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  1. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Blues Tuesday Oct. 18th 2016

    3-2 OTW for the Canucks! Eriksson, Danny and Horvat with the goals
  2. In Desjardins we trust!

  3. NHL 15 Thread

    Edit: Double post
  4. NHL 15 Thread

    Indeed. Thanks William_Clarkson for posting the vids. PS4 is a lot better. Too bad about the missing elements in the PS4-version.
  5. NHL 15 Thread

    I wouldn't know. Hence my question. Any differences in graphics between the two versions? PS3 v. PS4
  6. post and ill type your username with my elbows

    Not too shabby, TS
  7. NHL 15 Thread

    What about minor leagues, changing AHL-lines, drafting players on your own and all the good stuff in Be A GM-mode, is that taken out for the PS3-version, or is it kept in?
  8. post and ill type your username with my elbows

    I´m looking forward to what you come up with here
  9. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Awesome. Again. Thanks a lot VC!
  10. Your sig is done. Check it out in the thread!

    1. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      Are you going to use the sig or...?

  11. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Hey VC! Since Kes left, I need a new sig. Could you make one for me? I'd really like one with Lack. I didn't find a picture I liked, but if you have something from the Heritage Classic that would be awesome. A bold, light font with his name in the sig as well would be nice! I´ll keep looking for a pic and edit it in if I find one. Credit will of course be given! * Just if you have the time Thanks!
  12. SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

    Zuccarello and the Rangers are making quite the headlines in Norway right now. Zuccarello, being the first Norwegian in a Stanley Cup Final has brought a hockey "fever" to the rest of the country. The amount of people who stay up until 2/3 a.m. increased with every game the Rangers has played this post-season. Really looking forward to the SCF and I've gotta go with Rangers in 6 games. Hopefully Zucc gets the goal that seals it!
  13. All in for NY Rangers and Zucc now!

    1. Ghostsof1915


      I see your Zucc and raise you Toews.

    2. Tearloch7


      I feel your pride Norwegian .. he is a 'special, wee fella'.

  14. ECF: (4) Montreal Canadiens vs (5) New York Rangers

    Eventhough Peter Budaj was the first goalie to leave the ice on the Canadiens optional morning skate, rumors has it that Dustin Tokarski gets the start vs. the NY Rangers tonight. Tokarski has three NHL-games this season, with a record of 1.84 GAA and a .946 SV %
  15. ECF: (4) Montreal Canadiens vs (5) New York Rangers

    Per Dan Rosen's twitter - Derick Brassard on the ice for morning skate, but not taking part in line rushes. Dominic Moore centering the line of Zuccarello and Pouliot. Carcillo in on the 4th with Boyle at centre and Dorsett on the other wing. Also: When Budaj played in Feb/March for a injured Price, his record shows 2-4-1, 3.51 GAA and .868 SV %. Also from Dan Rosen via Arpon Basu on twitter.