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  1. Torts doesn't understand about the jet lag. common more defence !? we scored 5 goals, and got a shut out. what more do you want! He will figure out some time in the season when HE is jet lagged and he can barely get out of bed, then watch him change his tone. I Hope Gillis is looking for a reason to bring up this subject, real subtle' and say "You know why you feel like crap think how the team feels"
  2. I am a true Vancouver Canuck and I have noticed ever since we put up that disrespectful statue after the most successful season in Canuck history, we have gone nowhere in the playoffs. Please spread this message in removing a black eye to the refs which the statue really represents,and choose any number of hockey figures. I won't name any figures simply because thats some one else's decision. Thank You GO CANUCKS GO