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  1. If you play the same movie over and over again the people will stop buying tickets to go see it they need to play more of the young guys that’s the freshness that the ticket buyers need to put down their hard earned cash.
  2. Come on slutton Hutton calm down and play your game don’t over think it just go out and enjoy the game and you will be just fine.
  3. If it’s Canucks I’m thankful for Jim Benning our rockstar in my life it’s family and friends and living in BEAUTIFUL British Columbia.
  4. Just thought I’d come here to tell the Benning haters
  5. He would have had to fight 3 times if Gudbranson wasn’t in the lineup I’m not saying he wouldn’t have but having the big guy around you don’t have to worry about those big bullies jumping you because they will have to answer the bell with our bodyguard.
  6. The reason Dorsett is playing that roll to perfection is because he knows if someone comes calling he has a bodyguard that could take care of most anyone in the league they all play a bit bigger with him in the lineup.
  7. Bodacious is my favourite but Gudbranson is right there with him so please Jim resign this lovable giant he could be our next captain he’s that good people.
  8. You know lost in all this is that b@$t@&D Kassian broke our good buddies jaw he needs a good whuppin one of these games.
  9. Now just quit it and leave poor stonkie alone you know he’s infatuated with WD and would give anything to ride the stache
  10. Yes like they have a relationship with some scouts and this could help them if they need info on players in that grouping.
  11. Rocking is ma business (Four Horseman)
  12. My MVP these last two games is Sutter he quietly had 2 great games he did a lot of little things that help win games this system is perfect for the type of game he plays honourable mention to Burmistrov.
  13. Hmm maybe that was by design since they are competing for the same job.
  14. All 4 lines played great the huge difference is the way they attack the puck in quickly on the puck carrier very disruptive speed and calm in the right place in the D-zone.
  15. Rad a Chat Chat cause he never hesitates to put a player on his back.