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  1. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Had him at +700
  2. Van40

    NFL thread

    The same Flacco who has the greatest sb run for a qb ever. Including a beatdown of Brady and co in Foxborough
  3. Van40

    NFL thread

    Keenum had Diggs/Thielen and Sanders/Lindsay/Sutton Flacco was coming off of back injuries and can you name his offensive help? Flacco will do great in Denver. Playoff team, potentially.
  4. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Well their deeper and have more chemistry. Any one of the top 4 east teams can beat each other.
  5. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    The Bucks are incredible. They're mowing teams down every night. It's basically Giannis and Middleton with a bunch of shooters and long defenders and they're on a roll.
  6. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Raps will still find a way to choke it up I have Philly going to the finals.
  7. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Insurance, if Lowry or Van Vleet struggle in the playoffs. Lin can be that calming presence.
  8. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    LeTamper James. Zero fs given. This man is hilarious
  9. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    What a deadline so far
  10. It is! I was there a couple years ago for a wedding. Pretty good party town. But you won't find me stanning for Boston of all places.
  11. Only thing worse than a Bostonian is one pretending to be one.
  12. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    It's never been Kerr's coaching that hits all those 3s. Luke didn't do much either for one of the greatest teams ever. But again, Luke is a decent coach. Better than Lue imo. Uh Davis and Lebron would cause an imbalance? The Warriors have 5 all nba caliber starters. 2 stars couldn't possibly beat them. Afterall Lebron is 34 and has gone "Hollywood". Pelicans being sold and landing the #1 pick wasn't a coincidence. Nothing professional about that either. Pelicans owners care for the Saints more anyway. Why are you mad a star wants to play in all that toxicity? AD is taking on a bigger challenge. LBJ definitely blew the '11 finals but it was against a great squad. Dirk/Dallas swept Kobe and the Lakers, beat KD/Russ/Harden in 5 and then Miami in 6. Nice humble pie for the Heatles. But they bounced back. 9 finals. 1 bad one. And?? There's still a few more to come. Enjoy em
  13. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    Kinda hoping the Pels are stupid enough to believe Danny Ainge and decline the deal and wait for the summer. After Kyrie bolts in free agency, NOLA end up settling for a lot less
  14. Van40

    NFL thread

    Trump got next