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  1. Wow an article about 3 reasons why the Canucks will be tougher next year and then list 4 players JB signed or traded for. Wow great reporting hockey news! Must have been hard to write that article.
  2. Beagle’s contract will be pretty hard to move without eating salary. However, he is very valuable for what he brings, just not at the price he gets. I’d rather dump Eriksson, Schaller, and Sutter as we don’t really need what they bring anymore
  3. True except that not every team drafted in the bottom 10 multiple years in a row. Washington pretty much guaranteed the playoffs unless Ovie goes down with a season ending injury. Canucks have a lot more if’s than one guy. Lots of teams are pretty much guaranteed the playoffs. However with Benning’s additions since July 1, it looks a lot more like we have a decent chance at the playoffs
  4. If Boeser wants to take a year off for holding out, let him wreck is own career. Nylander definitely will be black-balled in the future by almost every team in the league. Summer is early, a deal will get done, and it will be reasonable
  5. Very true, but my initial opinion has been changed, who knows how it turns out, but I do now support it.
  6. Why develop one when you can sign one for 3.5 million for 4 years and can put up 20 goals a season
  7. Too bad this is a thread about Leivo, not Pearson
  8. This is just insane. What a great contract. Ferland signs for less years than Tanev. This looks either really good for Vancouver or really bad for the Penguins. I think both JB has completely transformed this team’s physicality in 2 weeks. Reaves or Lucic would put us over the top! However with Ferland, I’m off the Lucic push. Just try to dump Eriksson please
  9. I’m going to come out and just admit, I was wrong. I am totally fine with this trade and think JB did a great job. I didn’t know he was going to overhaul this team as much as he did after this trade. With the additions of Myers, Benn, and now Ferland, this Miller trade looks a like a great deal for us. I did say earlier in this thread, I like the player and hate the trade. I’ll admit when I’m wrong. I like the player and I like this trade. Props to JB I didn’t think he could do this many quality changes at good contracts lengths and dollars as he did. This is worth a contract extension. A lot of you guys that had it out with me earlier were right, I was wrong. My bad...
  10. I would sure love to take a stab at him, I wonder what Edmonton would want in return. Does Holland have a history of not wanting to trade within the division?
  11. I don’t see why I would be, I didn’t say we wouldn’t, I’m saying a lot of things need to happen to make the playoffs and we would need a lot of negatives to fall into the bottom 5. How is that not the truth?