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  1. kind of looks like 4 fourth lines
  2. Bruce Jenner like?
  3. Su banned from the NHL
  4. YOU might want to watch a full NHL game before commenting on jam. There is a place for a healthy DD on our team and most teams in the NHL as is there a place for JAM still in this league. I'm guessing you're just not a fan of physical hockey, I'll let you know when the ice capades are back in town.
  5. Not enough jam on the 4th line and you cant play Baer there. I would probably switch Sutter down to line two or three on the wing and have Vanek start with the twins and see if they have any chemistry. Your asking a lot of BB but I hope you are right. There has to be room for DD somewhere on the 4th line as well.
  6. See ya OJ, not even close to being ready
  7. LOL, Subban? How about he's just not very good in his own zone and unfortunately he's a D MAN!
  8. I'm guessing you're a Gaunce fan as well. Ps "prust around"?
  9. Lebate is one of the worst fighters I have ever seen, scares no one, creates no space, hes Utica fodder
  10. Wont back down from anyone, sticks up for team mates , everything Prust was supposed to do and didn't. This guy would be good for Utica and a good call up option.
  11. Seriously Gaunce??? Oh lord
  12. This is very bad, BB sounds like the love child of Joey Kenward and Tong G, I cant listen to this guy.
  13. Taylor Pyatt without the ability to fight. Enjoy the big ice you skating wizard.
  14. I think he worked the buffet with Moj