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  1. People here hate on Edler more than he deserves. He's a valuable asset that would play in the top 4 of any contender.
  2. "Don't trade out 19 year old prospect for a 21 year old 60 point guy" Why not? I absolutely understand not wanting to trade away young player, but trading a young player who as never played in the NHL for a young player who already has 75 points in 1 and a quarter seasons isn't going to do us damage. Dahlen is more in line with Kapanen.
  3. That 3rd pick would also be nice in case NJ or Philly decide they like Vilardi or want a defenseman... Not keen on giving up our 5th to move up. Like the poster above says, if we can get the 2nd top 5 pick, that would be great. Also think Tanev will go to TO with the 17th overall coming back, so perhaps something like this? To DAL: 17th overall, Subban, 112th overall To VAN: 3rd overall, Niemi
  4. The market for a legit top pairing Dman (and Tanev is just that - firmly in the conversation for best defensive Dman in the league) is small. Edmonton gave Hall for Larsson. Washington gave a 1st, a 2nd, a 7th, a B prospect and a journeyman for Shattenkirk (who is now a pending UFA). I'd like to see something like Tanev + Dahlen + 33rd overall for Nylander + Kapanen + 17th overall.
  5. Lehtonen and Niemi both have NTCs and I would expect that neither would put Vancouver on their list.
  6. Tanev + Granlund + 33 overall + 55th overall for Landeskog + 4th overall. We win that trade, but not by as much as you might think.
  7. I don't think a Drouin for Tanev swap is out of the question, but I could see us adding the Columbus 2nd. And I'd take that trade.
  8. I'd trade down because I'd also be trading Tanev for Drouin. To Carolina: 5th, Subban To Vancouver: 13th, 44th, Fleury
  9. Makes sense to move Tanev now - we won't be competitive until he's too old. Tampa would be one of many who would be interested in a high calibre D man like Tanev - he is one of the best defensive d men in the league. Tanev + Baertschi for Drouin
  10. He's one year into a 6 year NMC. No way he goes anywhere. We'd need him to retire in 4 years and then we'd have to stomach the cap recapture.
  11. I think Tanev is still a legit top 4 Dman when we can compete again (4-5 years has him at 31-32), so I keep him.
  12. Agreed - I mean, is there anyone who would veto Horvat for McDavid? Don't get me wrong, I love Bo, but no one should ever be "untradeable".
  13. All moot now, but I'd have Eichel ahead of Matthews. Buffalo have not had the supporting cast that the Leaves have had this year. In the last 10 drafts (2008-2017), my top 10 are: McJesus Eichel Matthews Tavares Karlsson Stamkos Doughty Monahan Ekblad Hodgson
  14. Those were in the order I saw them on CapFriendly, not any particular preference! Tanev is an elite defensive defenceman, and could potentially be a top pairing D man with a PPQB type as his partner. Edler is a top 4 dman on most teams in the league, but I wouldn't see anyone else on our depth chart playing for a contender at present. I'd say the dark horse is McEneny - was a projected 1st round pick prior to his draft year injury. He had a stellar 2nd half this year and if that continues he may have a shot as an NHLer. Luckily we are likely to suck ass next year and there are 2 really good Dmen in Dahlin and Merkely in next year's draft!
  15. Provided he isn't locker room cancer, Eichel is better than any player in this year's draft. In reality, he's probably the 1st overall pick in any draft in the last 10 years with the exception of McDavid. Even if we win the lottery, I'd trade 1st overall + 33rd overall for Eichel in a heartbeat, or even 1st overall + one of out top D for Eichel and Minnesota's 1st.