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  1. In this draft, anyone born between 15 Sept and 31 Dec 1998 and drafted out of the CHL only needs to do one more year before being AHL eligible. CHL drafters born in 1999 (e.g. DiPietro) must complete two more seasons. Obviously, anyone drafted from outside the CHL can go to the minors immediately. So everyone we drafted bar the goalie can be in the minors in the 2019-20 season. Shinkaruk was the same. It's a dumb rule, and the reason why Virtanen was forced into the NHL too early (too good for junior, not eligible for minor for another year).
  2. 6th round home-run swing, ain't nothing wrong with that. If he was 4-6 inches taller, he'd have gone in the first 3 rounds in 2015.
  3. Due to his birthday, he only has to play one more year of junior before going to the AHL. Interesting that both 2nd rounders have that this year.
  4. He wasn't drafted out of the CHL, so he can go to the minors regardless of age.
  5. 3rd overall and a cap dump is what is be looking to deal at. Agree that 3OA is too much for Tanev, but it's not way off either. We have to do the trade after the expansion draft. I really don't get the fear over losing Sbisa (I actively hope LV take him, regardless of anything else).
  6. No deal. Not even close. Remember, we don't need to trade Tanev. We will not be ripped off. JB must know that the player he wants at 3 may well still be on the board at 5.
  7. Tanev + 55 overall to Dallas for 3 overall + 29 overall + whichever of Niemi or Lehtonen's contracts they want to ditch.
  8. If we keep 5th overall, I'd be happy with that. To TOR: Tanev To VAN: 17th overall, Kapanen Leafs get their man, Nucks get a 1st and a top prospect. May be my bias, but TOR could add here To DAL: 17th overall, Markstrom To VAN: 3rd overall, Niemi, Lehtonen Markstrom may never really be our guy, but he can certainly back up Bishop. Canucks give Dallas 7 million of much needed cap space and get a goalie tandem for next year (so what if they suck, we're going to anyway). I think both are reasonable trades and we get 3rd overall, Kapanen, Niemi and Lehtonen for Tanev and Markstrom and some cap space
  9. I don't know. $8.5 million for 1 year no NTC and use him to get a 1st at the deadline?
  10. 55 overall pick this year will score the cup-winning goal for us in 6/7 years. The most Canucks thing ever.
  11. AFAIK CBJ have until tomorrow night to decide on what they'll do with their 2nd. Any reason they'd hold onto it that anyone can see?
  12. People here hate on Edler more than he deserves. He's a valuable asset that would play in the top 4 of any contender.
  13. "Don't trade out 19 year old prospect for a 21 year old 60 point guy" Why not? I absolutely understand not wanting to trade away young player, but trading a young player who as never played in the NHL for a young player who already has 75 points in 1 and a quarter seasons isn't going to do us damage. Dahlen is more in line with Kapanen.
  14. That 3rd pick would also be nice in case NJ or Philly decide they like Vilardi or want a defenseman... Not keen on giving up our 5th to move up. Like the poster above says, if we can get the 2nd top 5 pick, that would be great. Also think Tanev will go to TO with the 17th overall coming back, so perhaps something like this? To DAL: 17th overall, Subban, 112th overall To VAN: 3rd overall, Niemi
  15. The market for a legit top pairing Dman (and Tanev is just that - firmly in the conversation for best defensive Dman in the league) is small. Edmonton gave Hall for Larsson. Washington gave a 1st, a 2nd, a 7th, a B prospect and a journeyman for Shattenkirk (who is now a pending UFA). I'd like to see something like Tanev + Dahlen + 33rd overall for Nylander + Kapanen + 17th overall.