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  1. Phil Kessel was pretty amazing in 2015-16. Letang had a pretty big role. On a team like the Penguins, Bonino never single handedly won a cup
  2. Yes, whom his team won without him playing the last 4 games
  3. They won it last year without Bonino
  4. Dude should've stayed in Pittsburgh
  5. I'd bring him in on a tryout only. If he can skate and play then sign him. If he's only a big body, then pass; just like how I'd pass on Dorsett. Team toughness is a needed but individual toughness on a player whom cant play offense or dominate the PK is useless. From what I've seen of King, he can't skate very well, has hands of stone, and not a good shot. So I'd pass unless they see something I haven't On the other hand, could they just please sign Jagr already?
  6. For sure, I just don't think penalizing people whom have never been in an at fault accident is a good idea. I'd also like to see cell phone usage while driving not just give you a fine and demerit points but also increase your insurance premiums like it was an accident
  7. The best 4th lines to have in today's NHL are ones that play offensive and can score. Boucher Burmistrov Rodin/Goldobin
  8. I'll always remember him for dropping the gloves on the faceoff and pounding Beranek as an old man. Despite what people say, he made the franchise go up in value, he brought fans into a new arena, and he made Naslund an NHL player. There was an interesting read about how Messier was in the top 100 canucks of all time. Find the link, its a good read
  9. Agreed, instead of giving more fines, maybe we should just start revoking licenses
  10. They already are, most rich people making 500K a year are paying 4000 a year for car insurance with roadstar as they are driving luxury vehicles. If they are in an accident that rate goes up to like 7000. That's a lot more than someone paying 1200 a year for a 16 year old Honda Civic like i drive. I agree though, we should punish bad drivers and reward good drivers, maybe then they'd start learning how to drive properly.
  11. Still makes no difference, I don't support government subsidized theft. Everyone should equally pay their share. As long as a majority agree we can take from whomever we want and distribute it to others? There is a cost to run our society, we are talking here about wealth distribution, if 3 guys are walking down the street and 1 guy has 100 bucks and the other 2 have 0, then as long as the majority agree the 1 guy has to give 33 bucks to each of the other two so now everyone is equal. No one with morality can seem how that is fair; however when the government does it, its all good. Doesn't make any sense to me.
  12. What I'd like to see is cheap insurance rates for the people who have never been in an accident (the road stars) and jack the price on people who keep getting in at fault accidents. Maybe if it costs people a ridiculous amount they'd drive smarter.
  13. I bet he had offers, just not near the money he was asking for
  14. So you think its fair for the rich people to have to pay more for things just because they can afford it? Next you'll want a rich guy to pay 10 bucks for a Big Mac while a middle class only pays 5 while someone on income assistance pays 2. If you succeed in life financially, now you are punished for your success; great logic