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  1. Exactly how i feel. EP's mind and hands are too fast for his feet at this point. Some quick feet and a stronger base will help EP take it to another level where he can deke guys without falling down or getting himself in awkward positions.
  2. its more speed than anything but I agree we have two slight top end guys... so no to drafting a guy like caulfield. If its a pure goal scorer wanted I would pick Kaliyev over Caulfield.
  3. Yep goal tending is not the problem with the Flames right now. Smith has been good and you could argue has stolen one game.
  4. helleybuyk has the yips on his blocker side. he looks so uncomfortable
  5. plus Toffoli is a nuck killer so better to have on our team
  6. I remember you preaching Hippy! Dont worry though, cause we have Rathbone!!!!
  7. Now all i'm going to hear on TSN 1040 is how New York is doing the perfect rebuild!!!!
  8. WHy isnt he doing this on his unicycle??? Must be carrying an injury
  9. from one of my favorite movies (most people would think it is boring though!) but still the opening scene with Scarlett Johansson!!