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  1. I normally give police the benefit of the doubt, but yea this one sounds bad,
  2. If you read the media, the same media complaining about being in Syria are now criticizing him, nothing to do with the actual people. Just like all the politicians whom supported a wall until Trump says it, now they are against it. The media and politicians are the problem; not the people they represent. If you say say one thing then immediately turn on it when you get what you wanted just to skew the political environment, blame yourself. Interesting how blind people are to pandering and standing behind party lines no matter what they do or say.
  3. Funny how the left who’s largely against war in Syria are all now criticizing Trump for pulling out of Syria. Wouldnt it be nice if people could come together from both sides and have reasonable conversations. Too bad they are all about political pandering to win control.
  4. mpt


    Turn up the volume while the vacuum is still on.
  5. Yes NCAA players don’t have to follow chl rules and can go straight to thevAHL
  6. Not paying attention likely causes many more accidents then speed, unless there are many others on the road and you are weaving in and out
  7. Clearly the answer is Linden
  8. Leivo again on the PP1 but can barely make the 3rd line. Ferland again throwing 0 hits. Will be a long season if this trend continues
  9. When its your money you have every right to
  10. LOL, Leivo on the 1st PP yet he can barely make the 3rd line and IMO should be on the 4th with Beagle
  11. So goes all those stories about Laine holding out for 11 million