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  1. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Blues Tuesday Oct. 18th 2016

    3-2 OTW for the Canucks! Eriksson, Danny and Horvat with the goals
  2. Patrick White signs for Lillehammer IK in Norway

    The season is over for Lillehammer IK, having played relegation matches where they managed to keep their spot in the Norwegian elite league. Very poor season for the team, though the silver lining is that a lot of young guys from the academy and the under-aged teams have had good amounts of ice time over the course of the season. Some of the guys show real promise, hopefully next year will be a better one. Patrick White finished with 2-9-11 in 17 games played, most of them centering the top line. 8 PIMs and -2. Showed good skill and good hands most of the time, specially in playmaking. The must frustrating thing is perhaps his work ethic. He floats around a lot, but seems to end up in the right place most times. However, the collective performance has not been there this year. Coming in to the team this late in the season, already in a spot for relegation matches probably does something to the motivation. White is signed through this season only, as is most of the other players on the team, except for a few Norwegian players. I doubt he will be back next year. The teams recent performance has made it difficult to keep the good "import players".
  3. Patrick White (26 y/o), former 1st round draft pick (#25) for the Canucks back in 2007, has signed for my hometown team here in Norway, Lillehammer IK. He played his second game for the team today, first on home ice. They lost 2-3 to Manglerud Star, a team from the outskirts of the capital, Oslo. Patrick White had an assist on the game tying goal at 2-2. Since his last NCAA season with the Univ. of Minnesota, White has bounced around Europe, from 3. and 2. division hockey in Germany, where he had good numbers, to Slovakian hockey and a brief stint in the KHL. He started the 2015-16 campaign in Austria with the Graz99'ers, played 8 games, recording 2 points before heading to second tier hockey in Sweden. 7 games, 2 points before landing in Norway, with Lillehammer IK. Lillehammer IK has struggled this season, and is currently second to last in the league, which means playing relegation matches against the last placed team. The team brought in two new players during the Christmas break, Patrick White and Mike Banwell, an undrafted defenseman with 68 matches in the AHL, mostly with the Albany Devils, back in 2010-11/2012. I knew about Patrick White as the selection in 2007 and obviously from this forum. I was excited to hear that he had joined the team. Obviously Norwegian hockey is not the go-to-league for most players, but it's what we got. Hopefully Patrick White can step up his game and lead the team into a place, safe from relegation matches in the standings. I went to the game today, and at first it seemed like he had some trouble adjusting, which is fair, considering the larger ice surface and the fact that it is only his second game with the team. He seemed slow at first, losing a lot of one-on-one battles and turning the puck over in the neutral zone, but he found his footing towards the end of the game, and played a big role in the game-tying goal. He also showed good hands with some nice dekes. One can only hope that he will spark a better last-half of the season for the team! I thought it would be interesting for some of you to hear where he is at the moment, and perhaps some observations of his play!
  4. In Desjardins we trust!

  5. NHL 15 Thread

    Edit: Double post
  6. NHL 15 Thread

    Indeed. Thanks William_Clarkson for posting the vids. PS4 is a lot better. Too bad about the missing elements in the PS4-version.
  7. NHL 15 Thread

    I wouldn't know. Hence my question. Any differences in graphics between the two versions? PS3 v. PS4
  8. post and ill type your username with my elbows

    Not too shabby, TS
  9. NHL 15 Thread

    What about minor leagues, changing AHL-lines, drafting players on your own and all the good stuff in Be A GM-mode, is that taken out for the PS3-version, or is it kept in?
  10. post and ill type your username with my elbows

    I´m looking forward to what you come up with here
  11. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Awesome. Again. Thanks a lot VC!
  12. Your sig is done. Check it out in the thread!

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  13. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Hey VC! Since Kes left, I need a new sig. Could you make one for me? I'd really like one with Lack. I didn't find a picture I liked, but if you have something from the Heritage Classic that would be awesome. A bold, light font with his name in the sig as well would be nice! I´ll keep looking for a pic and edit it in if I find one. Credit will of course be given! * Just if you have the time Thanks!
  14. SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

    Zuccarello and the Rangers are making quite the headlines in Norway right now. Zuccarello, being the first Norwegian in a Stanley Cup Final has brought a hockey "fever" to the rest of the country. The amount of people who stay up until 2/3 a.m. increased with every game the Rangers has played this post-season. Really looking forward to the SCF and I've gotta go with Rangers in 6 games. Hopefully Zucc gets the goal that seals it!
  15. All in for NY Rangers and Zucc now!

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      I see your Zucc and raise you Toews.

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      I feel your pride Norwegian .. he is a 'special, wee fella'.