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  1. Does anyone know if they still sell those retro jerseys they brought back for a few games the last couple years? Or will they release an adidas version of them?? Saw a video of them and it reminded me I really want one lol


    1. Heated Blue

      Heated Blue

      They don't have any at the moment. My wife tried to get me one. Apparently the team store only ever had 30 of them. They didn't know if they will be getting any adidas ones.

    2. Watermelon


      Thats such a bummer, they look so nice smh

  2. How are people saying no to this guy smh. We are a semi-competitive team now and could use him with the cliff fall that is the Sedins production
  3. Opening Thoughts

    ahah remember when all this started, that was a whiiile ago
  4. So... we're good again! Lmao

  5. the iPhone 8 thread

    Yeah, IOS11 seems to speed up my old iphone a bit its less laggy. I noticed that before the update I only had 2.5gb of free space now I have almost 6. This is without doing all those memory optimization things. I dont know if the update did something to my apps or just made the memory taken up by the system smaller.
  6. All I got to say is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan whyyyyyyyyyy? Like the end bit though with the two of them
  7. Any computer wizards here? My internet is 150up and down and is wired so I know thats not the problem but certain pages just wont load. Like netflix and thos click to conform human capchas(says no internet connection), youtube videos wont load and just a lot of websites wont load even though I have great internet. This problem is only on this specific pc and the other pcs and laptops don't have this same problem. Anyone know a fix?

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    2. Toews


      Could be possible your JavaScript is turned off

    3. Watermelon


      I've done all the suggestions here and no solution but thanks for trying to help!

    4. Whorvat


      Run a Malwarebytes scan and then download CCleaner and run that


      As archaic as it sounds (and is) try using Internet Explorer..

  8. NBA Discussion

    Wonder how strong the Cavs fanbase will be after this season...
  9. NBA Discussion

    He needs to polish his D and Jumper. If he gets significantly better there, he could deff have an MVP impact one day
  10. NBA Discussion

    I was super bummed when they decided to keep Casey. Man does not coach well. I understand that you can't run the best offence with iso players but cmon do better. Casey makes so many dumb moves and takes forever to adjust. FFs he kept Carrol starting for so long
  11. NBA Discussion

    OG wont be ready until Dec and is only a rookie while Bruno is a big work in progress. Still, all for developing them just nice to have proven players
  12. NBA Discussion

    So the Magic signed Simmons to a 3yr 20 mill contract. After seeing the price I was really disappointed the Raps didn't try to get him. We could've fit him through the trade exception and would've been a great backup 3 guard(Hes a sg but he can play sf). Athletic and great defensively.
  13. Electronics question: If one gets an exelctronic wet while the battery is out and there is no electricity going through it it, would the electronic still operate? Given that I keep any electricity away from it until it is 100% dry

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    2. Watermelon


      Thanks. Ill use an air gun to take out as much liquid as I can!

    3. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      good luck!


    4. canuktravella


      ya maybe just buy another controller not sure why u would intentionally put it in water  it will be toast 

  14. NBA Discussion

  15. NBA Discussion