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  1. So the 27th game isn't going to be televised?
  2. Both were young and smaller players in a big league at that time. Maybe they just needed to fill out and grow up. Both guys are still very young
  3. Shattenkirk for Trouba on the condition that Shattenkirk signs an extension
  4. Only because Rogers is nice to them and allows HNIC to continue yet CBC doesn't profit from the airtime
  5. The fact that its posted on their website shows they are hurting for actual news
  6. Its sad when CBC has to make up stories to call it news
  7. JJ Bean for me,
  8. The oilers won't have any cap space in the future when they need to spend 15 millions a season on McJesus and they are still stuck eating Lucic's salary
  9. Oh for sure, if interest rates go up even 1% a lot of people are going to be in trouble.
  10. I did read an article recently in the huffington post about Vancouver average house prices are down 17.9% since July when it hit its peak. Not sure if you can use peak numbers to really accurately describe a market. Average over a year or even a quarter is much more accurate. Heck in real estate the median might even be considered a better indicator.
  11. Benning didn't sign Gud, he's under contract for another year signed by Florida. The reality is our forward group is lacking secondary scoring and we are a borderline playoff team; not a contender. Are we a bottom 5 team like a lot think? Only if we have everything go wrong like last year
  12. Right but will he be anymore than a 4th liner or a 15-20 point player? I was hoping for more for a 1st round pick that was supposed to be a mid 1st rounder who slid. The fact that they keep changing his positions from center to wing shows they are trying to find him a spot rather than good enough to beat out someone in that slot. That's a concern.
  13. Solid pick up for anyone willing to give a short term low cap hit deal