of action would be much appreciated