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  1. I'd put money on him outscoring every Canuck this year.
  2. Well, we have fans who are high on Sutter, Gudbranson and Sbisa (bottom 6/pairing on 29th overall team) so remember to take any fan's opinion with a liberal helping of salt.
  3. I'm really liking the look of Utica this year. A lot of talented young players. Goldobin - Dahlen - Megna Boucher - Chaput - Rodin LaBate - Molino - Archibald (?) Carcone - Cassels - McEwen Chatfield- Holm McEneny - Subban Brisebois - Biega Demko - Bachman
  4. Given that none of those 3 actually went on waivers (Upshall was released, the other two are waiver exempt) I question your sources. Still, they said he was going on waivers and didn't go on yesterday - keeping him up in case someone gets hurt in the last preseason game and then waiving him if needs be is probably the right call.
  5. Also, he's on an AHL contract which means no waivers. Signing him to a 2 way NHL deal introduces unnecessary risk. Do it day 1 of the year when everyone's roster is day maybe? Probably not until they want to call him up.
  6. Given that the last big piece we need is a high-end offensive-minded RD and that there are a few of them at the top of the upcoming draft class, I guess we'll squeak into the playoffs. Predictions: Boeser makes the team out of camp and scores 30 Virtanen does not make the team, but gets called up mid season due to injuries and stays up for the remainder, averaging 0.5PPG Canucks get 95 points and make the playoffs, lose in first round Del Zotto, Goldobin, Baertschi and a 2nd round pick get traded Neither PTO sticks Gudbranson goes UFA Burmistrov reduces Sutter to 4th liner
  7. If Calgary have offered Shinkaruk to the league for nothing, we have won the trade and essentially got Granlund and Baertschi for a 2nd (that we probably would have taken Brisebois with anyway). I was one of the people who was horrified by the trade, but how wrong I was.
  8. Did he clear?
  9. No way we keep Gudbranson at the end of the year, he'll want way too much salary for what he's worth. Demers trade is not what I would have wanted - Gudbranson for a prospect would be nice (even if we retain salary!). The reality is he's a bottom pair/extra Dman on a competitive team. Not great defensively and non-existent offensively, on an expiring UFA deal. He doesn't command a lot. I'd like to see him moved at the TDL after a solid year for a B+ prospect (assuming we retain 50%). If Philly are competitive I'd even look at adding a small amount to get Sanheim. Failing that, Allard from Nashville or even Spencer from Tampa would be nice prospects to add.
  10. Benning has been bigging up the importance of depth, so I'm pretty sure we'll see this, with waiver exempt players being sent to Utica: Sedin - Sedin - Granlund Baertschi - Horvat - Vanek Eriksson - Sutter - Gagner Rodin - Burmistrov - Dorsett Gaunce Edler - Tanev Hutton - Stecher Del Zotto - Gudbranson Wiercioch; Pedan Markstrom; Nilsson [Waiver risks: Boucher, Chaput, Megna, Biega, McEneny, Bachman] --------------- In an ideal world, we'd move Sutter, Dorsett, Edler and Gudbranson to free up space for Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi and Holm.
  11. Rathbone is going back to high school for 1 more year, then on to NCAA.
  12. If we could offload Loui and get Pastaman back, I'd be willing to add quite a lot to our side... Loui, Gudbranson, Baertschi and a 3rd?
  13. I'm not suggesting that it is, but if his pace from what we saw at the end of last year was a realistic sample, he could have a 50+ point rookie season (given the right lineup spot and PP opportunity). I could still see him starting in Utica do to waiver reasons though.
  14. Anyone who wouldn't do Bo for Draisaitl straight up needs their head examined. I'd offer Bo + Gudbranson for Draisaitl + 2nd