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  1. I don't see a team ready to play at the start of each game whatsoever, I don't see a team that can protect a lead. What I do see is a fragile team that doesn't respond to the coaches, all of them. They will be gone by the summer.
  2. Aquaman Tells JB to fire Green and the staff 100% if we don't get in. Gallant would be my first choice with this fragile bunch and let him bring in his own staff and some new systems. We all know who the dead weight is on the team so no need to go down that road again.
  3. We offered them Claire Alexander straight up but they said no
  4. Stetch for Simmonds im guessing and then go after Dillon I hope.
  5. 100 percent correct, this team is not going anywhere in the playoffs without someone who plays like Ferland was supposed to play, not his fault. They also need to understand the concept of team toughness. There are players who will be available at the deadline who can at least make the other team think twice about running our skilled players.
  6. Don't trade Madden, we are finally stocking our depth pool. Leivo and Ferdlund if healthy > than a 28 year old 5'11 Palm I would however take a run at a very cheap Wayne Simmonds for the playoffs, he wont cost you much
  7. No way I trade Madden let alone throw in Stetch and a second
  8. Who gets Todd though, which way is he going
  9. If Ferland doesn't make it back , I hope he does, Id like to see us make a play for Brendan Lemieux. Perfect playoff type body that offers pushback when things get heated. I don't think it would cost a ton to get him.
  10. Yes to luke!!!!! As another poster said, waive Schaller. You can never have too many D and we miss the physical element on our back end. We will need this come playoff time. If Ferland doesn't come back we really are lacking in some sort of pushback.