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  1. I like Dorsett but if we save a mill I'd keep Skille the little guy is on his way out too many hard miles he would be great if we were close but we are not so I would expose him and Sbisa I'm not crying if we lost 1 for nothing.
  2. Watching players who we know could dangle just skate over the redline and lob 1 into the corner instead sure is enjoyable to watch go Willy go back to where you came from
  3. We need muscle no more getting pushed around our players need to push back when did we become the bullied get players that will make the other team accountable for dirty hits someone who would stand in for our questionable hits.
  4. Really you would replace Willy's genius tank formula? Mr H cock could bring a very damaging win streak how about no let's stay the course allow this tank season run its course when done thank you Mr Stash for the next young lad that might help bring us glory.
  5. I like this player he adds a dog that will bite and we need more dogs that can and will bite we have to many that roll over this dude will try to treat you like a pit bull would a chihuahua.
  6. The difference is character 1 player worked his butt off to get notice the other was gifted a couple very good line mates.
  7. In a tie with Zak MacEwen for my favourite crazy Frenchman maybe a Cooke type love him or hate him Cooke was a competitor and helped teams win let's hope Carcone ain't as dirty.
  8. I don't mind him being brought in he has good size good speed some fairly decent hockey sense why not take a chance what I would like to see is maybe send Utica some help be great to be pulling for 1 Canuck team in playoff action.
  9. Hope we sign him before some team throw a huge contract at him it is possible why wouldn't you it's not like you can get a Horvat in the draft anytime soon!
  10. Many believed that Svens boat had sailed when we got him also when we traded Hunter you would thought we traded the messiah and got a goat.
  11. Sky is the limit its really up to the player how far he wants to go he is still young enough to put in the work to get to that level he has the resources to get him physically ready.
  12. Don't make predictions cause you really dont know these players were never supposed to make it Burrows, Tanev, Hutton, Tryamkin, Granlund, Baertschi and Stecher.
  13. Off the left side interesting maybe he is better on the left hope he finds his groove Jake has the tools he just needs to be consistent and go after it every game.