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  1. Burke is bang on. Still need a second line forward if Miller keeps playing on the top line. Hog or Podz please
  2. Game ends in a double shootout. Russia wins the game in a shoot out. Series is tied in points so a second shoot out ensues. IPod scores one goal in the second shoot out but misses on the next attempt. CHL wins the series.
  3. Looks like he jacked up the pot. Hopefully no one wins so it gets carried over ))
  4. Yep I see them now. Kind of at the back side.
  5. why dont canadian team jerseys feature poppies on them for a couple weeks before Nov 11th? Im watching the Raptors and they are not, Canucks do not. Maybe some do? The Sports Net crew is wearing them (probably mandatory) and all Raptors and staff are as well. I think the owners of canadian Sports franchises could do more here and raise awareness and education regarding the poppy by featuring them on jerseys for two weeks.