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  1. Or our change is due to Henrik not having a broken hand, Sutter actually in the lineup, Horvat still doing strong and we don't have a plug as a 3rd line center going 35% in the faceoffs like McCann did. A healthy roster helps
  2. A lot better than desert knights like Pratt announced it would be. I don't mind the logo too
  3. Most Canadians think they are voting for PMs instead of the person in their riding.
  4. Harper served two terms, Chretien didn't complete his 3rd. Trudeau doesn't enter the equation, he only served one, so this 8 year rule doesn't apply. in the states roughly every two terms they switch parties, very similar trend in canada. It doesn't seem to make a difference. in a system that replaces presidents every 8 years and picks new leaders, they usually vote in the opposite party anyways, the tend is very similar in Canada and one could argue with your logic that it's even more stable here. So why change to worsen stability?
  5. While I like Virt, it's hard to predict the ceiling, he could be like Iginla or Neely, but he could turn out to be David Booth too, and inconsistent fragile power forward. We will know in a few years
  6. Both countries change political parties every 8 years anyways, so it doesn't really matter
  7. And then go watch Pedan get owned by Stu Bickell
  8. You are only as good as your d partner. Sbisa is finally playing with someone who is decent. He's had some pretty terrible defensively responsible partners in the past in Bartowski and Bieska. Hopefully he keeps it up as he has the tools to be a good defender
  9. And against more than two of the crappiest teams in the league we barely. If we win tonight, then we can get excited
  10. I hope one of them do, but I doubt more than 3 players hit that this year
  11. Not a big deal especially if Luongo retires the same year as the Sedins do
  12. I don't think Boeser is ready either. Maybe in another year or two
  13. What a terrible 2nd line.
  14. I'll be happy if someone other than Daniel Sedin and Eriksson can score 20.
  15. I probably should have tried to articulate my point clearer