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  1. Weed

    Probably just special interest groups and paying off terrorists
  2. [Proposal] Pouliot to Pittsburgh

    Not sure Penguins want Pouliot back after they dumped him
  3. Weed

    If that is true, then i have no problems. I’m pretty libertarian on drugs, just dont harm others, and dont screw your life up and ask me (or other tax payers) to pay for it.
  4. Weed

    Its not about getting high off second hand smoke. Yes cigarettes are worse but marijuana smoke is still harmful, your right to use can’t impede someone else’s right not to. Its public property, you aren’t allowed to harm anyone, its your duty to move so you dont harm anyone. Thats like you saying its the other person’s job to move away from the person windmilling their hands in the air. Maybe the person should stop throwing their hands around when others are nearby, otherwise you might hit someone; and that would be on the responsibility on the person who is potentially harming others, not on the innocent people walking by. Its the duty of any individual to avoid harming anyone for any reason except in self defence; not the other way round.
  5. Weed

    Yes the same rules as smoking, not sure about enforcement of the rules. Are you allowed to smoke cigarettes while walking down a city sidewalk?
  6. Weed

    Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.
  7. Weed

    As well as no one smokes it around me, I’m good. No one should be allowed to violate my rights not to use by 2nd hand smoke. If I can’t drink a beer walking down the street, why are you allowed to get high?
  8. True, I’m just not sure the government would be effective (at the expense of tax payers) to make people slightly improved members of society; if that is even possible. Depends on how much investment to how much actual benefit. Remember the government sucks at everything
  9. I would love to see the evidence that prison makes people a better person
  10. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    Not surprised, Rogers is a garbage organization
  11. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I disagree, he was on wobbly legs. Granted he might play but it was at least a mild concussion.
  12. Probably only if a bad contract comes back our way or salary retention. Next year would make more sense for a lot of teams.
  13. With all the time he got this preseason he accomplished nothing. No one else in the league wanted him either. A call up is always possible
  14. They have to renovate the arena first then apply. After the arena is finished, its just a matter of time. I dont see the NHL denying them
  15. There’s a reason why no one else has ever worn 66, besides TJ Brodie for one season in 2011. Show respect to the most talented hockey player in hockey history. Gretzky was a smarter player, but Lemieux had it all. Best goal scorer ever to play the game. His stats back it up.