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  1. Kane needs to go to jail to smarten up
  2. Head overseas and play with Josh Holden, lonnie Bohonos, Harold Druken, Peter Schaefer and Patrick White.
  3. Oh lord, where to start
  4. Edler for Kreider seems fair to me, keep Sbisa and the physicality he brings
  5. The wings are negotiating with his countryman pikachu, look for a deal to be locked by tomorrow.
  6. I stopped reading at Tanev and bad, someone fill me in if it's worthwhile.
  7. Edler, ask him to waive to re unite with AV in NYC for Chris Kreider.
  8. Lol, outscore Dorsett, wow
  9. This! If he will sign a one year deal then sure. I'm pretty sure he will score more than higgy would have.
  10. Go for Marcus Foligno out of buffalo, cost less and has upside, right age as well
  11. Great summary!
  12. Ill take Marcus Foligno in a heartbeat if we can work out a deal.