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  1. What should Nucks do if they get #2 pick in 2016 draft

    I get the logic in taking the BPA, but at the same time, I'm happy with our U25 crop in all areas except defense. I think we'll sign Looch as a UFA on Canada Day and if we are looking at being competitive in 2020, we have: Shinkaruk McCann Virtanen Baertschi Horvat Lucic Sedin Sedin Boeser Gaunce Cassels Etem Whereas our D looks like: Hutton Tanev Tryamkin Pedan Edler Subban (Assuming Tate Olson isn't the second coming of Nik Lidstrom, which I firmly believe he is). I think we need a couple of high end D prospects, so Chychrun for me. I'd also be throwing a late second rounder at Sean Day as a bit of a long shot - and Niemelainen in the late 1st if we have one there.
  2. So if we were offered Nuge for McCann and our 1st this year (potentially quite high), would you do it? Shinkaruk    Hopkins        Virtanen Baertschi    Horvat        Lucic (UFA16) Sedin        Sedin        Boeser Etem        Gaunce        Vey Kenins Hedman (UFA17)    Shattenkirk (UFA17) Hutton        Tanev Edler        Pedan Sbisa        Subban Markstrom Demko
  3. Out of interest, can a team team offer a contract where the NTC/NMC clause changes in the final year? For example - an $11 million, 4 year contract structured as follows: $2,500,000 + NMC $2,500,000 + NMC $2,500,000 + NMC $3,500,000 + Limited NTC
  4. VAN-TB [Proposal]

    I'd agree on that, but I still would. As for Bo - no way. Untouchables in any (realistic) trade this year: 1st rounder, Daniel, Henrik, Sutter, Horvat, McCann, Shinkaruk, Boeser, Zhukenov
  5. VAN-TB [Proposal]

    Virtanen + Baertschi + Torts Pick - and Yzerman shouldn't have to think about that. Don't trade a top 10 pick for him, we realistically could be in the 4-5 range and a lottery win away from that pick being Laine, Puljujarvi or Tkachuk. I'd love Drouin, and he's probably superior to those three wingers at the top of this year's draft, but the additionals we'd need to add are not worth the difference.
  6. Are you jumping off the Band Wagon? (Discussion)

    The main issue for me is that we are clearly at Point Rebuild and have been for a while, yet management keep telling us we can win now. It's just going to draw it out. Embrace 2/3 years of really sucking and turn the franchise around or it's going to be 10 years of picking 7-9 overall and hoping to land the player that will get us going again.
  7. Does/Did Tanking Work?

    Tanking doesn't guarantee a cup, but it's almost a guarantee you won't win one without tanking. In the salary cap era, there is a striking patter about drafting top picks immediately prior to winning it all. Or at least drafting high... 2005/06 - Carolina - Staal (2nd 2003), Ladd (4th 2004), Johnson (3rd 2005) 2006/07 - Anaheim - Bobby Ryan (2nd 2005) 2007/08 - Detroit - Got Zetterberg in the 7th and Datsyuk in the 6th - EXEMPT 2008/09 - Pittsburgh - Fleury (1st 2003), Malkin (2nd 2004), Crosby (1st 2005), Staal (2nd 2006) 2009/10 - Chicago - Barker (3rd 2004), Toews (3rd 2006), Kane (1st 2007) 201011 - Boston - Kessel/Seguin (5th 2006/2nd 2010) 2011/12 - LA - Hickey (4th 2007), Doughty (2nd 2008), Schenn (5th 2009)
  8. The thing that gets me is that we are supposedly trying to win now, yet even at that, we are on a trajectory for a top 5 pick. It's already gone south, embrace the benefits.
  9. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    If we wind up with 1st overall, do we draft Matthews or trade down?
  10. Prust Fined $5000 for Spear on Marchand

    Can we all chip in a dollar?
  11. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Also on where we end up! Trading up from 7th wouldn't take too much, but from 23rd it's huge.
  12. [2015 Draft Eligible] - Tomas Soustal

    We don't have a 5th this year, and will likely be picking before 100 in the 4th, so unless this guy is available in the 6th round or later, I don't think we take him.
  13. So, as it stands: Corrado was Canuck property, but didn't make the team. Corrado is a Leaf. Toronto acquired him at no cost to themselves. Vancouver received nothing in return (except a roster spot and some cap space, that we would have got by him going to Utica anyway) Corrado has not played a game for Toronto. If the Leafs want to trade him this season, they have to offer him for free to any other team that claimed him (but not the Canucks) If they wish to waive him this season, they must first offer him for free to Vancouver Had they waived attempted to waive him in the first 30 days of this season, or before Corrado played his 10th game this season (LOL), whichever is earliest, Vancouver would have had first refusal and been allowed to send him directly to Utica. That window has now closed. We all generally agree that teams should be reprimanded for hoarding players like Toronto are doing with Corrado - this behaviour is unfair on both the player and the team that originally waived him.  
  14. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I've seen Raddysh down as a late 2nd round pick in a couple of mock drafts. Is he a first rounder in reality? Looks good. I think we should be looking at defencemen this year as that is our organisational need, but a legit top 6 player is a legit top 6 player. Early prediction: Trade Vrbata and Hamhuis for 1sts; Selections: 8th - Olli Juolevi; 19th - Logan Brown; 25th - Markus Niemelainen; 38th - Sean Day
  15. Jonah Lomu dead at 40

    RIP Jonah. Changed the game of rugby in his short career.