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  1. No way we keep Gudbranson at the end of the year, he'll want way too much salary for what he's worth. Demers trade is not what I would have wanted - Gudbranson for a prospect would be nice (even if we retain salary!). The reality is he's a bottom pair/extra Dman on a competitive team. Not great defensively and non-existent offensively, on an expiring UFA deal. He doesn't command a lot. I'd like to see him moved at the TDL after a solid year for a B+ prospect (assuming we retain 50%). If Philly are competitive I'd even look at adding a small amount to get Sanheim. Failing that, Allard from Nashville or even Spencer from Tampa would be nice prospects to add.
  2. Benning has been bigging up the importance of depth, so I'm pretty sure we'll see this, with waiver exempt players being sent to Utica: Sedin - Sedin - Granlund Baertschi - Horvat - Vanek Eriksson - Sutter - Gagner Rodin - Burmistrov - Dorsett Gaunce Edler - Tanev Hutton - Stecher Del Zotto - Gudbranson Wiercioch; Pedan Markstrom; Nilsson [Waiver risks: Boucher, Chaput, Megna, Biega, McEneny, Bachman] --------------- In an ideal world, we'd move Sutter, Dorsett, Edler and Gudbranson to free up space for Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi and Holm.
  3. Rathbone is going back to high school for 1 more year, then on to NCAA.
  4. If we could offload Loui and get Pastaman back, I'd be willing to add quite a lot to our side... Loui, Gudbranson, Baertschi and a 3rd?
  5. I'm not suggesting that it is, but if his pace from what we saw at the end of last year was a realistic sample, he could have a 50+ point rookie season (given the right lineup spot and PP opportunity). I could still see him starting in Utica do to waiver reasons though.
  6. Anyone who wouldn't do Bo for Draisaitl straight up needs their head examined. I'd offer Bo + Gudbranson for Draisaitl + 2nd
  7. Shinkaruk and a late second sure looks like value from our end for two legit top-9 NHL players, and potential top-6-ers.
  8. I really want to know at what point in the draft that was said. If that astonishment was at like 15th overall, that would show how much Benning rates him.
  9. We're getting ripped off at 5 million. He has, at no point in his pro career, shown anything that suggests he can serve as a top 4 defenseman. Let alone in be in the top 4 of a contending team. He's overpaid as it is. I'd be looking to trade him to some sucker GM who thinks being 6'5 220lbs is actually important. If we have to resign him, 24 million over 6 years wouldn't be that bad if the cap shoots up.
  10. He was projected to be a first round pick in his draft year prior to blowing out his knee. The guy has skill, and if he's managed to compensate for that injury...
  11. 7 full seasons just means coaches and GMs are wrong about what makes a good NHLer. His scoring rate per hour is nowhere near as impressive his points totals make out - he gets ice time like Seguin, Okposo and Benn! If he was playing the 8 minutes a night the possession stats say he should, he'd have 80-100 points career. Of the Sedin's 13 consistent linemates since 2008, his is the only combo with negative Corsi. His possession stats put him as a 13th forward or 4th line centre. His G/60 is at a 3rd line rate, but Primary Points/60 is definitely 4th line material. Pittsburgh offloaded him and then won back to back championships...
  12. And Sutter is really only a 4th liner
  13. I think they keep playing for a few more years. They will probably be 2/3rds of an elite level 3rd line (at worst) in 3 years. If we can get the top 6 pieces in place, we could be playoff bound by the time they are 40. Not out of the question. I'd really love them to sacrifice themselves for the team, i.e. (one year deal + big trade at deadline) * 3 or 4, but that's not even a remotely fair ask.
  14. A bit of a rebound due to new coach and done good free agent signings. Finish 26/27th, but the lottery balls are kind to us. Pettersson to make his NHL debut after SHL finishes.