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  1. mine wasnt woking either so i tried loading the game without location then the game loaded and i turned location back on
  2. caught a Pikachu today and close to evolving my eevee
  3. It was a joke dude...
  4. Isn't the screen a bit big though?
  5. You can still get the game. If you're on IOs. Make a US iTunes account on pc then log in on your phone and it will take you to the US store and you can download the game If your on Android just download the APK
  6. Nah you're right, they should watch as hundreds of innocent black people die.
  7. I don't know if this is recent or whatever but heres another video. Its quite disgusting (Warning it shows the man bleeding out and dying) Edit- Must be recent as there are new news article being written posted yesterday.
  8. Man I've said twice that I'm not talking about the population. I'm not in a position to say anything about a population I'm not educated about. What I don't like about America is the people that run it and some of the actions the country is taking. I understand that a very few percentage is bad but the government is doing nothing to reduce this. Cops continually kill black people who did not do anything to warrant getting shot and get off with minimal punishments, guns are so easily accessible and the cons so heavily outweigh the pros but no action is taken and more, The country is in what, 20 trillion debt but continues to give billions to Israel and fund militarizes that there is no need for
  9. Its a lot more than 5% though. Trump supports all the things I'm talking about and he has much more than just 5 percent of the pop following him. Latest poll says about 40%. Now I know not all of them are bad but its more than 5%. My main concern is the government though rather than the population. I haven't met many Americans so my opinion on that may not be accurate I just don't like the people that constantly get put into power and they need the support of the people to get those positions
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean it like that but there so much to hate about America. From racism, homophobia, the dumbass obsession with guns to supporting Israel as they inhumanly terrorize Palestine and the list goes on an on
  11. God I hate America so much
  12. 5'8
  13. Nope, the user is banned now or made a new account idk
  14. 3 warning points and given a warning that i'll be banned if I said anything bad about a certain user