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  1. Just noticed this today: skip ahead to 4:35, listen to McCann's answer as to when he thinks he'll be ready for the NHL. Almost prophetic
  2. I would take Niemi, he's playing pretty solid for the Sharks so far, but Halak may be better down the stretch. I have my own problem here... I'm trying to trade for Henrik Sedin, and the guy who has him now proposed Henrik for Stamkos. I laughed in his face and proposed Zetterberg for Hank, which he rejected. Now, he's suggesting I send Logan Couture and Gabriel Landeskog for Henrik. On the one hand, I know Hank will put out a solid 80-90 points staying healthy, plus face-offs, but I'm losing a 30 goal-scorer in Couture, and a possible 80-point season from Landeskog if he stays healthy. Opinions on the best course of action would be much appreciated