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  1. After all, Matthews / Tavares >> Pettersson / Boeser Sad, but true.
  2. The Leafs goalie treated Boeser like an amateur on that
  3. It really starting to look like we are getting a damaged product in Ferland, can we make a refund or exchange? lol.... Boeser is starting to run out of free pass, his once in a while good game won't be enough to make him a regular first liner and earn 1st liner money.
  4. Can't really count on Leivo or Pearson to be a consistent top 6. The only real top 6 on that second line is BO.
  5. How many of these "we are a young team" free pass Green can use? There are so many teams younger than us and yet they have a better record and true playoff contenders. Green got to stop using this "we are a young team" excuse and get the hell out of there if he can't get the team to win now.
  6. What can they do? Suddenly become a McDavid or Mackinnon to help the team score? Or suddenly become a Ryan Reaves to hit or fight someone to create energy?
  7. The most lopsided 2-1 lost you will ever It was like men playing against women, got completely dominated for basically the full 60 mins....tough to watch, not even funny.
  8. Scores look pretty, the game wasn't. Outplayed but got 5 PP goals, thank you.
  9. Cups winning coach or a no cup coach? Who would you rather have?? lol
  10. I'm almost positives when these guys return, we will have other injuries so guys like Baertschi, Pearson will still be in the lineup.
  11. What's the point in saying this captain? This was a tie game earlier in the 1st, so what? lol...BS and don't even know what he is talking about...
  12. I agreed Coach Green should be held accountable for performance like this, but when you have players like Eriksson, Baertschi and Pearson, there is nothing much a coach can do.
  13. "Dallas seems to have our number", you mean New Jersey, Nashville, Winnipeg, Vegas, Washington, NY Islanders and Tampa?? lol
  14. No, I didn't. I am just wondering why he does not body checks. It is hard not to doubt his offensive ability with the way he has been playing. I do understand he is good taking faceoffs, but that's just not enough for a captain.