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  1. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    My heart hurts. This sucks. RIP Mamba.
  2. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Zion is must watch television. So damn good!
  3. Van40

    NFL thread

    Luke Kuechly retiring wasn't so suprising. He's suffered so many concussions that it was for the best. Great career, first ballot for sure.
  4. Van40

    NFL thread

    Thank you for recognizing LJ as one of the 10 greatest qbs of all time
  5. Van40

    NFL thread

    That Hollywood catch was nice af. Couldn't get in the endzone but down 1 possession with some momentum and the ball after half. Not bad.
  6. Van40

    NFL thread

    I really don't need this rn fml
  7. Van40

    NFL thread

    I told you!!! And Mark Andrews smh. He's given away 2-3 ints this year off his hands
  8. Van40

    NFL thread

    Bal/Niners on a crash course. Henry and the Titans are in for a tough one
  9. Van40

    NFL thread

    Do you believe a nfl reporter or the actual weather forecast? Look it up, it's not hard. Windy, but no rain during the game.
  10. Van40

    NFL thread

    It's supposed to be cloudy and somewhat windy but a fairly warm night.
  11. Van40

    NFL thread

    Vikings +7 Ravens -9.5 Texans +9.5 Packers -4
  12. Van40

    NFL thread

    Cowboys fired Jason Garrett only to sign older and fatter Jason Garrett McCarthy won't last more than 2 years. He's terrible.