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  1. Don't blame the gas companies, they are making the same profit no matter where they sell it. Thank the government and their inability to run anything, including refining and taxation. The government wants control, they suck at everything, and people keep asking them to get bigger and more involved. We are all doomed.
  2. Makes sense, general tax payers should pay for people to go to hockey games.
  3. I didn’t know you could high stick a goaltender and not get a penalty.
  4. You still going to vote for him?
  5. Rather dump Lockwood but with Madden in the mix for the hobey baker, I’m not surprised. Hope Toffoli re-signs and we are loaded at centre for a long time with Gaudette, Bo and EP
  6. I disagree. We should all vote for Abbotsford’s own, Chilliwack Chiefs alumni, and undrafted Jordan Kawaguchi who is killing it this year in the NCAA. Check out this beauty.
  7. Funny how you don’t mention hobey baker front runner and local BC fraser valley kid Kawaguchi.
  8. Is everyone assuming Lockwood isn’t signing? He’s top 10 for sure
  9. Wow, capitalism is actually solving the problem without help from the government. I guess the conservatives were right all along
  10. That’s the price you pay to live in the nicest city in Canada. If you don’t like it, move further away or get a better job. Prices are set because people are willing to pay it
  11. Shouldn’t be a suspension, dude pokes at the goalie, gets a shot, should be a 2 min penalty for roughing
  12. And none of the proposals to fight climate change will actually change anything. It’s politcal pandering for votes. If the answer doesn’t involve energy from India and China, you won’t even put a dent in the problem. Using the term crisis, is fear mongering something the left accuses the right of doing all the time. I’d trust words out of DeGrasse-Tyson’s actual mouth than an article from a biased CNN who panders to a specific ideology. There was also over 500 scientists who informed the U.N. there is no crisis and yet they say it’s overwhelming that there is. Again the crisis is political pandering. I’m not denying climate change, it is happening, it is mostly from human influence, their proposals won’t change a damn thing and it’s main focus is for political purposes. Finally capitalism has the best chance at solving this problem not government forcing people to do things that won’t even dent the problem.
  13. Yes he does, he stated in a podcast with Ben Shapiro’s Sunday special last week that in 150 years we are all still alive and the worst possible scenario ever (which he stays won’t happen) the water level will be at the left hand of the Statue of Liberty (not the one on the torch). Sure we’ll have to rebuild ever major city but we aren’t all dead like the left wants you to believe.