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  1. The trade is not that bad for a few reasons - McCann was likely surplus (Horvat and Dubois being our long term top 2 forwards, and McCann might not have fared well long term outside the top 6), we need D, etc. etc. However, we paid too much and got too little - Benning said that Florida were very interested in McCann, so it sounds like they were the ones initiating things. I wonder would they have bitten on McCann + 5th Overall for Ekblad? Gudbranson is a bottom pairing Dman, Florida's Sbisa - we have far too many plugs in our team already. From a defensive perspective, only Hutton and Tanev are good value, Edler is fine and Tryamkin is still a bit on an unknown. Probably a pretty clear indication that Hammer is gone.
  2. Personally, I'm not enamored with either Tkachuk or Dubois as options at #5 - generally there is better available at that point of a draft. I want to look at trading, may be twice, as follows: To VAN: Adam Larsson, 11 overall To NJD: 5 overall, Anton Cederholm To VAN: 7/8 overall To ARI/BUF: 11 overall, 63 overall, Cole Cassels In summary - IN: Larsson, 7th/8th overall (assuming order is Tkachuk, Dubois, Juolevei, we get our choice of Nylander, Sergachev or Chychrun) OUT: 5th overall, 63rd overall, Cederholm, Cassels. Also worth considering is a trade with the Habs - they likely want Dubois given the French connection, not really sure what we'd want from them in exchange though (we'd need to add a lot more for PK).
  3. I like the idea of trying to get Larsson though... Sbisa (shhhh) + Burrows (50% retained) + Torts pick for Larsson + Ottawa's 3rd
  4. [Proposal] Swapping Picks with Edmonton

    The picks effectively cancel out, especially if that want defense and we want a forward. Yakupov is a more valuable asset than Hansen - draft pedigree (meaningless in reality, and it appears to have been a weak draft, but to trade a recent #1 overall pick, the GM needs a return), age, posession, general numbers when not playing with two first ballot hall-of-famers... I'd like to think adding our second would get it done, and I would do that deal, but somehow I think that wouldn't be enough for an in-division trade. Perhaps 33rd overall and the Torts pick... UFA (Benn plz) - Dubois - Yakupov Sedin - Sedin - Boeser Baertschi - Horvat - Virtanen McCann - Granlund - Sutter Gaunce We'd be getting close...
  5. Different spin on "dropping" to the 5th....

    When nothing has worked for 50 years it's time to try something new...
  6. Different spin on "dropping" to the 5th....

    If we want to be competitive in three years (2019 playoffs), let's take a look at where we'll be and what we'll need Goalie - Markstrom and Demko - Well positioned, two you and talented goalies. Defence - Chychrun/Juolevi, Edler, Tanev, Tryamkin, Hutton, Pedan, Subban - Needs a high end UFA signing, Edler expendable for the right price, maybe Olson pans out? Top 6 - Baertschi, Virtanen, Horvat, Boeser, Sutter - Needs a UFA and a top prospect(*cough* Nolan Ryan *cough*) Bottom 6 - Sedin, Sedin, Rodin, Etem, Granlund, Gaunce, McCann - Pretty serious depth, hopeful that the three Swedes make for a good 3rd line in years to come, Gaunce and/or McCann could be moved for help further up the line up or on D.
  7. Proposal: Switching Picks

    We have a similar need for D, so we take whichever they leave and don't give up any assets to get better.
  8. (Proposal) VAN EDM

    I like the idea of trading with Edmonton, either acquiring the 4th overall pick or giving up the 5th. E.g. To VAN: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins To EDM: 2016 5th overall, Tortorella pick Gives us the 1C we need for the future, gives Edmonton the chance to draft Juolevi and Chychrun to get the D prospect depth they need. With McDavid and Draisaitl, RNH's place in the top 6 isn't a certainty. OR To VAN: 2016 4th overall To EDM: Jared McCann, Chris Tanev, 2016 33rd overall.
  9. Canucks should trade down with their #5 pick

    I'd be happier if we moved down because Benning will take Dubois at 5. Taking him at 7 wouldn't be that bad as a lot of top D prospects might be gone , but at 7 we are in a position to address organisational need at D without the distraction of the big 3, Dubois, Tkachuk...

    We have to tank harder next year.
  11. Dream scenario

    Strome and #2/#3 for #1? I think so. Stome will be one of the league's top 10 centres in a few years and add Laine or Puljujarvi to that and we basically get a top line in one trade.
  12. Horvat's Next Contract

    He's not a UFA until at least 2021, so I say a 2 year extension at $2.5-3m per. Then we can start looking at 8 year $50mil contracts.
  13. NHL Draft Lotto

    I've been thinking lately that the best way to deter deliberate tank jobs (for my sig below, I'm in favour of my team tanking when not good enough as that is what the current rules encourage) would be to have odds similar to the draft this year, but select who picks 5th, 6th and 7th. A team trying to maximise their shot at 1st overall would have to engineer their season so that they finished 4th worst overall - they couldn't just be as bad as possible as that could land them with the 6th or seventh pick.
  14. Trade value of top 3 picks.

    He absolutely should be willing to move out pick. If he passed up an offer like the Eagles made for #2 pick in the NFL draft, that would be criminal. I see a motivation for Phoenix to trade for 1 overall, so hypothetically, I'd do: To VAN: 7th overall, 22nd overall (NYR), 37th Overall, Strome, OEL and Merkley To ARI: 1st overall, Anton Cedeholm They'd never play ball on that one, but everything has its price.
  15. [Report] Yakupov requested trade out of Edmonton

    If we get Matthews, I think McCann is surplus. A top 6 of Yakupov, Matthews, Boeser, Baertschi, Horvat and Virtanen would be pretty serious pretty soon.