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  1. Van40

    NBA Discussion

    The NBA is finally back!
  2. Van40

    NFL thread

    I can't believe people even bring this up. Belichick is a historian of the game. He knows the sport inside out. He loves the game too much too tank. Plus his roster despite some guys sitting out is stacked. They wouldn't of signed Cam Newton if they planned on any sort of tanking. Oh and Trey Lance > Trevor Lawrence
  3. Van40

    NFL thread

    Chargers with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Ekeler, and Henry is pretty damn good but don't have much faith in Herbert
  4. 2 wins in 10 days. Quickest turn around in UFC history! He's a monster!
  5. Van40

    NFL thread

    Very likely Burrow wins it. Cam Akers could be a strong contender. Tua/Herbert would be the longshot bets.
  6. Wow Figueiredo wow. Just incredible. Benavidez was no match. Rest of the division isn't close either
  7. Khamzat Chimaev is a bad mfer
  8. Holloway got robbed smh
  9. Van40

    NFL thread

    Well he's never been known for his accuracy. That is his biggest weakness. But Newton gets to play behind the best offensive line in his entire career. Pats will create easy looks for him (rpo/screens) and help him with scheming so he doesn't constantly have to run over guys in the middle of the field. Pats can't run the offense the Ravens do cause you need an athlete like LJ. They will steal some concepts for sure but they don't have the backs or the TEs to play that exact way. I think we see shades of mvp Cam. Pats defense is loaded too. They should win 10-11 games.
  10. Van40

    NFL thread

    I've seen this take from so many people. Mcdaniels and Belichick will scheme to his strengths. He's not going to run the exact same offense as Brady lol
  11. Van40

    NFL thread

    Cam Newton revenge season with BB trying to prove he doesn't need Brady? Uh oh AFC has 3 monster teams and the rest are way behind.
  12. Van40

    NFL thread

    Antonio Brown and Jamal Adams rumors and the Ravens are interested in both
  13. About damn time.
  14. Now that was a great fight