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  1. I was here last game. I guess reason is not your forte.
  2. lately is relative - time to be considerate you tool
  3. it worked with chicago that turned out well
  4. i agree with this i never liked him from the start
  5. garbage play again from sedins
  6. its only 2-1
  7. Pass some of that crack.
  8. So wait is edmonton intentionally tanking or do they really just suck?
  9. Why are you guys crying. Oilers wont be a threat to Canucks anytime soon and hes in Canada. Just shut up.
  10. how can you not like the guy
  11. apparently they need the advantage
  12. thank god hes not even close to being annoying like that tool
  13. That accumulated to how many Stanley failures...i mean cups?
  14. I'm a software developer so I'm an entitled little bitch.
  15. There is no reason to make another Star Wars other than a money grab. I'd rather they invest some time in new ideas rather than reiterate the same $&!# over and over again.