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  1. Can someone provide a definite answer as to whether we are in or not if the season indeed ends today? listed us out, but we have more wins. Preds has more RW, but fewer wins total, does anyone know the real answer??
  2. Can we get a refund on Toffoli?
  3. We'd be lucky if we get to play the 84th game of the season...which mean we are playing Game 2 of the 1st round..
  4. Does making some big saves in a game mean it is okay to give up at least one soft goal per game? If so, stop making those saves and just make all those you are supposed to save!
  5. He is young, and learning. Too bad we have to suffer for his own
  6. Yes, it is too much to ask. I'd great if he does not give up a soft goal per game, let alone stealing a game for the team.
  7. How about if we don't count the goals that were scored against us, we play well
  8. If Green won't take him out of the lineup, hope he gets hurt like he usually does so we don't have to see his sorry face anymore.
  9. Good PK by Demko, still not enough to compensate for the softies he gave up to put the team in the position it is in right now though...hard to forgive him for those..
  10. Is it just me or Demko has terrible rebound control? Even rookie goalies seem to have better rebound control than him...sigh..
  11. No goal vs a tried and injured team, you still need more time to see what they are made of?
  12. As always, the captain is too busy focusing on being good on faceoffs and his defensive game. No one should blame him for doing nothing offensively...
  13. That 2nd goal is going to do it for us....In a must win game against a tired and injured team, we manage to generate ZERO goal. Green is probably going to say we played a good game.
  14. Inability to generate offense against an injured and tired team, what does that tell you..?
  15. Feel so disappointed Bo didn't even stick up for himself and Tanev had to stand up for him. Bo actually shy away from the rough stuff....
  16. You must have forgotten that we were leading the division not too long ago...Your expectation is so low. This is not the position we want during the trade deadline day, we want to be in the position to fight for the division crown.
  17. Demko is not ready for this, but he is what we got with our starter out.
  18. The Captain does not even stick up for himself....He is really following the footstep of the previous captain.