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  1. Episode 7 is by far the best. Unreal timing to have Kassian on of all players this week.
  2. Chicago is moving closer to playoff picture. Id rather have the leafs pull a huge comeback this game then let Chicago win another.
  3. Im glad I stopped going to Tim Hortons. Even more so now that they play the Leafs goal song on their commercials.
  4. My brother played with him im sure. Winterhawks or something? When I was living in nanaimo my Dad wanted to watch the Clippers and Steve play to see how he was doing.
  5. Interested in knowing how many condo owners were dinged with these 300% to 700% rate increases to their strata insurance. I assume these are passed on to the owners through increased strata fees. What do you do if you are renting your unit out and can only increase rent 1-2% every year.
  6. How much of the increase in property values is just the devaluation of the dollar? This is something my brother mentioned to me a few days ago.
  7. Surely he will talk about it on the Kes and Juice podcast. Judging by their frequent comments of playing the game "the right way ".. I think I know what they will say.
  8. haha. Is that what he was doing. I saw it and could not figure it out. Thought he was putting gum in his mouth cause his breath stank
  9. I have to rewatch the third. I was too busy eating popcorn and reading the chat.
  10. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of "As CDC Turns"
  11. Put the Sabres away like Deb put Sabrefan away Too soon. JK !
  12. No goal. Let's go back to complaining about the no call on Jake. And celebrate a goal