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  1. I'm thinking if the team is competitive the fans would show their support the prices should drop and the rowdies can afford to go to a game without having to break the bank.
  2. I'm thinking a lot of paying customers didn't want to waste money on a Willy lead team he was just terrible easily 1 of the biggest mistakes this team ever made!
  3. To lose Skille would be devastating why it's almost as bad as losing Megna why would Buttons wish such a thing?
  4. I'm thinking zona is in a position to take both their goalies the dogs GM is known for that move taking on a bad contract to get a young piece I'm sure he freed up space just to see if he can maybe get that 3rd pick.
  5. Would be awesome to get the Buffalo pick maybe some how get Kane in the deal a trade sign that would be the deal that makes us competitive again. Glass at 5th - I think he's the better prospect with a higher ceiling. Petterson at 8th
  6. Hee-Haw is on his way out he had a great run in the nations capital let's hope he gets 1 more just not with us
  7. I like McEneny so to me it's not a huge loss and I wanted to see how this kid can progress in the NHL over a guy that is over paid and average at best so Vegas taking him or Dorsett would be doing us a favour.
  8. 1. Horvat 2. Gudbranson 3. Baertschi 4. Boeser 5. Hutton 6. Demko 7. Juolevi 8. Stecher 9. Granlund 10. Goldobin 11. Dahlen 12. Virtanen 13. Gaudette 14. Lockwood 15. Tryamkin 16. McEneny 17. Subban 18. Brisbois 19. Chatfield 20. Gaunce
  9. Would rather have Adam Mcquaid big, tough, mean ombré who wants to punish the opposition I want pure goonism shove the puck down their throat type hockey.
  10. Would love to see Hank shoot more been Wishing that since his Art Ross/Hart Trophy year I love his back hand when he takes it to the net.
  11. They have 2 forwards who over pass and no one to pass to they need the other three to be a threat that's when they will have a good power play.
  12. The dude makes perfect sense ^^^ Kane is player we need he could play the game we dream Virtanen could someday he is what any team needs and right now he could come cheap and be here a year sooner also be signed a year sooner by us this prove himself BS he already has and will continue if he stays healthy.