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  1. Congratulations to the Horvat family on their new arrival
  2. I get pissed when they lose an exhibition game so I’d be happy if they won a floor hockey tournament
  3. The fight with Lowry 28 was close and the fight with Johnson 26 was good I’ll give him those 2 but I’d like to see another go with both.
  4. Ryan Reaves is on his way out he won’t be the toughest much longer I think he’s gonna get dusted by an up n comer soon.
  5. Chicken creek from Smithers is a tasty brand and I’ve tried many of the Kicking horse flavours not a big fan of their dark roast.
  6. I would love to see the fans get behind Loui and give him support maybe all the hate made him disinterested it is possible that he feels it and it drags him down not all has thick skin some people are more sensitive than others. ps : I know he gets paid a lot and he should be able to brush it off but some can’t it stays in their head and takes away from their energy.
  7. Yeah I understand just you have to take into account that he plays less than 15 minutes a game and is a healthy scratch at times.
  8. I checked the roster up to 91 he had quite a few players near 200 Pims on the roster no real noticeable tough guys Jay Caufield being one of the toughest but he did have Kevin Stevens who was always above 200 riding shotgun for him.
  9. What they didn’t hire Judd Bracket he’s the next top dog Gm guess they don’t read the
  10. Mario averaged over 20 minutes a game and played against the league’s best hitters and shut down guy’s getting hacked and whacked every shift.
  11. Sutter is the better player in the deal his face off, Pk, skating, shot and shutdown ability is miles ahead he had some bad luck with injuries that’s all.
  12. Adam Lowry is a better hockey player I’d love to add him but his 2.9mill is a bit steep maybe if we could trade Sutter for him I’d consider that.
  13. Not enough tools I thought I wanted him but when I look at the big picture he’s not as valuable as I would like.
  14. Look at all the NHL players that Benning drafted when he was a head scout that should tell you just how good he is at finding NHLers.