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  1. Why can't the NHL wait till after my exams to start the playoffs!

    1. Gstank29


      why can't my exams understand that today is the canucks game

    2. Qwags


      It's all Bettman's fault.

  2. I will be cheering Calgary on just this one game!

    1. Justdean10


      When was the last year we played them in the playoff? I'm hoping it re-sparks our rivalry

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      have been quietly pulling for them they have shown major team heart and the d core has stepped up huge since Gio went down. Looks like the true rivalry will be back in the first round >) this message will self destruct in 4..3..2..

  3. My mental age is 25 and im 24
  4. Bouchard doesn't have the discipline to be great. But hot damn those Pinty's wings are great!
  5. his point production is not bad 17 in 31, and as for the cap hit, just be glad we dont have clarkson(you have to really wonder how). There are some players around 4.5 million that have bad point production and there are some players that have 0.70 ppg or more. There are significantly more in the former catagory. Even I, a Burrows hater, am starting to see his worth to the Canucks. A team player to say the least.
  6. Jesus wasn't born on Christmas.
  7. Burrows has always been a gray area hasnt he...
  8. I remember that movie cant recall its name though.
  9. I couldnt spend a million that fast if I tried.
  10. subtraction of the negatives neat =)
  11. Anyone else having trouble scrolling on the Canuck's site but all other sites are ok?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheTruthHurts


      internet explorer

    3. TheTruthHurts


      nvm fixed it thanks

    4. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Using a real browser is an effective fix.

  12. Ryan Miller class act and great guy, excited to watch him play

  13. Then why aren't they in the NHL then.
  14. I stopped reading when I saw people scoring more goals than Daniel.
  15. I have nothing to say to a hypocrite.