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  1. Bad timing to play the Sharks, they lost the last couple of games and will be super hungry and in a bad mood. Also, they need these 2 pts much more than we do, it will be hard for our boys to match their intensity....could be a long game to watch tomorrow...
  2. Agreed, the whole team is soft, including the captain. I wonder if it is the players, or the coach. I tend to think it is the coach, a hard tough coach would not allow his players to be soft in tough situations....
  3. Guess this team and Coach Green still couldn't figure out how to beat this big and heavy
  4. Nobody really cares about him anymore. What's the point of playing 3 games then miss the next 20...I only wish Ferland can come back soon and be the player he was.
  5. Coach Green: That's a big heavy team over there. lol
  6. No, it isn't. The Sabers game after the 2 losses were. If they lost to the Sabers to lose 3 in a row, they would have been done.
  7. Winnipeg is one of those typical "big heavy team" Coach Green always refers to......after a loss.....O well, glad we won the previous two games against those non big and heavy team.
  8. Hopefully we are still in a playoff spot when Ferland returns.
  9. Watching Boeser and Horvat is quite a pain in the butt. Myers is bad, but at least he will always be 6'8.
  10. We can sure beat any team when the league is not in mid-season form. Once the mid way of the season approaches and teams start to play playoff hockey, the results are like the past 2 games.
  11. How about captain Bo? He brings nothing physically, not even a push, very soft. Unless you are at the leave of the Toews or Crosby etc, you need to bring it physically as the captain when things are going bad, Bo just shy away from any rough stuff even when the team is down, much like the Sedins.
  12. I need at least 1 million to make my life better, too bad I just don't have it.
  13. So besides the big heavy teams we can't beat, we can't beat the fast and young teams now too...what types of teams in the league we can beat, Coach Green?