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  1. Canucks fantasy hockey?

    OK,so were all waiting for an email,but now there is no CFH? I guess that is a good plan,because last years new cfh was a joke! Thanx for nothing Nicole...
  2. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Wow,terrible n00bxQb.Well Dose'nt look like there even doing a CFH this year!
  3. Canucks Fantasy Hockey Pool?

    Well, is this another year of terrible CFH pool?
  4. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    yup...woldnt expect anything differentJust like the canucks season ths pool sa complete disaster Better luck next season all
  5. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

  6. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Well cant agree w/you VanIsles...This pool is an embarresment to the CFHP! My computer crashed in Febuary,and I didnt even attempt to make an effort to get my team listed! Congrat's to Nx00bxQb for the win again(two in a row?),you must be cheating lol. Hope it goes back to the original for next season!Still no points for blocked shots...SAD,say it aint so JOE!!!
  7. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    OK,I see it today!And yes Tacoma fan it is terrific!Thankyou Joe once again.I have moved up considerably closer to first page.
  8. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    This game is broken still....I really dont want to see no win for Lou and no star's getting their 10 points!I keep falling way behind because, I ,as well as other's are not getting proper point calculation still...Try again next year I guess...
  9. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Well hey Joe good on on you for getting on our concerns,sincerely.You are dealing with a mess that was created a few years ago when a perfectly good format was replaced with this current version of CFH.I believe in your first couple of posts to #14rules was that your doing this pro-bono.If that is correct you deserve some patience from the fans who play this pool.So gl and ty for your hard work! bigbee65
  10. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Could not agree more #14rules! No points for hits No points for blocked shots No points for shootout goals Theese are mentioned in the points for and against scoring chart but never ever awarded. So it is alway's the same picks over and over. Enough lip service from JoeMoe Canucks Fantasy Pool = BORING!
  11. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Hello,this post is to the person or, people, responsible for overseeing this pool. It need's attention to detail.There are several non-working aspects of this fantasy pool Please deal with it as soon as possible,or hire someone else whoknow's how to!
  12. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Yup I dont know why I am even playing this messed up version -a big JOKE again this year!
  13. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    LOL,n00bxQb-Hey Congrats on placing 3rd or whatever 1st? Only the shadow knows I guess!I went to ceck on my status and the darn thing is shut down?Worst CFHP...EVER!
  14. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    PROBLEMS with CFH??? LMAO @ this pool...NO Garrison ...NO Burrows ...NO Hamhuis ...NO Edler 7.5 hours till puck drop BUT you can pick Gordon-Schroeder-Booth-Jensen-Sweatt!!! TY ADMIN-In TORONTO