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  1. I wonder if Rodin would have done better then Megna on that open look in the slot that he burried right into the crest of the goalie?
  2. reposted in Bo Horvat thread
  3. Was going to post that JJF alley-oop as part of Stab magazines top 12 waves of 2016. Slater's barrel at backdoor to alley-oop came in at #1. Cant believe he is 40 something! I'm partial to the Namibia wave. Likely the best wave on the planet. http://stabmag.com/style/these-are-the-12-best-waves-ridden-in-2016/
  4. Sick drone footage. How do they fly these and track the subject at the same time? Night surf shots are sweet!
  5. I did not even watch the game but Suck it Kesler!
  6. Do we have the patent and can we jack up the price?
  7. This was on here before but...
  8. So Willie scratches Baer and seems to have paid off! Deserves some cred.
  9. That's Eriksonn's bread and butter. Or should I say meat and potatoes.
  10. and hudler
  11. ^ Sabre: Just get in a tank and you'll go 40-0! If you see a vehicle with the canucks logo on the side then that may be me. (if you can still do that in BF1 as I have not had the time to install and play yet).
  12. Stetcher -1 in one game. Too early?