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  1. Ranieri
  2. Playing his cards close to his chest - probably a better idea than telling the whole league his plans like last year. I'd like to see Burr get traded. He had a rough few years since the Torts year but has been "real good" for us this year. It's be nice to see him leave on a high note, I think his performance indicates he was the victim of playing on an awful team for the last while and nothing more, so combine that with his experience and I think there's demand there. We may need to eat about 2mil in salary, but Columbus 2nd, Burrows and salary retention for a 1st is a deal I'd look for. Hansen is cheap, good and experienced - there'll be plenty of callers looking to bolster their bottom 6 with him. And he's signed through next year so not just a rental. Anaheim, Columbus and Minnesota are the potential landing sites I see. Should be looking to push for a 1st by adding a few pieces from our side too. If LA bite on Miller, they make the playoffs. We'd need to retain as much as we can, but again I feel we can milk a first. Offer Miller a big payday for another year here if he tanks them into a valuable pick
  3. We could be back to 28th, better than only the intentionally bad Coyotes and the unintentional tire fire that is Patrick Roy, in a couple days. Having been on a win streak and looking like the playoffs were a possibility. The margins between bottom-feeder (that tries) and mediocrity in this league are slim, but there is a chasm between mediocrity and elite.
  4. http://www.irishmirror.ie/sport/gaa/hurling/hurling-news/ice-hockey-hurling-swap-episode-9745514 Lol wut
  5. Not his fault the team is garbage I think he's being constrained by ownership - isn't doing a great job either, seems to covet average players Ha Question the signing, but it's a slow start and a crap team and nothing more. Virtanen isn't being given the opportunity because of the stupid mentality that you need to prove yourself in the bottom 6 to get a shot at the top 6. Kind of agree We need to look at trading quite a few guys, and there's no reason to wait until the deadline. No repeats of last year please. Hahahaha Why can't we?
  6. Anyone else think Subban is never going to get a shot from the current management? He's a 21 year old, right shot D who's one point off PPG pace on the worst team in the minors. We need scoring and this guy oozes it. I get that there is a logjam that needs to be cleared - but I just fear that we have a quality asset here that's not going to be used.
  7. I don't see what firing him will do, the roster is not good enough. Even the best coach would struggle to get this team to 80 points this year. We suck. Embrace the high picks for the next few years.
  8. Kadri landed the hit and then turned around to see who was coming to kick the crap outta him. If "Oh crap, I'm dead" as an immediate reaction isn't clear evidence that it was a dirty hit, I don't know what is.
  9. Are you drinking? I said that's what it'd take, not what Winnipeg would agree to.
  10. He'll stay in line by being sure to lightly brush Martin's shoulder as he aggressively targets Martin's head on a blind-side hit.
  11. I'd trade them for the right price. Winnipeg, for example, would need to cough up Laine and a 1st and one of their better D prospects - but I would absolutely make the deal.
  12. Patrick, Boeser and Juolevi will improve our team immensely next year. I would look at trading Hansen, Miller, Edler and Dorsett this year. If a contender needs a goalie, retain 50% of his salary and take a 1st. Hansen+ and Edler+ could fetch firsts also. Recouping the 3rd from Dorsett would be great. Patrick Sutter Rodin Sedin Sedin Boeser Baertschi Horvat Eriksson Granlund Gaunce Virtanen Zalewski Gudbranson Tanev Hutton Stetcher Juolevi Pedan Tryamkin Biega Markstrom Demko
  13. Unless Tan man in down long term, why bother calling up a 9th Dman when we only dress 6?
  14. My guess is that Dorsett or Burr is going on LTIR and Tryamkin is gone.
  15. Stetcher gets recalled the day this story comes out about Tryamkin - does not bode well for Nikita...