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  1. Sorry, you can’t be clutch when you don’t score in Game 7
  2. Battles at camp

    Sounds like a pretty $&!#ty battle we are about to witness
  3. Probably lower but hopefully low enough we draft another Hughes next year
  4. Until we get another decent right handed defender, I dont see Tanev going anywhere. Gudbranson, Stetcher and Biega just don’t cut it.
  5. No of course not, but you can't trade him either if he doesn't want to. He has earned his right to choose where he wants to play.
  6. They aren't opposite. One is an actual quote, the other is that the evidence seems to suggest. Evidence is much more than someone's verbal quote; I guess you didn't know that.
  7. Nope, too loaded on the left side.
  8. I agree. I would give him a NTC though if he’s willing to sign below market value on a 2-3 year deal. Unlike most of CDC, I like Edler. I actually feel bad that we’ve never really found the right D partner for him besides Ehrhoff for one season. He always seems to play amazing for Sweden then never quite reaches his superb levels in Vancouver. And hey, you never know, he might come out and waive his NMC this year and get us a few more assets. I just wouldn’t count on it actually happening. Not worth getting your hopes up as you’ll likely be disappointed.
  9. I don’t believe he’s leaving Vancouver at the end of the season. There are no signs that is true, all signs with all comments from everyone in the Canucks that have talked about it say Edler is our best defender and valuable to this team. All signs whether you like it or not is that he’ll be re-signing in Vancouver
  10. Except that your word might not mean anything but if you promise a player you wouldn’t trade him, you should keep your word. Heck they even tell you to get everything in writing, and even at that you want them to retract their word. I know that you expect Linden and Benning to lie because they’ve both been lying since day 1, but its also come back to bite the team in the ass. Maybe they should try a credible honourous approach, like they’ve started to realize as of late.
  11. Right so instead of re-signing him and keeping the asset you let him walk. Makes sense.
  12. In terms of the public, indications. Yet there are no indications or words saying what you are proposing. Actions speak louder than words. People say stuff all the time, what they do indicates their true intentions.
  13. When healthy, which isn’t often
  14. He has not publicly come out like the Sedins with an article saying he’d never leave. All indications so far however have made it seem he’s not willing to go so there is no reason to leave on the side he’s willing to move. Do you have any evidence to show that he’s willing to?
  15. Its his right. He’s dedicated his entire career to this organization, just like the Sedins. He deserves the respect to do what he wants. Burrows knew his time was up, Edler has 3-4 good seasons left.