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  1. Right because there’s no way the media will deny this outcome. Check out BC’s history when the NDP was going to win a majority and the liberals smoked them
  2. The media tries to push this agenda because it typically gets people to vote more for the leading party. You’ll never see the media say anything conservative is leading or expecting to win.
  3. I wish I made a career about running a kids science show in the 90s and then get a lifetime job to go on CNN as an expert and swear at everyone. I wonder what Beekman’s World is up to? The rat guy should go on CNN and replace Don Lemon, he’d do a more accurate job!
  4. Thats nice, I have a Bachelors and Masters in Science from the University of Alberta, and a 4 year post Masters graduate program, and I comfortable saying Bill Nye is a politically motivated celebrity hack who dresses in a stupid outfit to use a position of authority to convince the world that if you don’t agree with everything I say then you must be a climate change denier and the cause of the problem. While I do agree climate change is occurring and it has a significant human impact, everything else is anecdotal and evidence suggests won’t be effective with what he has proposed.
  5. It also boggles the mind when people believe everything they hear especially from a position of authority, like a mechanical engineer with a Bachelors degree and ran a kids TV show. Just because he yells a lot and gets emotional, he must be 100% right.
  6. The Democrats use everything to try and control the population, they are the party of big government. I agree they are doing a really bad job of it, hence why Trump is probably going to get another 4 years. The Democrats do say vote for us or you are all going to die in 12 years, you want a reference? Read AOC’s the green new deal because she’s the boss supposedly. At least with AOC we’ll all be eating dog in the streets but we’ll still be alive in 12 years... LOL
  7. Not what I’m saying at all, but good try trying to read in between the lines. Here is basically what I’m saying: Nye is a goof who makes a career on going on TV as a celebrity to rally for the democrats because they want government control of the entire population. There is scientific consensus that climate change is occurring. The US by themselves can’t change the problem so why stop the economy because a strong economy with more money and more innovation has a better chance at solving the problem as technology continues to improve. Right now you can’t solve the problem because even if the USA goes net zero in CO2, it’ll change the world temp by 0.2 degrees in 100 years. The world has to work together if you can even have a chance at solving climate change AOC is an idiot That pretty much sums it up.
  8. You have proof that scientists agree that the world will increase its temperature by 6 degrees in the next 100 years like Bill Nye stated? A simple internet search will show you they don’t agree. They also don’t agree that America can solve the problem when India and China are big influencers to the problem and don’t give a crap about it; which is again backed by evidence. Halting the US economy to solve a problem that they don’t know how to solve also doesn’t solve the problem. Maybe AOC was right, we are all going to die in 12 years, she must be a scientist too. Here’s some proof for you. If America cuts its CO2 to net zero. By 2100 they can reduce the global temperature by 0.2 degrees. 0.2 degrees in the next 100 years and at a cost of trillions of dollars. I’d rather by an air conditioner for 300 bucks
  9. If you don’t believe he is politically motivated, give your head a shake
  10. Actually there are a lot of references to what he presents. A simple google search will reveal what he has continuously said about climate change.
  11. Yes, I’m not a climate change denier, but there is no consensus that the world will increase 6 degrees in 100 years and Bill Nye’s plan to fix the problem costs a crap tonne of money and changes the problem by less than 0.5 degrees. Come up with a better plan Bill. These “Scientists” like Bill are just pushing for more government funding so they can get more work, higher salaries and job security for the rest of their careers. If you don’t change China and India nothing we do in the West will be able to address the problem.
  12. I think the conclusion speaks for itself. A mechanical engineer whom hosted a kids TV show turned celebrity figure whom now is an expert on global warming losing his $&!# and says if you dont agree with everything I say, then you are a climate change denier. Yea, Bill Nye is a goof. Why waste time, when the conclusion is solid.
  13. LOL Bill Nye has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, yet he’s a Science professor with an expertise in global warming? Just because you have loads of money and fame doesn’t mean you aren’t a goof. Just because he has a Bachelor degree in Science and hosted a kids TV show, means you can appeal to his authority to say he’s opinion is more valid? Good argument, very persuasive.