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  1. This was decided last year. It's the Yotes. https://www.nhl.com/coyotes/news/coyotes-to-move-to-central-division-in-2021-22/c-302594896
  2. Eriksson's deal is going to be problematic for signing a whole bunch of young guys, but I guess this helps. Ultimately I be looking to move him for a higher cap hit and shorter term contract. But if there's a chance Ladd is on Robidas Island before the end of his deal, then this is a good move - depending on our confidence in Madden to work out like Gaudette. Alternatively, replace Gaudette with Madden and a 2nd round pick in 2021 - does that get it done?
  3. The contingency stadium for Yokohama was Tokyo. A typhoon 10% of the size would have ruled that out
  4. No one thinks those have should have gone ahead add originally scheduled, but no-one thinks they should have just been cancelled. The soccer world cup won't be in an unstable region for another 3 years!
  5. Scotland now have legal advice that games cancelled due to weather can be rescheduled. The cynic in me points to the outright cancellation of the Italy-NZ game as being as much about justifying forcing Japan into the last 8 as anything else. The schedule (always playing teams on their shortest rest) and refereeing has been very kind on Japan (end of Samoa game, Ireland getting clarification that most of the penalties awarded against them in their Japan game were wrong, etc). World Rugby are making FIFA look good right now.
  6. This. I'm OK with buyout-friendly assets coming back if we can clear the Erikssons and Sutters. Also contracts that will be up in 2 years' time and not interfere with signing Petey and Quinn, but ideally no bad contracts.
  7. If Gaudette + not much can get Callan Foote, then I think we make that trade. A lot depends on management's confidence in Madden stepping into that 3C role that Gaudette would vacate. A future blueline like the following would be pretty formidable: Hughes - Foote Juolevi - Myers Tryamkin - Stecher
  8. Hell, Gusev would be a great sweetener for the Eriksson contact if nothing else...
  9. At the start of a season, we would need to be under the cap before placing anyone on LTIR. We would effectively need the $5.333333m in cap space at that point, and not the 3 million. We might have stomached that for a year and claimed back a 4 million credit against the penalty, but that would only knock it down to 2.5 mill per year.
  10. I think the Canucks might challenge that the 800k retained for 5 years is not being factored into the penalty. Assuming he was here for the full 13-14 season, the total cap hit would have been $21,333,333 and total salary of $30,144,000. We also took a cap hit of 4 millon (5*800k) over the last 5 seasons on the retained salary, so effective cap hit was $25,333,333. Difference is then $4,810,667, which is $1,603,556 for 3 years. (which could be transferred to the Panthers in what we can call the Matheson Rule *he he he*) I'd expect the league to reject that, but it's worth a shot. I don't have actual salary paid and cap charge figures from the last season Lou was here, but as he left a little early, it would likely reduce how much we are penalised by a little.
  11. Assuming that management doesn't want him around and Loui doesn't want to be a Canuck, his failure to report would be a cause for termination that is mutually agreeable... Had a quick look at the CBA but couldn't see anything about mutual terminations. Agreed on the restructuring, certainly within a limit. The issue with Loui is that he's grossly overpaid for what he does, and the salary brings expectations from the fanbase, which must filter down to management and coaching. If he was doing what he does here for $2.5m, I don't think there'd be an issue.
  12. I don;t know why we'd add a first round pick to this if we're giving them Tanev, a second and cap space. Also, when taking on cap dumps, priority needs to be serviceable player who are paid too much. I don't think Sekera meets the 1st criterion.
  13. Assuming we re-sign Edler, then if Juolevi is good enough for the Show, we have Edler, Hughes, Hutton and Juolevi should be good enough for the left side. If we're anticipating Juolevi being in Utica and Edler not being a Canuck next season, then this makes a little bit of sense, but not much.