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  1. I was talking about the coverage of the protests in Minneapolis and the police retaliating with smoke grenades and rubber bullets etc...
  2. Can't find anything on their website or Cuomo's twitter account. National media is super quiet. Funny how it all works.
  3. Not a peep out of the national media despite all this going on
  4. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Enough of the pissing contest. Let's talk actual basketball. Other than Giannis, who has next? Which young player do you guys think could be the face of the league/best player I got Tatum. 6'9 with a Kobe/Melo type of mid range game, great 3pt shooter, and All-NBA calibre defense. I hate that he's plays for the Celtics but he's going to be an all time great.
  5. Van40

    NFL thread

    Seems too easy? 4th & 20 sounds better
  6. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Pierce had LeBron top 5 just a few weeks ago He's just looking for attention
  7. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    The team wasn't even 500. his first 3 years 38-44 (rookie season) 30-52 (missed 64 games) 40-42
  8. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    I see some blatant lying going on... Pippen was easily a top 8 player of the 90s Made 7 All-NBA teams (3 consecutive first teams honors) 9 All-NBA Defensive teams Led the Bulls to 55 wins and finished 3rd in MVP voting in the 1994 He sacrificed stats to play along MJ and win. Big chemistry guy too. Pippen was the most beloved teammate.
  9. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Most people don't even acknowledge the first part. MJ and Scottie were the best/most complete wings in the game and were on the same team. And the watered down league is one of the reasons Jordan came back in 95 cause he thought he could "steal" a chip. Bird, Rodman and few other stars of the 90s have mentioned how expansion weakened the league
  10. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    The NBA is very likely coming back. They can push the current season into September if they have to. Will happen without fans though. Don't think they care if the next the season starts around Christmas.
  11. Smh. Angela Hill won the fight
  12. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    He was pure entertainment when he got caught on fire. Each basket felt like a circus shot cause he was so tiny. Barely 6 feet and he was scoring over near 7 footers with ease. So fun.
  13. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Bigs have a disadvantage cause they can't create much and most can't defend the perimeter. Their impact isn't the same as wings. And LOL on Iverson. Great player but he was tiny and had many limitations. Couldn't defend to save his life.
  14. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Bron needs another ring or two for a legitimate argument as the best. Winning with 3 different teams would be something. @Toews LJ my guy but right now MJ resume is stronger and the mythology of course is at it's peak.
  15. Van40

    NFL thread

    @Chip Kelly Somewhat liked the Eagles draft. Hurts is insurance for Wentz who always looks like he's playing through an injury. Plus Hurts has a high upside. Added a bunch of speed throughout and Raegor is a game breaker type. PFF loved the Wallace pick too.