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  1. The Alberta trash that's on here bashing Jake should take themselves out go stove pipe your boyfriend you goofs!
  2. Happy birthday Jake.
  3. I'm a fan of Evander he has all the tools I want in a player and he is from beautiful British Columbia the best place on earth to be from
  4. Do you think Sbisa and Shinkaruk could have got it done?
  5. I could see mr Steam Buns having a good year he is familiar with pretty much every line and in a contract year if he gets rolling early he could end up on 1 of the top 2 lines I know dreaming but hey there could be something left in the tank you never know.
  6. This could help his game With a lot more ice to cover he will need to become a better skater there is a chance he becomes a modern day defensive D-man a Gudbranson type a hard hitter that is mobile and smart at the defensive end.
  7. Yes because he will be surrounded by class veteran leadership that will help him become a man right now he has people telling him how to be here he would have people being a good example on how to be.
  8. I wish him the best if and when he gets traded also hope they throw a 2nd in just to see some of the posts after
  9. Vey was Willies guy he was a project that didn't pan out maybe he could find his game else where but the game he brings it don't belong in the bottom 6 calgary can try to make him a top 6 guy I say good luck.
  10. Jim Benning is our Rock Star this young team is looking like a pleaser and is sure to be a hit this hardcore Canuck fan loves the direction this team is headed.
  11. Just wanted the peeps who are complaining about the term realize that he wants to be here playing for them for a long time and they should just be happy he is willing to play for these ungrateful whiners.
  12. 6 OMG does this means he wants to be apart of our team for a long time and he wants to be part of the solution going forward?
  13. Bunch over paid idiots who cares what these goofs are saying if you're not a quiffs fan it's not worth watching TSN stands for Toronto maple quiffs Sports Network.
  14. I'm happy we resigned this feller the last 5 games of the season he played hard and got rewarded hope he brings that style of play again if he does I think he will be good for us and the price is great if he doesn't well he is cheap and don't take up much space sitting.
  15. Maybe we can get him in a 5 player deal later on