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  1. NBA Discussion

    League is such a joke LoL. Not having a hard cap is totally taking away all competition from the league. Good teams can further stack their rosters while weak teams can't do anything about it
  2. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    I think you got the wrong watermelon d00d
  3. Woah, what happened to Alex Semin?

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      He's just not as potent as he used to be.

    2. PhillipBlunt


      He's been slapped around I hear.

  4. NBA Discussion

    God it sucks being a fan of a team full of chokers man. Got me reminiscing of the Canucks when they were "good". Oh well, not going to get my hopes up again
  5. NBA Discussion

    Raps in 4. Jk I say Raps in 6 or 7. Raps won't lose at home and Cavs are beatable in Cle
  6. NBA Discussion

    Yeah for sure. I'm just not a big fan of Cle so I'm rooting for them to lose LoL
  7. NBA Discussion

    Lol good stuff. Raps are my team as well
  8. NBA Discussion

    Without Kyrie that Cavs team is lacking heavy. If Oladipo plays even close to how he did today, Cavs are dun
  9. NBA Discussion

    and you will lose it
  10. NBA Discussion

    RIP, refs out here messing games up
  11. NBA Discussion

    Yeah saw that too. Not 100% on that play, the ball looked like it was still in to me when Young poked it loose. I may me wrong tho
  12. NBA Discussion

    lol Bron's block was a goaltend. Rip to pacers fans
  13. NBA Discussion

    Most would not
  14. NBA Discussion

    Raps up 3-2!
  15. H1Z1 Thread [PS4 Beta in May]

    Won't be as good as fortnite imo but ill give it a try